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  1. I spent many nights playing with the tach, and had learned to NOT use another setting for that PPR, than 1/2. Now, the next question is, what is PPR? Pulses Per Revolution?
  2. This worked! I had a couple of small dents/dings in the pipe, in the middle. I had filled the pipe up with water, left it outside and by gosh, the dents, while not entirely gone, and I didn't expect the pipe to be totally smooth, but they both came out a LOT. I am letting it melt and will do it again, like you said, until the ding is gone. It only costs some water and as it is now freezing cold outside, don't even need to put it in the freezer, which is why I waited all this time to try it.
  3. Thanks. I just looked at the parts diagram for the silencer and there is a #11 that is known as "Kit for silencer repacking". I may have to look into it. I'm glad I got a rivet gun a while back so if I ever drill them out to replace the packing, I can easily rivet the end cap back on.
  4. My 2017 500 RR-S came with a 140/80-18 and I am on my 2nd replacement of the same sized tire. I won't go with any other size. It works brilliantly.
  5. You take your time and do everything you think you want to do to that bike. I'm going to take The Kran's advice and PB blast my spokes when I get home this afternoon while the wheels are off the bike. I'm also going to dielectric grease more of my connectors. One really can't do too much or enough.
  6. I wonder if our mufflers have packing or, just baffled inside with no packing.
  7. I got my bars on Monday. It had taken 11 days to get to me from CA. The price was worth it though and shipping was only $5. I'm glad I got the spare bar as I'll never get the Bikemaster clutch side grip off as I had to beat it on with a rubber mallet to get it on. Did you have to pay the full price for the " . . . more expensive set . . . "? I hope not.
  8. I agree, glad someone finally stepped up and made what us RS/RR-S guys have been waiting for. Just one nitpick in that I don't like the signals flushed in as I like the separation and visibility of the Tuff Lites out a bit more and fortunately, I saw on the Sierra Motor Sports website, for the Beta parts, wedges that are made so we can mount the signals up on the sides of the black part of the fender.
  9. I'm waiting on a new handlebar to come before I can finish and complete the install. I actually don't think that there is too much wiring, there definitely is extra, so I just curled it once in the space under the seat/in front of the battery, and all is good. I think the reason I don't have too much is I ran the wire from the negative of the battery terminal and the fuse tap and out through the space behind the throttle side of the radiator, then up to the handlebar. The reason being is that I have the brake line for the track running the same way and this way when spring comes and I need to go back to dirt, it will be super easy to disconnect everything and have it all disappear till next winter. I ordered a spare handlebar and front sprocket-I just realized now that as I pull the swingarm, I don't need to break the chain unless I'm replacing it-all so I can make the swapovers so easy and the front sprocket was wise just so I don't wear out the chain on the used sprocket. I'm now waiting on the domed washer from Get Dirty and the handlebar to finish the install.
  10. I'll have to think about whether I want to ship my stuff to them as they are 2 hours/100 miles away, not all that close. This past season we rode Bear Mountain-we love that place and have been there three times, October Mtn, not bad either. Freetown State Forest down in Fall River/Freetown, then Hopkinton/Everett aka Clough up in NH. I'm in Methuen so Clough is 50 miles north, Freetown is 80 miles or so south and Bear Mtn is 150 miles. We have to drive to get to the good stuff.
  11. I'm leaving it on for sure. It is a great feature to have.
  12. Thank you! I ask because when I ride the bike in the snow this winter, if I ever come off or take a tumble in the powder, as I won't have a tether/kill lanyard, and don't really want to install one, I can handle my body being chewed by the track for 7 seconds-ha! As far as ghost-rider(ing), as there is only one ski and not two like a snowmobile, the bike would just tip over and stop/die-after 7 seconds.
  13. I just noticed you are also from MA, you are the only other Beta owner from MA on here besides me. Nice. Mine never gets much wiping either, just a rinsing, like a French Bidet, a water cleanse and it has never seen a pressure washer. Your graphics do look good, not too crazy. I also notice you have the MotoWorx decal on the fork. Are they worth me having them do my suspension?
  14. I had read on here, not long ago that when our bikes go down, after 7 seconds or so, the engine shuts off. Is this true? I did notice after I had read it this past summer or fall, that when my bike does go down-for whatever reason-while running, it has shut off by itself if I either can't pull the clutch in in time or can't pick up the bike in the-however many seconds that it takes-before the bike actually shuts itself off. Is it true that Beta has built in something where if the bike is on its side, it shuts itself down?
  15. The guy with a staining problem must not be wiping when he is done. Gotta wipe when finished or one will get staining. It is a fact of life.