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  1. I know, it is like a video game, a Fantasy Forest. Like Nathan Hale, "I only regret that I only have but one life to lose for dirtbiking."
  2. I feel your happiness with both the bike and with riding. Riding is already awesome, even on anything that has a motor and wheels, it is a good time. But being on a new Beta makes it all that much better. You guys also have some awesome trails out there. Are there any rocks on the trails or does the area just happen to be rock-free? That trail is like heaven.
  3. All the HP from the bigger bore bikes, being all pent-up, and aggravated from being held back by the clutch, has the bike wanting to explode out of the hole. The big bore bikes just have more power, plain and simple. Smaller bore-weaker motor, less flywheel, no creep. My bike, now with almost 1,900 miles and 83 hours, still wants to lunge forward. It is definitely more noticeable on the pavement as there is less resistance but I don't notice it as much on the dirt because I'm usually not waiting at a stoplight or stop sign in the woods.
  4. I ride my RR-S every day it is not raining and this must be helping my battery as I have not had a single issue with starting the bike and have only had the bike on a charger once, just for fun when it was new to make sure the battery was full-up. I want to get a Lithium battery but can't just ditch the OEM battery until it is dead so I'll wait. I'm at about 1,900 miles and 85 hours since 02/22/2017. I did just by a Weego JS12 that I will carry when riding alone. It will supposedly start my 3.0L diesel motor in my truck as well.
  5. I suppose if one could find an aftermarket clutch basket for the YZ450, and see if the part number is the same for the Beta, then we'd know for sure that the parts would/could fit/interchange.
  6. I wonder if the reason why the smaller cc/displacement bikes, 250, 300 and 350's don't have the clutch-creep is due to their having lesser power (at idle). As Beta has both revised the clutch and in the 2018 promotional literature states that they have made improvements in both shifting and clutch drag, even admits to the issue.
  7. I have found that I just have to have the handlebar OFF full-turn to get the key to turn to either lock or unlock. I also have to press the key in a bit to get the key to turn. Practice a few times, once you get it, it is simple/easy.
  8. Odd how the dealer had quoted 6-8 hours. I just looked on the Camso website and even they say >2 hours. 1 hours for reversal. I. Need. Bad.
  9. Not my bike, but one that a guy at my dealership had ordered and had the Camso system installed. I'm thinking hard on it for $4,699 and 6-8 hours of labor for the install at $89 per hour so $712 for the top end of the install. I may have to get the kit and put it together myself so I can both put it on and take it off myself.
  10. I live in Massachusetts. There are only like 4-5 state forests that we can ride in legally. There are about the same amount in New Hampshire. We drove 150 miles yesterday to go to the best riding trails I have ever ridden in my life so the drive is worth it. I got the RR-S so I could commute the 12 mile daily round trip I have, and so if I am on legal trails, then want to ride all the dirt roads, I can.
  11. Yes, it takes us that want the hit/can handle the hit. Thank goodness I still have it, want it and crave it. I was so psyched to get another sweet day on the trails and the QT gets better and better. I know now that if I were to ever need a replacement throttle tube, I'd have to get another quick turn as I can now not go back to a regular turn. Knowing what I know now, I would have gone with the throttle, and the 13T front sprocket but it is good that our Beta's ship with the 13T and the 15T installed. I'm also glad that the bike came the way it did so I got to try both the regular turn throttle and the 15T front sprocket. Now I know.
  12. My 2017 500 RR-S has almost 1,700 miles and has been ridden like it's supposed to be enduro-ridden, and for a while, the dragging clutch at stops went away and I could find neutral at stops, this was using the Motul Transoil Expert oil. When I went to Mobil 1 4T, the drag came back and I can barely change gears at a stop, never mind find neutral. I'm going to go with a different oil next change and see if I can get the magic back as clutch break in is NOT my problem or the bikes problem at all.
  13. It's so true. It started with streetbikes, then outboard motors, then snowmobiles, all the kick/pull starts are gone and there are NOT many stranded due to a broken starter, battery deaths, sure, but not the starter. I'm going to get a small battery pack for insurance but I'll keep my kickstarter only because it is already on the bike.
  14. Blipping the throttle-while still rolling, sometimes helps.
  15. The RR-S is just about perfect. Since I got mine 02/22/2017, I replaced both tires with Pirelli Scorpion Pro's/DOT. G2 Quick Turn throtle/aluminum throttle tube. Tuff Lites turn signals F/R and an LED $7 flasher Motominded Baja Designs Squadron Pro headlight. Replaced headpipe with stock and carbon fiber pipe guard Broke upper chain guard-left off and not replacing. I rotate two Twin Air airfilters That is all. There is nothing else, right now, that I want or need for the bike other than a new rear tire will be needed as I have almost 1,600 miles on the bike now.