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  1. Came with both friction (7) and steel. Two of the friction are marked with black paint and they are on the outside. The others are marked with red and are between the others. The instructions say to toss the Honda judder crap. Came with new springs too. No idea about how the springs adjust but hey it's gonna feel better than stock - please!!! LoL BTW, the Hinson part number I got was FSC789-7-0616.
  2. @matte You appear to be right. I move the adjust quite a bit out and it worked. Feels decent static. I'll have to wait a bit to see how it feels on the track.
  3. I get that. The adjuster is way, way off. To the point where I cant get it to work. I'm going to crack a beer and see if that helps cause I have nothing else. loL
  4. Ugh, got the new parts, hinson plates, stock hub. Putting it all back together and just not working out. It is like the lifter is loose or too short. When it is together, I can fee that there is play between the pressure plate and the center lifter. I figured to repeat assembly figuring I might find where I went wrong. Same result. This should be easy. I don't understand what I'm missing!
  5. Now I don't regret having tried to find it while I was out there. When I ride the V-Rod there is never an destination nor agenda. I just seem to end up places and then end up home. LoL. I actually don't ride street much now that I found dirt bikes. Anyways, thanks again.
  6. I was out that way wondering the back roads on my V-Rod a couple weekends ago. I seen the road sign for Ione and the MX track came to mind. I should take another spin out that way and look at the track.
  7. Thanks, that tells me what I wanted to know. No Ione Sands for me. They say they plan another track that is more vet/beg when they open to the public. We'll see if that happens. I actually love riding in sand. E-Street is more than enough for me to have a good time and is plenty challenging for me. I sort of got tire of the MMX sand track. I was moaning about it for a while when my buddy said "sand is as deep as my pockets". AKA young and with family = short on funds. I was like "freaking finally you admit it". Like I said, I really like E-Street. Deep berms to play with.
  8. The youTube videos make Ione sands look pretty intense, like professional level gap jumps. Is it really like that? I'm in the east bay so go to the usual tracks around here.
  9. Yea, but I don't have a tool to measure thread pitch. From what I can tell to match to other similar bolts it is 9 ft-lbs.
  10. Needed to check the oil pump screen for debris. The service manual seems to not have the torque spec for the oil pump cover bolts. Simply "Install in reverse order". Anyone know the torque spec? 2017 CRF450R
  11. I recently went to a KTM demo day. Got to ride all their MX bikes. None were specifically set to anyone's weight but they did well selecting base settings. I didn't bother with the 125 figuring it would not have enough power for me. Plus a friend was willing to swap rides with me. I used the extra ride to hit the 250sx another time. This was the first time I got to ride a 2 stock and that was fun. Anyways I did not like the feel of the 450 vs my crf. Not a big surprise as suspension is not tuned. But the KTM just did not feel as nimble to me in the corners. I like the 350 better than the 450 as far as handling. But again, my 450 has more power and I still like it's handling better too. The 250f was a pretty nice bike considering. If I were looking for a 250, this one may be a candidate. It handled pretty decent stock. Anyways, OH how SHOCKING MXA bashing everything but KTM. Crap they must swallow hard giving Husky a pass.
  12. I wear an Atlas. It's america - my choice. It's america - choose what you want... If you care to read my opinion continue, otherwise quit here. When I would crash I keep feeling where it would hurt the top of my shoulder from the sharp edge of the bottom of the helmet. That does not happen now. Either I'm getting better and not crashing as bad or it helps.
  13. I just sold one of my two street bikes, 2011 Heritage Classic just minutes ago. I have a 2003 V-Rod. It was my one brother's before he passed from cancer. He was my last brother and I bought it from my sister in-law. I haven't made up my mind if I want to keep it or not. I am able to move on from it at this point though. I probably keep it. Nice to have some room in the garage to work on the other bikes! The reason for getting ride of the Heritage is that since I started riding dirt I have very little interest in street.
  14. My mother had to go through the passing of three of her 5 sons. She had also lost her husband. I understand what you say "will never completely recover" but you also have all the memories and you have to hold on to those. Thoughts and prayers... A good reminder to all of use to make the most with the gift of life we have been given.
  15. Rocky Mountain has a 1.8 with a thermometer on it for a decent price. The bike definitely runs hot. In the summer time here I'll ride even if it is in the low 100's (I really need to stop doing that); engine temp on those days is just south of 200 degrees. Even with the 1.6 it would still piss a bit at the end of a moto. The 1.8 was the ticket for me. The stock 1.1 is a flipping joke.