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  1. safirimike

    KTM 400 EXC 2002

    453. Plated.
  2. safirimike

    KTM 400 EXC (2002)


    453. Plated.
  3. safirimike

    First 640

    before you buy a new mid pipe, take it off and look at it. There is no restriction in that pipe. It is heavy, but the muffler is heavier. Replacing the Mikuni with a FCRMX will liven the bike up a lot (at least from what I have read). You might want to take a look at the LC4 forum over on KTMTalk for more specific info.
  4. safirimike

    kansas license plate for a 02 KTM RFS?

    First, I tried searching but came up with nothing. Probably used the wrong words. I bought a KTM 2002 400 MXC with valid highway registration / license plate out of state (valid highway title). KHP refuses to sign off on it as the headstock sticker said (it is missing) "off-highway" and the KHP called KTM which said the same thing. The only issues the KHP found during the so-called VIN inspection was the "off highway" issue and that the bike has non-DOT tires on it. Lights, horn, etc. were fine, just as required by KS statute. I have searched the KS statutes and regulations and found zip on converting a motorcycle. I have sent a letter to the Dept. of Revenue, which is the agency that issues titles, for clarification. (If the bike was bought in KS this apparently wouldn't be an issue as the KHP doesn't inspect in-state bikes for registration.) As of yet I have not heard back. Does anybody have any experience with getting a bike plated in Kansas? If so, please either reply to this thread or PM me as I would like to know what has worked, what hasn't worked, etc. Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. safirimike

    Supertrapp Internal disc muffler

    My 01 LC4 400 has 14 discs in it (checked two days ago, bike bought used). Bike runs about the same noise level (by ear, blipping the throttle in the garage) with or without the discs installed. Very quiet to me. I figure that 14 discs probably eliminates most, if not all, of the restriction. Stock LC4s from the late 90s on have a presilencer built into the "s" pipe that connects the header and the muffler and passed behind the airbox, just in front of the rear tire. Not sure how much silencing this does. The muffler has some baffling inside of it that is not removable except by permanent mod (no external bolts, rather welded in).
  6. safirimike

    01 LC4 400 is slooow

    I haven't been over to TT for a while. Hope you haven't sold the 400 ... yet. I have an 01 400 LC4E and am very happy with it. Not as powerful as the 6xx model but plenty to do what they are doing and enjoy the ride (unless you are looking for ~high~ speed ... desert, etc). Just this weekend friends and I were exploring gravel, dirt, mud here in KS. I was easily doing 75 mph on the gravel straights with 16/50 gearing. Not sure of stockness of my bike in terms of jetting, but do know that all else is stock. The stock SuperTrapp exhaust (all 12 lbs of it) has 14 discs (which may not be stock). I just looked into this and found the exhaust note is the same with all of those discs as with no restriction which tells me the exhaust is pretty darn free flowing. I run nearly stock gearing here in KS (16/50 vs the OEM 15/45) but change it when I go to altitude or to some serious trail, forest service road, 4wd, etc riding (15/50 or 14/50 depending). One chain can do all of that. As to changing your engine to a 6xx, don't. You would be better off to find a junked bike and swap motors (change your ~bike~ to a 6xx, not your ~motor~). The entire top end (head, cylinder, crank, conrod, timing chain, ex. header, etc) is different.