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  1. Next chance I get, next week, I'm going to do it. I'm going to hope for better clutch action from my 2017. It sure can't hurt as like you, Kran, I have never paid much attention to the hydro-clutches in all my other, Jap-streetbikes.
  2. I think it may have been FUHL(Thanks FUHL), last year sometime, who posted the same link to the same exact flasher I bought for both sets of LED Tuff Lites I had put on to replace the stock turn signals. I did not have to adjust anything as they worked perfectly, plug and play, and flashed correctly right from go. They are adjustable though.
  3. Nice. The 500 RS is awesome. I love my 2017 500 RR-S=same thing you got.
  4. Just got back after another morning riding with the family and my 6yo daughter got totally hooked on riding the little yellow Mini Rev, so much so that her mom and my boy went home a little while ago while Jackie wanted to stay and ride some more. She's loving it as am I. The top speed of most any stock, 450cc snow bike is from 50-60 mph so the track eats up about 50% of the bikes power. If we had 100 mph top speeds, they have been cut to 50 mph or so. So yes, the track, all the bogie/idler wheels, big plastic slider and track, all eat up power as the entire weight of the kit is about 145 lbs. Most of us don't mind the "slowbike" as we're out, shifting gears, floating around in the powder, using our bikes in the winter and going places we'd never be able to get to on any kind of snowmobile. I'll be heading back out to ride with my little girl again after she takes a break and plays on her Kindle for a little while.
  5. I was this close to putting the wheels back on the bike last week as it had been in the 40's and 50's every day. Then we get a nor-easter and work/school is cancelled yesterday and I got to ride today. Here comes another (good) story. I got my new enclosed trailer last month. I've spent the past 2 weeks on installing all the deck protection as the carbides on both the snowbike ski and the snowmobile skis cut and gouge the decking pretty badly in very short order, even though I have 3/4" GP DryMax flooring. I got to tow the trailer last night and it was sublime. Electric brakes, that I had adjusted the Prodigy P3 just right so that the entire rig stops easier than when I'm in the vehicle alone. Got to ride with my BIL this morning, 2 1/2 hours of virgin powder 1-2', heavenly once again as the snow was perfect. Then the cherry on top, which was the wife and my daughter riding the snowmobile, my boy on his Mini Rev and me at the end of the line on the bike and we got to spend 2 hours at the hayfield and mountain to play in the new snow. The loading went just as easy. Closed both ramp doors and off I go. No more dealing with straps, covers or having to tie everything down in the cold. Just pretty much load and go. We'll go ride a bit more after breakfast and then head back home, maybe after lunch or before lunch. We'll see.
  6. Have you tried opening the bleeder at the caliper and pressing the pedal to bleed it the traditional/regular way?
  7. I had run the 15/48 for way too long when I first got my 500 RR-S and was so happy when I swapped to 13/48. The ability to crawl in 1st gear was awful with a 15T front sprocket. 13T made it perfect. I commute about 12 miles a day when the weather is nice but the most I need to ride is about 40 or 45 mph as I have no fun going 50 mph plus on the bike. Even if I had 15/48 or 15/46, it's just not fun for me.
  8. Yes, and once there have been enough "deposits", you get the stinger full of two stroke creampie. All, 2 strokes.
  9. Wait until you see what happens at the junction of the expansion chamber and the silencer. Life of a 2-stroke, it is inevitable that spooge will be coming out all over the place. It is like a condom-less gangbang.
  10. Wipe it clean and watch it. If it comes back, bring it back for warranty, let the dealer end the weep/leak/seep.
  11. N-I-C-E! Finally, a review of the 500 RR-S, and a good one to boot. I'm looking forward to putting the wheels back on my 2017 and riding it back and forth to work and in the dirt. We're looking at a possible snowstorm Friday so if we get enough snow up north, I might go and ride the snowbike one more time on Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for always posting/linking the reviews Johnny Depp.
  12. Yup, the 500 RR-S/500 RS are good bikes. I have a 2017 and it has been about perfect all this past year and as a snowbike this past winter.
  13. Man, brutal. Makes me wonder why don't they test ride it and make sure it runs correctly before having you come in to show them that their work is not complete?
  14. The only knock I have heard/read regarding the e-bikes is that once the battery pack is depleted, it costs a lot for a replacement. I forget which mfgr has an e-bike out, where in "trails" mode, it can go 2-4 hours on a charge. There were a couple of brothers that had one for a snowbike and the power, and especially the torque they had mentioned, was incredible however, when the battery pack died, the price for a new one was almost as much as the entire bike. It is one of those " . . . the candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long. " issues, for now. I would love an e-bike, provided the battery packs lasted many, many years and when I needed a new one, I could afford it. Between the power and no sound, no real worry about starting, all the benefits with very few negatives. I'd be in, someday.
  15. Git-er-dun sadass. Learn about what you need to do to get the bike worthy, it is not that much, you already have an idea of what you need to do, so by next winter, as soon as the ground turns white, you are off for the best experience that life lets one have. I love the snowbike, even more than riding on dirt. I worry NONE about the load on the motor. If I need to have the piston and rings replaced sometime, so be it. I sure as heck am not going to worry about NOT having fun over some $$$, not to mention I know that my 478 cc motor has more power than I need, the time spent at from 7,000-9,000 rpm does not worry me, or my BILaw one single bit. I had been running 5w-30 and switched to 0w-40 and will most likely keep running the 0W-40 in the winter. There is really no big difference from the 5W and the 0W and I never had any problem or issue with the 5W and went with 0W just because the oil is the same price as the 5W. My temps run from 120 when constantly in the 1-3' of powder as the powder sticks to the motor and melts and encases the radiators in ice, keeping them cool, then when out on the trails or in lower snow, or following another bike, then temps can go from 160-170-180 and my max temp has been 229 and never higher as the Trail Tech is nice in that it records the max temp so never a worry about too much heat rather, running too cold. The good thing is my bike is already plumbed with the t-stat and by keeping an eye on the oil level, it has never risen so I'm not putting fuel in the oil from running too cold. I learned all I know at this forum: The guys over there were awesome. I just got this trailer yesterday: