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  1. That is great. Reminds me of when, back in 1996, I used to take the seat and fuel tank off my 1987 KX250 and would slide it into the hatch of the 1989 Dodge Colt I was driving at the time as I had no pickup truck or trailer. It worked really well as thankfully, there was no lip ahead of the hatch for anything to catch on. The only think sticking out of the hatch was the front wheel/forks. It worked out well at the time.
  2. I have (finally) found, although I should have known better to have started with it way back this past winter, but the fuel screen at the top of the petcock has/had begun to disintegrate and has been leaving all sorts of its plastic crystals all through the fuel tank and then into the carburetor and wreaking havoc with the carb. As this bike is new to me, and not even mine, this past winter I had no idea that to remove the fuel tank-this bike has a big, Acerbis tank, but I had no idea that to get the tank off all I had to do was to remove the fuel line from the petcock, along with the 8mm bolt holding the tank selector/petcock and the selector and the lines would snake right up and out of the bike/top of the frame. I took the joint assembly as it is known as, and parts of the screen along with the framing of the screen were all missing. Once I had drained/screened all the fuel out there were lots of chunks/crystals of plastic all throughout the fuel system. They have now been all flushed out with carburetor cleaner and I had sprayed some Totally Awesome from Family Dollar and flushed it all out with hose water and am letting the tank dry out now and have a new screen and o-ring on order/on the way. I'm just waiting for the carburetor cleaning company, to call and let me know what the carb needs. Once I get the carb back and installed, all I'll really need to do is get the bike outside and clean out the airbox and it should be good to go. The bike has the Camso DTS 129 kit on it so as the bike is in the basement, it takes me and my wife to get it out and into the garage and outside so until I'm ready to get the bike back up to Vermont and to my brother in laws, the bike will stay in the basement until then.
  3. How were your valves? Did you change the spark plug while you were in there?
  4. Thank you Kran. I will leave the full quart in the x-mission and I did only put 700 cc in the motor.
  5. What about this Moose-filter. The lip looks thick along with it being a neoprene layer. I remember using Moose filters in the CR500R I used to run/ride. I recall going with them as they were thick.
  6. I got, and put in, a new NGK plug for the bike, only because I'm pretty sure that the plug in the bike was the one that came with it from 2007. I had both drained and replaced the fork oil with some Dextron ATF I had laying around from when I had my CR500R and put in the 2.1oz in each fork leg. It was nice that the forks had/have the drain bolts at the bottom of the fork so I didn't have to remove the legs and turn them upside down to drain the oil. The oil had definitely never been changed as it was gray and worn. The shocks would rebound and top-out really easily when I was riding it so I knew that the oil needed to be changed. Other than the tires, there is not much else that I could, or need, to change on the bike and the tires are ok, worn a bit, but not really enough to warrant spending the money for a new set of them but the way I am, I might do it just so I don't have to worry as much about my girl wiping out from lack of traction that $100 would not fix. We might ride again this Sunday.
  7. My 2017 RR-S has only high and low beam, a two position switch for the headlight control.
  8. The (innocent, brand new rider(s)-the kids), like it too. My daughter says, "Time to Ripit"
  9. Oh man, it figures. I thought I had seen others that had sent or had recommended his service.
  10. It is great and I never really thought that it would ever happen as for years, even when they were big enough to ride the JR 50, neither of them had shown any interest in it. Then last fall, during a stretch of Indian Summer, my boy agreed to try and ride and once he did he was ok with it, not quite hooked, but ok with coming and riding with me. He always liked the little Mini-Z snowmobile though, as it is so easy to ride it. My daughter fell in love with the same snowmobile this past winter and had come around to trying the JR 50 this past spring and once she had tried it she, was hooked and says that dirtbiking is now more fun than the snowmobiling, especially as she has her new 90. I only have one friend left that rides but I'd rather ride with the family as it is more fun and worth it to me taking them out and having them get better and at the same time, less wear and tear on my bike so it will last longer. I don't mind just putt-ing around nowaways as I had spent all last spring, summer and fall riding all the great legal areas in a 150 mile radius so I got all that out of me and can now just look forward to riding the easy trails until the kids get better and by the time my daughter would be 28 I'll be really old. You are a very fortunate dad. I hope that either of my kids become my favorite riding partners although they already are now that I think about it.
  11. Thanks again. I will, just leave it as the bike will be used this winter for a snowbike only so the cold will hopefully keep the foaming down but temp probably has nothing to do with the foaming rather the churning of the gears and the limited airspace in the gearbox with the extra 246 cc in it. I did use a small funnel I use for filling the sumps in all my bikes and while it does take a while, I don't make a mess-most of the time. I will just measure with my graduated cylinder next time and put in the 700 cc.
  12. Thanks, I appreciate the clarification as I don't know much other than all the posts I've been reading on TT, which have been very helpful. I'd much rather the bike have the right amount so I'll open the check bolt and let some of the 946cc out to get it closer to the 700 cc's.
  13. Low compression could be anything from something in the valvetrain to just a worn piston and/or rings.
  14. I had just taken off my BIL's 2008 CRF 450X air filter and the filter cage is backed by a double layer of fine screen. Our Beta's do have the single screen which is better than no-screen. (Some)Guys do run pre-filters/filter skins for that extra layer of fine-protection so there is that.
  15. My BIL got a 2008 450X last December and used it for a snowbike all this past winter. I got around to changing the oils yesterday and was surprised that both the drain bolts were on the gearshifter side but no biggie, thanks to Youtube as I was stumped when I could not find the drain on the clutch-side or on the bottom of the sump. I put a 0W40 snowmachine oil in the engine side and a JASO MA/2 in the clutch side and put the entire quart in the clutch side for some upper-gear insurance as I had read about the issue with underfilling the oil and possible problems. The snowmobile oil is for the cold temps that the bike will run in this winter. I have taken the oversized Acerbis tank off so I can drain it and clean out the petcock and the screen as I have a feeling it is full of sediment/dirt/dust. I have the spark plug and will be ordering a new one. The carburetor is off and being sent to to be cleaned and rebuilt. Air filter is out and drying. It will be oiled, the airbox cleaned and the filter replaced once finished.