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  1. If this one stops, then another one comes right along. What's the point...
  2. I had an calendar printed and hung on the refrigerator. Looking on-line they appear to have removed it from the calendar. There is a post in the forum asking about a month back but no response. Race day and practice day are pretty much the same schedule but practice you don't have a start, not timed. Pretty much like any other open practice day at a track. So schedule goes - 15 minutes open practice - basically break in track. Go out if your comfortable being on the track with some fast guys. Be sure to be able to hold your line. practice laps by groups 1st moto races 2nd moto races Order of races/practices determined the day of the race so you don't know until you get there. So yes, you will get to practice some before race. As an eval, 52+ beginner, 1st practice day I decided I would intentionally hang back not having any idea what to expect. I never watched a race let alone been in one. Went through first turn to a short not very steep down hill leading to the second turn (Clubmoto and I ride there a lot it being 15 minutes from where I live), there's a bunch of guys hung up in the rut - great how do I get through that mess. Second practice race I changed my strategy, I let half go first figuring they would be the more skilled of the group but went in front of the 2nd half figuring they were the guys stuck in the first rutted turn. Went through 1st turn, got a look a the second, "awesome" no gaggle of stuck riders to work through! LoL Beginner group can be interesting. Attached is a pic of the order on one of the recent races. "Easiest way to loose a race - miss the start" by John Dowd.
  3. Not sure about the "2 stroke" race at Riverfront. I can't imagine that there are enough guys with 2-strokes to make that an "only". So I was wondering the details on that too. I'd post on the forum to ask that question or ask while you are at Hollister. There is MX408 Oct 14-15th so you can get your second set of evals in there. Don't know if you can eval at the "cancer relay" race. Your are correct, you can't ride at a National until your evals are complete. Fees: Yearly dues. Race day there is a gate fee (typically $10) and then a race fee (typically $40 this past year). Practice day tends to be just the normal fee the track would charge for their open practice. They say you can pay another race fee if you do a second event but I have no idea on what second event you are permitted to do. After your evals, you are timed and need a timer. You can rent one for $10 each race day or go to mylaps.com (https://speedhiveshop.mylaps.com/mx.html) and purchase a timer with a subscription. No big hurry to have one ass you can rent and your evals will not be done for a while. I ended up buying one for the convenience. If Bay runs out, it is my understanding that you can go the to Sierra group and rent one there. It is kind of cool to have your own as you can go online and look at your lap times, make charts against other riders, etc - not exactly cost justified. $10 rental is the least expensive option. You get a $10 race gas card (RMATV) for every event you attend. So when you attend a practice day make sure you find the sign-up sheet. No sign-up sheet for race day as your attendance is recorded via your race entry. I thing you get one just for joining too. They take some time to process the race cards so they just arrive in the mail some time later. If you have a camper, a lot of people stay overnight between practice and race day. Sometimes free, sometimes a fee. f you have some younger friends, under 30, they can race too in the support class. Also, you can be a member "The year in which you turn 30". I talked 3 friends (2 x 30-somethings and a 20-something) into racing in OTHG this year. Get a user account setup on an OTHG web site or both Sierra and Bay. You can have an user accounts in both bay or sierra even though you are a member of one or the other. You can go an look at some of the posts under the forums to see what that charged for the different races. Bay and Sierra run most of their events jointly although a couple are separate. Some places offer discounts to OTHG members. DecalWorks (https://www.decalmx.com/) does and I got my graphics from them the last couple times. If you call them they will setup your account so that the discount is automatically applied. >>> "It's funny that it's only August but my second eval race might have to wait until next year." - yea, I see you've been bit by the MX racing bug... Evals are fun too. You get to be the wildcard in the race. You are not timed nor placed, but no one likes being beat by an eval rider.
  4. Awesome! I was thinking of going to the Hollister Warm-up but that is a good distance from me so I was considering skipping it. I've only been doing the OTHG/racing for less than a year and have been sticking to the tracks I'm familiar with (ClubMoto, Argyll, MX408). I'm in Novice 52+, number 27b. The last race was a night race at clubmoto and was well attended. You're going to have a great time! Get to the OTHG events early, like at "gate opens" time as parking fills up quickly.
  5. Looks like you may be in the NorCal area: If you want to get into racing but want a relatively safe format for us older guys look into Over The Hill Gang - http://www.bayothg.com/. True beginners and novice classes with age groups.
  6. I wash with some cheap laundry soap and to put in that extra effort I toss in a little oxiclean (if it's good for my filter, it's good for my gear). With all the tears from falls, thinly worn seat area, snags in my shirt from the freaking Velcro, wear section in the legs from the knee braces, wear section in the knee area from gripping the bike, a few faded dirt stains are the least of my issues. Do you want to look like the guy ready to enter a fashion show or do you want to look like the guy ready to do some bar banging.
  7. Maybe we should have an "Oh, my virgin ears" or an "Safe Harbor" thread.
  8. Congrats!
  9. Wanted: I'm looking for a map for my 2017 CRF450R that basically makes the change they say they did to the 2018. I want the tip-in of the throttle to be just a bit less abrupt for taking hair-pin rutted turns. Everywhere else I want it to hit relatively hard like it currently does (map 1). I have a Yoshi exhaust if it matters. Prefer to stay with pump gas for the convenience.
  10. Hopefully the OP has changed his oil by now...
  11. A triple. At one time, a while back, I was working on clearing it. I still needed about one more bike length. That was on my 250. I've got the 450 suspension dialed-in so I need to get back there and work on it some more.
  12. You know you are using your legs to hold/control the bike when about 4-5 hours after riding your relaxing and get hit with massive cramps in your thighs that hurt so bad... I still can't bring myself to drink vinegar...
  13. Some more video of the Belguim race - AC vs Herlings Seems to me they were neck-to-neck for quite a while. You got to admit AC has a big pair. I'm waiting and hoping that the full races appear on offroadvideos soon.
  14. Welcome back to MX and nicely done. Skid plate: Protects the case if your track is rocky. Makes it convenient to scrape the mud off the bottom of your bike between motos to get rid of the added weight. I'm kicking 56. Just took up dirt bikes (mx only) a little over 1.5 years back. I belong to an organization here that is call the Over The Hill Gang which runs organized races. The age to start OTHG is 30 (although there is a support class for youngins) - there are a few members who are 70+ (yes, still racing!), a good bit 60+, many 50+, etc; some pretty fast guys in that group. So at 34 your not quite dead yet! Arm pump: Cardio, MX practice laps; lots of both. Breath. Relax, especially the upper body, arms and hands; I find that part hard myself, particularity the hands. Keep doing what you are doing - exit track when you start to fade otherwise your just more prone for injury.