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  1. I do wonder, though, what the chassis' must feel like with the other motors, either 2T or 4T. It must be sort of magical with less weight as I have to have the heaviest of all the Beta's but it still feels light to me now that I have some miles and just over 54 hours on it now. I'll admit, the first time I took it on the dirt it felt so awkward as it was brand new and I had not ridden on dirt in about 8 years. Some like technical=slow, rocky, hill trails. I don't mind them but if I have my choice, I will avoid them like I would beginner trails at ski areas when I used to ski. Part of it is, for years, all me and some guys used to have to ride was all rocky(technical) stuff, so to finally find areas that have sweet-trail, I can finally leave them behind. I'm also glad I learned and rode the crap for so long so I can go and get up anything out there.
  2. Yes, the X-Trig shock preload adjuster. Thing is awesome. I had stared adjusting it the first night with a socket and it was hardly moving. Busted out the cordless or corded drill and MUCH faster. I can not imagine trying to use the included preload adjuster or having to bang away at the collars otherwise. Being able to simply turn the 8mm nut with no load on the suspension makes life so much easier. Good to know about the 12 turns moving the load 1 mm. I LOVE driting the bike, like a flat track racer. It is some of my most favorite riding, the big wide-open fire roads/trails. I feel for my rear tire but at only $100 for a fresh tire, it is worth the fun.
  3. I'm with you Kran, it was a good deal for me and the BYOB. $300 off the price of the bike was also a factor, not to mention the time and energy I'd have to spend locating all the parts and then putting them on the bike. Some like doing that stuff but I'd rather take the time and ride. If there were only one thing I'd say to get, it would have to be the preload adjuster, between the %-off the price, they install it and I'd rather not have had to install that thing on my brand new bike. I could not find the same parts that I wanted for any less online so it was a good deal for me.
  4. No, no guard. I'm sort of odd in that I've never had guards in any of my bikes and I've been ok. I mean, I've had a pipe or two that needed to be sent out and repaired, and like my pipe now, I have a spare to put on once the pipe gets more bashed-in, but I've either been good enough, or just plain lucky, to not be bashing my rotors/linkage/engine cases on stuff to not need (or benefit from) any guards. I may regret not having a guard on the pipe someday and I'll think of you when it happens, ha! Never mind that I have mad riding skillz and have been able to avoid most major damage-see all my threads about pipes, handlebars twisting in the triple clamps . . . replacing throttle tubes and grips, now having no mirrors, replacing turn signals . . . ha, ha, ha! All in great fun. Other than the throttle tube/grips, there are no other guards for all the other things I've damaged. I even had a thought, last night, that I should bring the spare pipe with me should I ever crush the pipe so that as long as I can get the spare in my truck, I can swap the pipe out on the trail and keep on truckin'.
  5. I'm not worried about it much. I have a new pipe ready to go on. I'm just waiting to bash it on something else, sometime, before I replace it and send it off to really be fixed.
  6. The only parts one gets to keep are the fork springs if one has them swapped out for some other set, otherwise, I was told that one gets nothing but what one orders. The best part about BYOB is that one can get parts they would otherwise get, for 20% off and installed for free. I got both clutch and brake Brembo spring-loaded levers, the hammerhead, shorter gearshift lever. The rear shock preload adjuster, passenger footpeg kit, spare air filter, and that was about it. In looking back, I would have had them install the steel oil pump gears if they could do it.
  7. Now with more time on/with the bike, the TT is even better. I had customized the two user screens to show me what I want to see. I have one screen with MPH, Tach, engine temp, Volts, max engine temp and one other that I don't remember, maybe time. On the other page I have most of the averages and maximum readouts. I also learned how to save the tracks and name them, as well realized how to turn the tracks/charting off so I don't have to see the track I make every day to and from work and to save the memory for new trails and riding areas.
  8. I've always been able to sell EVERYTHING I've put up for sale because when I want something gone, I want it gone. I post up the lowest price I'm happy with and the stuff goes fast and always makes someone happy.
  9. Here is a shot of the clearance on my bike:
  10. It is tough, the situation you are in with kid(s). I was there starting in 2009. If you care to read my story, here it goes: Before any kids, I had my pickup truck and Corvette. CR500R and CBR1000RR, and the snowmobile and boat. I sold the CBR1000 to get the Corvette. The boat used to get used 100 hours a season but that usage got dropped to 30 hours a season, a 70% decrease every year since kids. After I got the Corvette, the CR500R went and I had nothing with two wheels and a motor. Fast forward 8 years to this past February. The kids are older, 5 and 7 years old now. I can take days off and go and ride and can also take a day off on a weekend without it being any sort of problem for the wife to watch the kids as they are easy and well behaved. If you want the time to ride, you make the time to ride but, and here comes the butt, I hated the thought of leaving the kids to do anything until this past winter when I thought about a dual sport. I felt like I was missing out. Now, 5-7 years later, that feeling has been tempered a bit as they are now more independent and we do lots of things together and I also realize I still need to ride and enjoy the toys. If it were me, I'd sell it for what you can get. By the time your kids can ride, the bikes will be better and if you had the money to buy now, you should have the extra money later.
