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  1. Are you running a 5” rear also. I’m having the same issue the pins on my chain catch the tire
  2. beardedwunder

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    The u pipe that comes out of the head into the main part of the head pipe doesn’t fit right it required a mallet to make it fit and the one of the two springs that hold it to the engine doesn’t fit so I have it attached with only the one spring. Then because husqvarna moved the engine up and back it puts the crank case in the way of where the headpipe bends down and then up into the can. They removed the crank case on the mx bikes so that’s why it doesn’t fit quite right. And as for the benefit of the fmf over the stock headpipe is only a couple hp. When they had my bike at dynojet they tested the bike with both three setups all stock. 4.1 and stock headpipe and full fmf. The full fmf is mainly for looks it’s not that big of a gain to worry about it. I’ll try and remember to take some picks tonight.
  3. beardedwunder

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    A hammer. And the head pipe is sitting on the crank case
  4. beardedwunder

    2017 FE501 arrived in the U.S.

    2017 FC 450 is what I have. It “fits” with a little help.
  5. It does I have it on mine. I had to order the fender sticker separate.
  6. Whats up guys. It’s been a while. Here’s the pic of where the header is sitting on the crank case. The only thing I’m worried about is rubbing a whole through the aluminum. I have a guy the can weld titanium that’s supposed to check it out but I’ve been lazy. In all honesty the guys at dynojet said it’s only a few hp difference between the megabomb and stock so it’s basically just the look I like about it ha
  7. I don't switch the fender.. but I also don't switch the wheels. Lol. I pretty much am strictly sumo. But I'm sure it would look weird with a sumo fender and a 21" wheel haha
  8. http://www.ktm-parts.com/2700801000028.html i used this supermoto fender it's the one used on the 16+ fs450 and 701 supermoto. Fit fine for me it has the same mounting style as ours it doesn't come with the husky decal like in the picture but my dealer ordered one for me. It's not "necessary" but the one that comes with the bike is like 4 inches longer and doesn't look right.
  9. The full exhaust or just the can? I have both I was gonna save the head pipe but it looks like I found some one who can fix the fitment issue I have with the megabomb. So I won't need the head pipe or the can anymore
  10. First thing nice setup. Second I think you solved my issue I've been hearing this clicking every time I push the bike around in the garage and it's been driving me nuts. Thanks. ??
  11. I've seen that picture before but I couldn't find where to buy the rollers so I just got super meticulous while mounting the wheel and got my clearance. Where did you find the rollers at
  12. That's what I'm running remove the upper chain guard and I have a protaper chain cause it was the narrowest chain I could find. It's a very tight fit but it fits
  13. On my supermoto I'm running 14/42. I had to put a new chain but only because I have a 5" rear so I had to find the narrowest chain I could to clear the tire. I had to remove 4 links. My clearance is about 3-4 sheets of paper lol. Headlight wise I am running the Baja designs squadron xl pro led. The thing turns everything in front of you into daylight very very bright.