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  1. ktmchick

    Lake Wenatchee/Entiat Trails

    I read on a MTB forum that somebody rode up there last week and still came across snow patches at the higher elevations and stated that logs were down on those trails. Can't remember now which trails, but he said like 7,000 ft still had snow. Although that is probably melting quickly with the 100 degree temps we are supposed to get.
  2. ktmchick

    Lake Wenatchee/Entiat Trails

    Thanks, this is helpful. I'll give them a call next week to check in on the seasonal closure.
  3. Trying to figure out our 4th of July camping/riding plans and was wondering if anybody had any information as to what is open and rideable in the Lake Wenatchee/Entiat trail systems. We will most likely pack a chain saw with us since it's early in the season, but there is very little information on the USFS sites about trail conditions, especially for Entiat. Does anybody here know? Are some of the trails still under seasonal closure?
  4. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    I'm still coming down with Trav as long as I am fairly mobile and pain free by then, which I should be as it will be 6 weeks post-op.
  5. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    Well, unfortunately I am out for this one. Having ACL reconstruction done on October 24th. It's hard to put into words how incredibly bummed I am that I won't get to race the enduro. Ugh. On the bright side I should be back on the bike in time for the 2015 series that we participate in here in Washington.
  6. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    Super excited!!!! And more importantly, my shoulder is on the mend and I love my new 350!!! Going to enter the Vet class. I am all about death marches in the Mexican desert....they are much more fun than death marches in the Tillamook forest.
  7. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    Cool thanks!
  8. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    When and how can we sign up?
  9. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    Coming down from Washington. I race my 400 in the woods up here as it's very forgiving but the 350 is 20lbs lighter so that would be beneficial during a long technical race. The 350 and I got into a mid-race argument on Sunday and she tossed me pretty good. Hoping that my rotator cuff is not torn and I'll be good to go for this race. I'll be bummed if I can't make it. Been looking forward to it ever since we decided to make the trek down.
  10. ktmchick

    The Tecate Enduro is back for 2014!

    I am really looking forward to this! Been wanting to come down now for a few years for the harescramble but never made it happen. This year the timing is perfect and it's even better that it will be an Enduro! Now the question is do I ride the 400 or the new 350? Hmmm, guess I have a few months to decide. :-)
  11. ktmchick

    2014 Baja 500

    Steve if you ever decided to put a team together for fun, let me know. You know racing the 1000 is on my bucket list. :-)
  12. ktmchick

    1 Gal and 9 Guys Survive Baja

    Whatever they are called, I don't recommend falling over into one. There is nothing worse than having to strip down into your riding undies in front of 10 other dudes and have them pull at least 50 cactus quills out of your body! the little ones are still inside my hand, bicep and shoulder. They might come out...eventually...after festering for months.
  13. ktmchick

    1 Gal and 9 Guys Survive Baja

    I can't wait to get down there again and find some more sweet single track! We have some great stuff in Washington, especially in the mountains, but there is something magical about the Baja single track!
  14. ktmchick

    1 Gal and 9 Guys Survive Baja

    There were several tubes left laying on the 22 day trail after this "monument". My opinion...if you can pack a tube in so you can change a flat, you should most definitely pack the flat tube out. Pick up your garbage peeps! Baja may not be our backyard so to speak, but we should treat it like it is. Just sayin'.
  15. ktmchick

    1 Gal and 9 Guys Survive Baja

    From Bahia de Los Angeles we headed back to Catavina via the 22 day trail. We had ridden the section of the 22 day trail between BoLA and the highway in previous years, but none of us had ever ridden the trail past the highway to the pacific. This became a goal. After getting gas from our chase van at the highway, we ventured off into the unknown. The remainder of the 22 day trail is absolutely amazing!!! I was in heaven and feeling right at home in the technical single track. Everybody in our group made it through with no huge issues...just 1 flat tire about a mile from the end of the single track. From there we connected to a portion of the 1000 course and made it back to the highway by Catavina about an hour after dark. It was a great day and we were all beat but ecstatic at the same time. The following day was short but sweet as we made our way from Catavina to Gonzaga Bay via Fred's Tractor trail. Of course we stopped to say hola to Coco. This was the 3rd time I've been to his corner, but the first time that he was there for me to meet him. He's kind of creepy, but nice and I'm glad I got to finally meet a Baja legend. I did find myself getting into a fight with a cactus in the wash on Fred's though and that was not fun! I'm pretty sure there is still cactus in my hands, arm and quad, but I guess I'll consider those souvenirs. The next two days were easy as we made our way from Gonzaga to San Felipe and then up to Mike's Sky Ranch. On the way to San Felipe we scoped out the start of the Rock trail. This trail is on the menu for the next trip. I hear it's not very fun, but one of those trails that you just have to do. We did have the opportunity to meet another legend in Gonzaga and get some trail advice from him. Trackmaster has been obsessed with finding a way up the Santa Maria wash so he was quizzing Malcolm. I took some time during low tide to hike the hill across from Gonzaga Bay while my husband and Trackmaster explored on the dirt bikes and the other guys sat on the beach. From Mike's we headed out to Kurt Caselli's memorial along the 1000 course. It was very important to my husband and myself to stop here. We were working 2 of the KTM pits, Pit 1 and Pit 16, during the race and were both devastated when we found out that Kurt had not made it. From there, we rode to where Pit 1 was and relived the memory of seeing Kurt come tearing into the pit, getting gas, and then grabbing 4 gears within 50 feet. It was very impressive to witness. Then we cut over to where Pit 16 was and relived the memory of waiting and waiting for Kurt to come and then finally getting word that he had passed. I think it was good for us to do this because it helped bring closure to our hearts. The day ended with some sweet single track that we took into Rancho Santa Veronica. In the end, we rode roughly 1200 miles with an elevation gain of 75,788 feet...which probably explains why this years ride seemed much more exhausting than last year's even though that was more mileage. I cannot wait to get back to Baja and explore some more trails! Thanks Trackmaster for the awesome ride! You're awesome!