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  1. forgot to add the pic!! just had a major overhall, new powdercoating, new piston,valves,mains,bearings and seals throughout! fe 450 2004
  2. my berg fresh from a rebuild!
  3. steyel317

    husaberg problem!

    hi, iv got an fe 450 2004 model and have just spent 1600 on a full engine rebuild at taffmeisters, took the bike for a spin earlier to run her in but noticed when i put it away that its leaking oil, when i stand the bike up and rheres no oil in the glass so it must have lost alot of oil while riding it, i only rode it for half hour too! checked on the front of the engine and it seems to have come from the crank locking pin, i fingered checked it to see of it was loose and it is! should it be tight? ? pee'd off now having spent soo much money on it
  4. steyel317

    wr 426 piston worry

    good job lol, yh theres no upwards play at all, think il leave the bottom end but check the clutch out then once the head comes back re assemble everything so its running with fresh oil etc then take her for a spin and check the filter again, iv since found out that the wr's tend to have a few shavings on the oil filter and not too worry as long as there only ally so hopefully if i keep an eye on it it will turn out to be nothing! well see
  5. steyel317

    wr 426 piston worry

    should i be worried about the blue on the crank? shaft moves fine with ease but its obviously getting hot?
  6. steyel317

    wr 426 piston worry

    only done an hours riding? i bought a magnetic sump and fitted that at the same time but when i dropped the oil out there wasnt a single bit of metal on the plug, all the gears change smoothly and clutch works fine, think il take the clutch off and check that too anyway though before i pull the bottom end out of the bike, cheers for the help i really appreciate it
  7. steyel317

    wr 426 piston worry

    ok cheers for that! also i changed my oil and put a fresh filter in before taking it out, its done aproximately 1 hour since, and the is the oil filter, iv seen on a forum that wr's tend to give out metal in the oil but this seems abit extreme? the gears work fine and i cant see any obvious damage, theres no play in the crankshaft other than slight side to side?
  8. steyel317

    wr 426 piston worry

    hi , today while out riding the camshaft cap came loose and as a result one of the intake valve collets popped off and dropped the valve onto the piston while it was running, its marked the piston up and in justxwondering if i would get away with re using the piston? im sending the head away to have new vales and new seats i think but in strapped for cash and justxwondered if this would be ok? any help much appreciated cheers
  9. steyel317

    Fixing 2002 fe501

    have you tried taffmeisters? or dave clarke racing?
  10. steyel317

    94 Husa Fc600 Backfire

  11. steyel317

    94 Husa Fc600 Backfire

    theres a free manyal download on the husaberg site, theres also another husaberg forum called husaberg.org you shud try as you get alot more help on there for bergs
  12. steyel317

    05 crankcases

    hi, don't suppose anyone has a set of crank cases for an 05 fe 450? would the crankcases form a 650 or other model be the same??