  11. I finally got around to getting a couple pics of the scratches on my pipe: I was coming down a steep downhill that was all loose soil and sand. The opening between the two big boulders was just enough to squeak on by but I simply came too close to the boulder and hit it. If I am losing any power at all, it is very little. I really should just change it out as I have a brand new one in the garage ready to go on but I want to wait until I dent it up some more so when I send it away to be fixed, or try freezing water in it, it will be worth it. I doubt that the water will do much as the dents/scratches are not all that big. The good thing is that the hit can't really be seen unless it is pointed out or one looks up at the pipe.
  12. This 2017 Beta 500 RR-S is getting better and better. Mostly because ever since I had picked it up on 02/22/2017, I have gotten to be come one with the bike. I am loving the 140-80 Pirelli Scorpion Pro DOT rear tire. It hooks up like I remember the old iron Pirelli I used to use until I had sold my last bike in 2009. I have a 21" front ready to lever on once the OEM Michelin slips too much for me to take but as we all know, I've gone at least 2 rears before 1 front so I have some time to go. I had also replaced the OEM throttle tube with a G2 Aluminum tube but NOT a throttle tamer. I also had to replace the OEM ($40 they want for a set of) Beta grips with a set of $12 Pillowtop grips and the throttle tube is really nice as it has a nylon bushing that it rides on so it is smoother than the plastic on metal that came stock. Oh yeah, some tuff-lite LED's for the rear signals and the best part, the MotoMinded, Baja Designs Squadron Pro headlight. Turn the night into day. Worth all of the $300 for the plug and play kit. The white housing also looks great in the white headlight shell. There isn't much else I've gotten for the bike but I don't run with either the stock handguards or wind guards/deflectors, or the mirrors. As I only ride on the road for a 12 mile roundtrip on city streets that are, at the most, 35 mph and not more than two way traffic, the need for mirrors is about nil. Today's ride was heavenly. Thankfully the legal riding area in NH is only about 50 miles from my house, door to door and when I got there the trails bureau had just finished both grading-yes, grading the main trails that the grader can make it on, but they also rolled the trail to pack it down=wow! I have never seen a trail groomed like a snowmobile trail before so today was my lucky day. All day long I kept thinking about how much I despise "technical" terrain or just plain rocky and rooted trails. The good thing about riding alone is that I can keep going back and forth on all the nice, smooth trails and even the dirt roads as I'm street-legal, and not have to venture into the gawdawful slow, rocky trails. For those that like them, good. The Beta 500 RR-S is a revelation. It just does everything from the "technical"-(which is really just a fancy word in the same way that escargot is to snail or calamari is to squid since technical to me is awful trail, rocky and might as well stop and walk=not much fun, like comparing mountain biking to dirt bike riding), slow going in 1st or 2nd gear, then the 30-60 mph, wide-open dirt roads or the in-between trail where one has to keep shifting depending on the trail. The 478cc motor is just nuts. When I read from those that write that the bike does not have enough power, I have to simply doubt them as on any trail where one can truly open a bike up, for however a brief amount of time, at the top of either 3rd (since WOT in either 1st or 2nd, and mostly even 3rd is a waste of time with 13/48 gearing as all the rear will do is spin) but from 30 mph on up, wicking the throttle in 3rd, 4th-6th, the bike is hauling and I'm pretty sure that every 450 cc+ is the same way nowadays, the power is just insane with the new motors in superb chassis'. I only had the bike up to 65 mph today, on the same stretch of road I had it up to 82 mph and on the way up the highway in my truck, at 82 mph, I thought, this is a crazy speed to be doing on a dirt road and at 65 mph today, that was enough. Even at high speeds, as has been written many times before, the Beta stays rock-steady. I've never run with a steering dampener and still won't as at least up here in New England, we don't have the chances to ride like you guys do in the states with the bigger, wide-open riding areas (I'm jealous). I'm still running on stock suspension with both ends wound fully soft and with full dampening and as I've gotten used to it, other than a fork oil change, I'm happy with it. One of these days, maybe over the winter, I'll take out the rear shock and have the oil changed and if there is nitrogen in it, have it charged. I don't even know what is in it or if it is even charged. Let me also leave you with one last thing. The 2016 RS graphics on white plastics is the best looking Beta, bar none. I will also add, if we all have the same chassis, with some having a MUCH better chassis as they have upgraded their suspensions, we have some awesome machines as all we have are some power differences. I will say, though, that for now, I would not have been happy with anything but the 478cc motor as I'm loving the power. The brakes are also excellent, for the woods, riding around in circles through the forests, the RR-S is the tops. Then, when I hose the bike down and rinse it with some diluted simple green, it rides like I never took it off-pavement when I take it to work. Thank you Beta, for making one awesome machine.
  13. Here are some pics of my 2017 RR-S' swingarm and the splash guard. My swingarm is still like-new:
  14. I bought that exact flasher and installed it today, works perfectly and installs into the same spot and I didn't have to adjust anything.
  15. My flasher went bad, but here is why; I had wired up a pair of Tuff Lites, but instead of doing it the somewhat-right way, I simply twisted the wires together, liquid taped over the connections, then taped the connections together=really dumb. The vibration had the wires rub together and they must have shorted that side of the flasher relay. Eventually they shorted the entire relay as nothing worked. In a way, it was good it happened as I got an LED relay from Amazon for $6.99 shipped Prime. I pulled the wires out, separated them and when I had plugged the relay in, everything worked-yay! The lights even flash normally and I didn't have to adjust anything on the flasher. Total user-error.