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  1. Yamadirt 426

    Hey all you XL riders

    86 xl100s here is my new sweet ride 488 kilometers on it. Thats like 2 miles
  2. Yamadirt 426

    xr100 blue smoke

    is it a new top end ? old top end? just start doing it? always did it? New to you bike ? history my friend.
  3. Yamadirt 426

    86 xl100s

    Thanks guys I'm very happy about it. Pictures don't do this bike justice. Im more worried about crashing this thing than I was with my 06yz125 when i bought that brand new.
  4. Yamadirt 426

    86 xl100s

    I cant find the "xl lets see them thread" so here is my new old bike. I paid top dollar for it but its better than dumping a bunch of money into a beater bike. Well I guess it wasn't that much. 86 xl100s picked it up with 440kilometers. I put 44 on allready. garage kept under cover all its life. thanks for looking
  5. Yamadirt 426

    KX80 froks onto TTR 125 LE

    I just put on a 98kx80 front end last week. Bolts up nice , need a couple spacers on the stem and a couple spacers on the front wheel. kx brakes work great on the ttr rim.
  6. Yamadirt 426

    TTR 125 top end cylinder repair pics

    Shops are closed today. Pick one up tomo . New timing chain , I didn't even consider that. With all the posts/threads I've read no one has brought this up. Is it common to stretch this chain ?
  7. Yamadirt 426

    TTR 125 top end cylinder repair pics

    oh btw the connecting rod still feels tight.
  8. Yamadirt 426

    TTR 125 top end cylinder repair pics

    First off I am not one but I think I found why my bike does not run. I bought this as a non runner so no surpise here. Now I just need some input. Pics So first off I need a new piston for sure also need to bore I guess ? Now Do I just get a big bore kit. If so i've researched my options so I know whats out there. Can you reuse the old cylinder or not worth it ? Next I guess I should pull the valves but at this point from what up pro's see here should they be grond down and redone ? Might as well ? So I need input. I have a feeling that I know what to do its just I'm a 4stroke virgin.
  9. Yamadirt 426

    ttr125 98kx80 swap

    anybody ?
  10. Yamadirt 426

    WR250 vs XT250 vs TTR230

    get her a lowering link for the WR250. slide the forks up. problem solved
  11. Yamadirt 426

    ttr125 98kx80 swap

    hi guys I know the front end will work. I'm just wondering about the rear end and carb. i have a chance to pick one up today for cheap. Any thoughts?
  12. Yamadirt 426

    Problem with the Rekluse.

    What bike do you have. I don't think they make a pro for the yz125. At least not the 06. I still have use my clutch lever. Make sure the slack is good. You should have 1/2 inch between your lever and grip when at idle or motor off and you should have 1/2 inch play when above 2500rpm depending on your spring. Also it needs breakin time.
  13. Yamadirt 426

    leaking coolant

    why would you put a bandaid over the hole. Don't ride till you fix it. Your water pump may be shot.
  14. Yamadirt 426

    Got my rekluse in today

    I put my 125 in the other month. It says what to do in the instructions. Follow them. Get 2 feeler gauges, you need 2. Piece of cake.
  15. Yamadirt 426

    How good are the YZ125's in the woods?

    yep. My 06 yz125 is sweet in the woods. I ride last man standing trails all day.Up down rocks roots mud creeks. Gear it down and throw on the rekluse.I also got a clarke tank, rad skid guards, moose pegs and throttle tube , and mountain motorsport lowering link. Keep fresh rubber on the bike too. I'm 5'4 160lbs 29yrs and this bike will love me long time!!!