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  1. gregwr450f

    Trials tire Pics on WR 250/450 Anyone???

  2. gregwr450f

    2009 WR 450 Swing Arm Bearings

    Do it properly in my opinion. Pull them apart completely, wash, re-grease and reassemble. Good piece of mind to know the job is done properly.
  3. gregwr450f

    Harsh front end

    I know next to nothing about suspension but have had mine tricked up by Robbie Maddisons old man,that is not relevant, I just like to gloat. Maddo does his stuff when it comes to suspension and told/showed me these little springs that sit in the bottom of each fork, they turn to poo after about 1000kms and stop the suspension/valving working properly, he explained a lot of other technical mumbo jumbo but I started to nod off. The up shot is, every WR suspension is pretty much crap and needs a complete overhaul after about 800-1000kms. Mine is now the sweetest ride I have ever had due to the correct valving and springs.
  4. gregwr450f

    I just rode next to a stock DR650....

    Lets riot and "pop a cap in someones ass" (shoot someone)
  5. gregwr450f

    I just rode next to a stock DR650....

    I like Hugh and qwerty. Disco sux bat though.
  6. gregwr450f

    Crap Bent WR Plastics...

    nice one!
  7. gregwr450f

    Crap Bent WR Plastics...

    Have you contacted Force? They have great back up service and it'll well be worth a call.
  8. gregwr450f

    wr 426 blowing smoke

    2000kms on a 426, are you the original owner? Probably stale fuel.
  9. your log in name sux.
  10. h/way speed =100 kph (62mph) freeway speed = 110kph (68mph) Both are too bloody slow.
  11. gregwr450f

    Jagg oil coolers?

    It states "For each 20 F reduction in operating temperature, the life of oil doubles" I don't think this is relevent on bikes that have the same oil that lubes the motor and clutch, the reason we have to change the oil so often on WR's etc is because of contamination, clutch fibres,metal shavings,dust etc not because of "oil breakdown" caused by heat.
  12. I carry an extra 5pounds.
  13. A maggie is a type of bird "Magpie" They swoop and belt you in the head when they are nesting, yes they do draw blood:censored:
  14. All in good fun mate. We have a link to this thread on our aussie dirtbike forum, good for a chuckle.
  15. We always pre-ride the tracks and kill anything that moves, I "pack" homemade slingshot and my riding "buddies" "pack" a short piece of conduit with a rubber glove finger cable tied on the end. Can't be too careful round these parts:crazy: