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  1. No doubt the conversation we way off track from the original post...
  2. I enjoy both. Especially when I go home driving myself <- #1 goal every day on the track. But it is so fun taking someone in the corner I must admit I'd rather do that than clear a triple. Roost them bad too if I can.
  3. Oh, they were bad enough to double. Deep. A bit wide enough (well one or two was) to make you think, maybe, but then say naw. LoL I like the track like this though. It was gnarly enough but still ride-able - respect the track!
  4. OK, I guess I see and understand that. No way my mind is able to wrap around that enough at this point. I've got another fish to fry - a triple. Winter riding has already arrived here. Ruts are to die for but that tends to make me limit my jumping a bit. Like the triple had ruts on the landing yesterday - I took the double happily and powered through the straight ruts.
  5. I really don't follow that. You let off throttle going off the face? Really?
  6. There was a case of a turn and subsequent jump where scrubbing just happened a little naturally. First couple times it freaked me out until I realized what was going on. Then I just let it happen more and more. Then I started to make it happen a little more. Pretty sure it wasn't much but wow it felt good. Yep, about a month later the track changed.
  7. Man, I would so love to be able to scrubb. Some day, maybe. I'm in no hurry to get hurt (again).
  8. @temporarily_locked 's comment on line choice always help me to remember that piece of advice while on the track. Especially when the track starts to get gnarly (the best). However, I have to laugh a bit. What line choice, I don't see any good ruts on that track. I guess I'm spoiled with how I happen to like a track.
  9. California

    I really have to end my "I only ride MX" thing this winter season.
  10. Here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxR86UD-Ub2qidml9_sQCDW95LW7pvhAe But since it shows in the post it must be correct. Try cutting and pasting the link. It's worked in the past when I passed the playlist along. It's got some that have good advice for beginning jumping and how to progress.
  11. YouTube. Here's a play list I have titled "MX Instruction"
  12. Does feel way better than stock. First day out I had to adjust the clutch a lot. So when I got home I opened her up and measured all the plates. My guess is just a bit more wear on the inner most fiber. I think I flip it over and alternate it with the outer which is the same.
  13. Came with both friction (7) and steel. Two of the friction are marked with black paint and they are on the outside. The others are marked with red and are between the others. The instructions say to toss the Honda judder crap. Came with new springs too. No idea about how the springs adjust but hey it's gonna feel better than stock - please!!! LoL BTW, the Hinson part number I got was FSC789-7-0616.
  14. @matte You appear to be right. I move the adjust quite a bit out and it worked. Feels decent static. I'll have to wait a bit to see how it feels on the track.
  15. I get that. The adjuster is way, way off. To the point where I cant get it to work. I'm going to crack a beer and see if that helps cause I have nothing else. loL