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  1. Ben500RR-S

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    250.88 lbs for those of us in the US
  2. Ben500RR-S

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    I thought I was the only one with a rashed-up swingarm but mine looks like a beginners swingarm as compared to yours. Great job! I love it. Badass all the way. Keep on posting, we love it.
  3. I got the airbox off. While it could have been simpler to remove with bolts, like all the Japanese bikes, I can see how, in the name of saving weight, they molded and formed everything just so, so as to save the weight of more bolts and nuts/captured nuts and the chance of more stuff loosening up. There is the 17mm nut that joins the rear fender to the lower inner fender. All three of the self tapping screws holding the battery assembly to the lower fender need to come off and maybe a couple of other small screws need to come off and the subframe does need to come off to get the entire assembly off the subframe uprights. Once the battery box is off, the entire subframe is light and one can just work the airbox assembly off.
  4. Thanks for mentioning that big 17mm nut. I did have to remove the subframe to allow the airbox to slide off the subframe uprights.
  5. Ben500RR-S

    Anybody running a Smartcarb on their 250/300?

    My BIL has a new 38 SmartCarb on the way along with a PST clamp-on heater and a Thermobob coolant bypass kit that I'll be installing. It will be nice to hear the bike start for the first time with it on and idle. Then we can twiddle the knobs, if need be, once we get the bike back on the snow.
  6. Do you have the correct coil? Could the spark plug be no good? Did you mix up the spark plug wires? Good compression?
  7. Ben500RR-S

    Rear axle/nut

    About the only thing I really want to use the torque wrench on/is needed, are the upper fork clamps, the tops being someting like 17nm and the lower at 12nm.
  8. An Indy 500 is a twin cylinder snowmobile made by Polaris. It is not a snowbike but the OP doesn't have a forum where he can ask for help so . . . Did you check the linkage to the carburetor? Throttle cable? Lastly, check the throttle cable that goes to the carburetor slide, I had a 1997 XLT600-triple- that had the end of the throttle cable come off the round plate that holds the barrel end in the bottom of the carburetor slide and would not raise that(one of three) carburetor slides so the sled would only run on two cylinders.
  9. Ben500RR-S

    Help for cleaning Stepper Motor

    Good point. There are motor vehicle transmission reset procedures(like for my motor vehicle)that are also unpublished-for some odd reason.
  10. Ben500RR-S

    Help for cleaning Stepper Motor

    There have been some airboxes where the area between the lip of the air filter and where it is supposed to seal against the airbox, has a non-flat surface and as a result, allows unfiltered air into the intake of the throttle body/carb-whatever one has. Check that interface on your machine as that could be the root of the problem.
  11. The flange that the nuts keep the pipe bolted to the exhaust studs/head, is stuck. Perhaps the exhaust studs are a little bit bent, or the flange has bent so it will not slip off the two exhaust studs. The head pipe wiggles and spins, it is the flange that is now hung up on the studs.
  12. Ben500RR-S

    Rear axle/nut

    I would just buy a new rear axle. Thread locker is not going to make new threads or keep the nut/bolt in the axle if they are now stripped. I have a $9.99 torque wrench from Harbor Freight but just snug the rear axle bolt with a big adjustable as I can tell when it is close enough.
  13. Ben500RR-S

    Help for cleaning Stepper Motor

    It is very interesting in that, there IS no mention of the procedure, anywhere. I may have read where maybe Tim Plig had mentioned it to someone when they were having problems. Makes me wonder why Beta does not simply list the steps to do it on the owners manual.
  14. The exhaust flange is loose, it wiggles around the studs. I don't want to risk beating on the pipe and having the flange damage the exhaust studs as replacing them is not what I want to be asking about next.