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  1. Ben500RR-S

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Rode to work this morning. It was 38 degrees Farenheit, really cool this morning in my (dainty) work clothes but a sturdy 20 year old TourMaster Cordura jacket. The bike runs so good in the cold weather.
  2. Ben500RR-S

    Helping a friend sort the Fi on his 390s

    That green cap had fallen off and into my fuel tank from like the first week of ownership. The thing had been lodged down under one of the fuel gizmo's until a few months ago when I had gone in to check my fuel filter(it was pretty clean) and I had finally gotten it out. It is sitting in the crate with all the other Beta-stuff.
  3. Ben500RR-S

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    I changed the gear oil. When I got my bike back on Tuesday, for some reason, the clutch was slippping-I have the Rekluse Radius CX. I adjusted it and made it too grabby where in neutral, while the bike would not move, with the clutch pulled in the bike still wanted to go/move so after a few months of riding this past summer and maybe 10 hours on the oil, I put 0W-40 Mystik snowmobile/JASO MA oil in as I will probably be able to keep the same oil in all this upcoming snowbiking season. I also took the fuel tank off and dielectric greased the connections under the tank.
  4. His video is vexing for sure. Why go 2/3 of the way around, when that is the easiest part to do with tire irons/spoons-whatever. I have always found that inflating the tube and then deflating it just enough to get the tire on has been one trick to NOT pinch the tube. Then he uses spoons on the last 1/3. Why spend up to $400 on the machine if one is going to play Russia Roulette and use the tire irons on the last and hardest part? Isn't that what the machine is for? I'll be thrilled with the $100 Baja 1001 tool and an old 14" trailer tire to change everything out on.
  5. Ben500RR-S


    Awesome. Lots of guys riding, enjoying dirt biking. And a Beta. You have some awesome riding up there, thanks for sharing the pics.
  6. Ben500RR-S

    MY2018 Beta 500 RR-S Thread

    I got the 50/50 distance/wide with the distance on top and the wide below. It is incredible for any sort of night riding.
  7. Ben500RR-S

    MA Riders

    Sorry, yes, one must print out the form and send it all in and in a few days later, the decals are mailed to you.
  8. Ben500RR-S

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Spent the day on the trails, riding with a Can Am 850. The bike started and ran flawlessly all day long. I am back in business and LOVING it. I'm so glad that the past three weeks are in the rear view camera.
  9. I was so happy to have gotten my bike back this past Tuesday, rode to work Thursday as my boy was sick both Tuesday and Wednesday, then today I used a vacation day to go and ride with a guy I met on a CanAm 850 quad. Today's ride, and how incredible of a bike the 2017 500 RR-S made the three week wait worth it as the bike started perfectly and easily all day today and ran just like it always has, great. If there was one thing that I noticed it is how well the Rekluse Radius CX works in the tight, hilly mostly quad trails though I will say, quad trails are pretty ok as the outside wheel is always banked/bermed and there is almost always nothing in both of the quad-gully's as they do a good job at keeping all the stuff outside of their own tire lines. The Rekluse just makes riding the bike so, so easy and coupled with the FI of the RR-S, which now that I have some 3,200 miles on the bike and the motor is loosening up, things just keep on getting better and better with this bike and it makes me NOT want any other bike. I was pretty fed-up with waiting for the bike but as some had mentioned, all I needed to do was to wait for my bike to get back to me and I'd forget all about wanting or needing another bike, especially a CRF 450L. G2 Quick Turn Throttle along with a Jimmy Twister ball bearing insert, Rekluse Radius CX, and this, bike, rocks. I could not not care any less about Alta. If they continue, if someone else makes an even better dual sport down the road, I know I'll have one but for now, after a flawless ride in the trails today, the 500 RR-S is still the best dual sport out there.
  10. Ben500RR-S

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    Really, and four stroke and two stroke motors are not making any sound at all? Never mind the trucks that the had showed up in? It's the "loud generators in the parking lot" that bother you?
  11. Ben500RR-S

    Alta Motors shutting down?

    If they sold 1,000 bike so far this year at $12,000 per bike, that is $12,000,000. Now, if it cost $24,000,000 to make those 1,000 bikes . . .
  12. Every time I twist my throttle, fill up from either the gas station or my fuel cans, change the engine and x-mission oils and air filter, I will love all of it from here on out than have a bike with no more support because it may have gone under. I got to ride to work this morning and I'm looking forward to riding home, all 5.5 miles through secondary city streets=nice. Not owning or having a loan on an Alta Redshift EXR-priceless.
  13. I had decided to NOT buy an EXR last Friday and I sure am glad I didn't. eBay has the Baja 1001's for sale.
  14. I feel like I did although, I'm sure the bike would have been great, until it needed some sort of firmware upgrade/update or something like that. All is not lost for all those owners though. There is a chance that investors/those with money could step in and get things going again, provided there is a path towards profitability down the road. Imagine the angst amongst all the Alta owners right now? It has to be at Redline right now.
  15. Ben500RR-S

    Ty Tremaine on Beta, Alta halts business

    An article says they have sold 1,000 bikes for far this year, at $12,000 per bike, that is $12,000,000. Don't know if it cost $24,000,000 to make those 1,000 bikes though.