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  1. thanks buy yeah to heavy. and I'm planning to loose a few pounds.
  2. thanks for the heads up motomandan
  3. thanks for the posts and advice guys, but yall ain't gonna believe this.. see I bought this bike used from a lighter weight guy and I've been just riding it and trying to get used to it, but reason I wanted some bars to pull me up closer is cause I feel like I slide back most of the time and the darn bike won't turn. so when I sit up closer to the bars it feels so much better.. well turns out with me on the bike the rear suspension is squatting 4 1/2 inches and its supposed to be 4" so the rear shock is to weak for my weight. so gunna adjust my suspension first with the right spring and go from there.
  4. I put a front fender and number plate from a 2015 on my 06 and it changed the whole look of the bike. I'd do that and some custom graphics. if you go this route just remember to tell the graphics company that you have a newer fender and number plate so the graphics can fit properly
  5. guess I'm going with a 5.7 instead gotchathanks
  6. hey guys, I'm looking for a 5.8 spring for my 2013 kx450f and wondering if any other spring from a different year fits my bike? or from another bike brand? if anyone can point me in the right direction or has a used one for sale please let me know. thanks.
  7. does everyone just stick with the bars that came on the bike? I have the oem renthal k 971 on my 13 kx450f but I feel much better sitting forward on the seat but then my elbows kinda drop. are there any other bars with idk maybe an inch of less sweep to kinda force me to sit forward? I saw I could mount the bar on the forward location on the triple clamps but that might be too much and is going to get in the way to access the air valve on the forks. thanks in advance.
  8. thanks guys, gonna order the works connection valves.
  9. anyone?
  10. Hello guys, I bought a 13 kx with the air forks but lost the adapter valve to put air in the forks, so I bought a longer one from pro circuit but it only has the valve on it to connect the air pump to it, but it does not have the valve that threads onto the forks, does anyone know where I can buy this? I would have thought the pro circuit extension would bring it but it doesn't. this is what I bought http://www.procircuit.com/air-fork-extensions-kawasaki-kx450f-13-14.html
  11. op, what year bike? I had the same issue on my 06 and I'm guessing the previous owner shaved the seat or something as it had a dip in the foam, my 13 is a couch in comparison
  12. idk about the piston but I was talking to a guy at the local track wich seem to know what he was talking about and strongly recommend the Tokio mods tensioner, I'm in the same boat as you as I just bought a used 13 but gonna ride it till the end of the year before I tear it down. it will be my first tear down aswell good luck and keep us posted..
  13. best deal I found in southwest Florida for a 2016 kx450f with taxes and everything otd was $7400
  14. same here, dealer tried this chezzy game on me, bikes in my area are being advertised for as low as 6499 plus, for a 2016 kx450f so I tried to bring this one dealer as low as 6950 otd after a few days of negotiating over the phone, and at last minute before I drove 2 hours to pick it up he said yeah those 250's are sweet. I was like 250???? so he played stupid and all I could do was hang up on his ass. well, I ended up with a like new 13 and I'm more than happy with it. .
  15. op, I bought a 13' yesterday as well and I'm in love with this bike, love the efi over my carbed 06. hope you like yours too.