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  1. thanks for posting back with an update! hopefully helps some other readers in the future
  2. First time at the Rimrock GP. I'll be going every year from now on unless I'm dead or in the hospital
  3. These threads sure do devolve quickly
  4. the glowing header is somewhat normal. to an extent. if you're wearing shorts and tinkering in the garage you will definitely feel the heat from the header pipe which is normal. that's why most moto pants have the leather patch on the inside portions of the legs. the GYTR tuner will help with the backfire issue. having the aftermarket pipe I would try to find someone with a similar setup and see which map they are running. I'm sure one of the FMF style maps will work just fine also
  5. All the info you need is here https://www.dol.wa.gov/vehicleregistration/offroadmotorcycles.html Some shops are more lenient with overlooking requirements. YMMV
  6. Good grip but I ride too much varied terrain and didnt like it at speed in corners or on the track. Could feel the knobs folding over too much
  7. Tiger I have a 525 Cheater with low miles for 20 bucks if you want it. Edges are rounded but knobs have plenty of life.
  8. Don't shorten the bike. You're 5'11 for crying out loud. Ride the bike and work on your drills and balance. Figure 8's and others. I'm 5'10, the bike was very tall at first and it was intimidating, but after a few months of getting used to the height I'm glad I never shortened it. I ride 90% trails, logs, rocks, mud, and everything enduro was tough at first but now it's a cakewalk. If you shorten the bike it will change the geometry of the way the bike is supposed to handle. Maybe you could get away with 1 inch but I say just ride the bike.
  9. There are two employees to one of the shops are who working (and not getting paid) to get everyone their bikes back and the parts they ordered. I read they are also taking bikes that were on lifts in the middle of service work to other shops to be completed.
  10. 3 dealerships closed last weekend. All the same owner.
  11. Was up there last night at dusk but didnt get close to Marty's. Current Pass got quite the makeover. Couldnt believe it. Not sure if this lookout has a name but I've been stopping by there every time I ride Walker. Not much to see last night with the rain and clouds but still fun
  12. Too slow old man. Already got the screenshot.
  13. Except my panties have absolutely nothing to do with the discussion. But they are white. And lace.
  14. holy shit this is the best thing I've read in weeks. Especially coming from the guy who was gloating about trying to run someone over on the trail.
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