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  1. I would not ever use a forged piston in a two stroke they tend to cold seize use a cast piston .
  2. I think Tomac is pissed off and if he can get a top 5 start he will take it . I could see in the interviews with him as of late he is Mad and with that I think he will have his intensity back that he lacked . He did look the best in Qualifying IMO and his #1 qualifier spot shows that .
  3. I have the radius cx in my 18 450 Honda and even on that bike I wish I had the z start pro but they no longer make them . I had z start in my 09 450 Honda and 05 and loved it . I ordered just today a Magura for my 18 as clutch way to stiff plus you have to pull in to far to disengage for moto . Don’t get me wrong the cx is a nice clutch but it won’t slip like the z start it’s on or off bites really hard . Plus hard lever pull .
  4. I have that exact bike set up for woods it's better than a Ktm IMO and yes I've owned and ridden ktms . 18" WR wheel you can find them on ebay usually around 250 bucks Pro moto billet kickstand . Fmf gnarly pipe and a spark arrestor silencer I use the big quiet one Soften the suspension up though it's tough to get the forks super plush but you can live with them as they are closed chamber And as soon as you go into 3rd gear on any trails forks work really well . The other thing is if you can get one the old Z start pro I'm a rekluse dealer and IMO these are by far the best clutches for offroad just leave in second gear and ride all day as most of what I ride you never use 3rd gear . I leaned the needle out one clip and left stock jetting I get a bit of spooge but never fouled a plug . I put on a steahly flywheel weight I think 17oz but don't quote me on that one it's the heaviest one made I put on a 52 tooth rear sprocket O ring chain I picked this bike up used for 1600 Us and have never had one issue with it . IMO this is the best offroad bike ever . Of course you wanna do the skid plate and rad guards hand guards etc.. My bike is a 2006 not much different than the new ones and I owned a 2015
  5. I just looked at my stock bike . I like what you did did you run a longer bolt from the clutch side of engine as the starter is threaded on the stator side of engine ? I can do these mods as I'm a welder machinist etc... would like a few more details from you thanks. From the pics it looks like a longer bolt then you put a nut on it to hold the upper side of the bracket . what magura system did you buy part numbers how much easier was the clutch pull over stock ?
  6. I already have the SSS forks on the yz came stock with them . I have two wr 450s and one is parts bike just noticed just for tight trails that the sss forks are quite a bit stiffer than the wr forks
  7. I want to do the opposite I ride my yz 250 06 in woods and I have an 03 wr450 parts bike complete blown engine what would I have to do to put the Wr forks on my yz ?
  8. I have an 06 yz 250 that I use exclusively for offroad I put an 18" wheel on back did a small revalve in the past to soften up a bit and for the most part its pretty good . I have the heaviest flywheel weight on it as well as a zstart pro etc.... I would like the forks softer I don't remember what I did to the midvalve it I made it two stage and what the float was as was a few years ago as per the base valve I think I did make that two stage . Anyways I would like to know some float options midvalve options etc... I weight 195 with gear on or 180 without and I'm 5'9" . Most of the trails are done in second gear as the rekluse helps alot with this . I have stock springs front and rear . I also have a wr450 parts bike with open chamber forks I could use those possibly if they would work better ? Thanks for your time .
  9. Does anyone have a picture of the JMS valve is it a one piece of solid aluminum? with a piece on it to hook the actuation arm for the powervalve shaft . I would assume then it must not have a stopper in the bore like the original or the pro circuit piece ? It would seem to me that if it gummed up in the bore at all then it may not move ? I think though for my purposes of trying to build a trail bike for the wife it might be the hot ticket as I don't really want any top end power .
  10. Just to let you know put stock honda head gasket in fixed the problem .
  11. I just rebuilt an 06 and it was the same as what you're experiencing it runs fine . could be in need of a new chain as others say
  12. Kit used a wiseco piston had head rebuilt etc... I torqued everthing correctly . Is there and O ring in the between head and cylinder for oil passage ? I noticed head gasket different from stock gasket . I just found out the gasket is a Cometic Going to replace it with a stock honda Gasket . What a pain in the butt . I'm sure most have had success with Cometic but perhaps this thread may help someone that has had problems in the past . I called Cometic the said to replace the cylinder head studs .
  13. Here is the stuff we ride and this is by no means one of the harder trails as this one is dry . the trail starts approx 2 minutes in
  14. I'm happy to be of help . You're welcome Dan .
  15. well if only 13 clicks means the clevice is either screwed on to tight which is hard to happen . I would say more than likely either the aduster has some gunk in it wont allow it to screw out to far . Or the clevice has some wear in bottom where the threads bottom out and is perhaps in about 20 thou to far a simple shim that is same size as ID of clevice that has lets say an 8mm hole in it an old fork shim will space clevice out a bit and should give you some of the added clicks you lost .
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