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  1. Jkirkland

    Honda XR600R 1996

    628cc - 100mm piston @ 9:1 comp, Hot cam stage 1, Stock carb & header, Fmf muffler Acerbis 5.5 gallon tank, ricky stator 200w Stock hubs w/ SRT rims & Moose oversize SS spokes suspension resprung & revalved, tall seat foam, acerbis handguards XR650L frame modified to accept 600R tank, Moose rear bag
  2. Jkirkland

    Honda XR600R (1996)


    628cc - 100mm piston @ 9:1 comp, Hot cam stage 1, Stock carb & header, Fmf muffler Acerbis 5.5 gallon tank, ricky stator 200w Stock hubs w/ SRT rims & Moose oversize SS spokes suspension resprung & revalved, tall seat foam, acerbis handguards XR650L frame modified to accept 600R tank, Moose rear bag
  3. Jkirkland

    baja pictures

  4. Jkirkland

    Baja mid March 2019

    Hahaaa yeah, Larry's a real great guy and he's been great to spend time with. I'm lucky to have found him. I was gonna do 8 weeks of school but I decided to skip out a week early and ride some more.. We did the rock man trail today. I was feeling lucky so I tried the hard part with the big steps backwards and I got the big pig up it. 🤘 We're in San Felipe now. The guys I've been riding with are gonna hang out here for a day and then head back North for Tecate. I'm thinking I'm gonna hit the highway to Lazarus Cardenas and then take the dirt road West from there to just south of San Vicente and get back to my truck tomorrow evening. I'll send you a PM and maybe I can find you guys here in a couple days.
  5. Jkirkland

    Baja mid March 2019

    I was staying at bajatrailrider's place. There is a good motel in town there too at the South end of town. Sorry for the late reply, I haven't had internet for a bit. I joined up with some guys in coyote Cal's on Sunday. We rode down to El Rosario on a mix of 2 track and slab and a little bit on the beach. Monday we did the Bill Nichols trail and I think some of the cactus trail over to catavina. Yesterday we went through the 7 sisters beaches and some more 2 track up to Rosarito, then to mission San Borja and over to Bahia de Los Angeles. Tomorrow night we are staying in catavina again and then doing the rockman trail Friday. These guys are headed to San Felipe after and then back North to the states Sunday or Monday. I'm thinking I'm gonna try to get back to my truck in San Vicente after we do the rockman. I really like singletrack and rocky technical stuff. But I enjoy all the riding down here really, there is so much cool stuff to see that it's kinda hard to go wrong it seems.
  6. Jkirkland

    Baja mid March 2019

    Hey man, I am down in Baja until the 17th, then I will be heading to Sonora to drive the support truck and wrench for two friends in the Sonora rally. I'm at a friend's house in San Vicente right now. I've been riding with some local guys I met but nobody wants to go further south. I would really like to ride with you guys a bit if possible.
  7. That was another incredible weekend of riding. The scenery and trails here are just unreal. I went out for a second ride Sunday with Jack, Pollo and Frankie. We rode up and down some real nasty hills but the dirt had the perfect amount of moisture for great traction so we didn’t have much issue. The big XR only wanted to wheelie, I had to work to get way over the front. Also, Pollo got a flat rear on the road just after we left town... but it didn’t seem to bother him much. He did the whole loop with a flat, no issues. Just a little slower than normal haha.
  8. Oh I gotcha, I’m from Valley Center. I’m in Ensenada for Spanish school, living with a host family. If you can get away from work for a while and ride in Baja some day, for sure do it. It is awesome and living down here is real cheap. I have some free time after college until I start my job in April so this is what I decided to do.
  9. Haha thanks Larry, I think Jack and pollo ride the desert better than me though. I live near Wichita KS, just finished up school at Kansas State in December.
  10. I’m down in Baja for a few months and had he treat of riding with Larry (bajatrailrider on TT) this last weekend. Larry and his amigo Mike (66 and 75 years old!) both ride built 230s. These things are bad ass - full size bike suspension, bored and stroked. Larry calls his the cheater bike and after riding with him I see why. This is a pic of Mike on his little red machine during the first day riding. These guys have been riding Baja for decades and I felt super lucky to get to ride with them and see their trails. Two local guys, Jack and Pollo, joined us too. They are both really talented riders. Looking forward to the next ride Gonna have to add a 230 to the stable after I get back home to Kansas.
  11. Jkirkland

    Going to Spanish school in Ensenada

    Thanks man! I will definitely ask around and see if I can find people to ride with, thanks for the advice. I’m gonna have to look into that record race too. I had no idea about the craft beer scene either, I’m looking forward to that already
  12. Jkirkland

    Going to Spanish school in Ensenada

    Awesome, thanks guys!
  13. Jkirkland

    Going to Spanish school in Ensenada

    Hey guys, Looking for some advice on where to ride around Ensenada. I just graduated from college (with some Spanish classes) and I'm taking a few months before I start work to go to a Spanish immersion school in Ensenada. Living with a host family and going to school 5 hrs/day Monday-Friday. I'm doing this from January 13 - March 8. After that, one week free to ride and explore wherever I want. Then wrenching and driving chase truck for two friends who are racing the Sonora rally, then maybe catch a district 37 race or something and come back to Kansas to start my job. I have never been to Baja but I've been riding and racing for a little over 4 years, hare scrambles, enduros, and some rally navigation stuff. I'm a B level rider. I like to ride high speed stuff but also really gnarly shit. I'm just finishing up building a XR600R to bring.. In the truck, not riding it the whole way. Here's a thread on my bike if you're interested. Does anyone have some advice about where to ride in that area, or maybe where I should go for the weekends to ride? Anyone else gonna be in Baja then and wanna meet up sometime? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  14. Jkirkland

    XR600R Baja Build

    I'll check that out, that sounds bad ass. Here's some more stuff I've done to the bike so far. I boxed in the chain guide with plate all the way around. I've seen this done on some pro desert bikes and thought it looked like a good idea. What does everyone think of the stock chain guide? From what I could find online and from my experience it seems pretty decent. There is not metal plate in it which I really like. A while back my buddy DNF'd a race because he bent his chain guide and the chain was bound up in it. I thought about picking up a BRP guide but figured this one might be just as good and is much cheaper. The stock wheels' spokes were seized up. The local MC shop hooked me up with SRT rims and MSR stainless spokes for a pretty good deal. I laced and trued them and I'm pretty happy with how they came out. They got fresh wheel bearings, HD tubes and some lightly used Kenda Parker DT's, which I like pretty well. I have an extra set of WP open chamber 48mm forks that I was initally planning to swap onto here. My local suspension guy used to race these XR600Rs and said he likes the stockers a lot and can make them work well for me. So I had him respring and revalve both ends. It is stiff as hell now but I still need to get it out somewhere I can really give it a good thrashing to see how it is. I'm pretty excited for it. All it's seen since the rebuild is dirt roads. Thinking about getting a fork brace, some guy on ebay is making them and wants like $150. Anyone got one they wanna sell or know where I can get one for less? A while back I scored a used adjustable billet top triple on ebay for $50. Feels a lot better getting those bars a little more forward. The gas tank was also a $50 ebay find. I don't know what brand it is but it's bigger than stock haha. Still waiting on braided stainless brake lines for both ends. Right now gearing is 15/48. Any opinions on what I should bring for Northern Baja?
  15. Jkirkland

    XR600R Baja Build

    I'm heading to Baja soon for almost three months and I've been putting together a XR600R for the trip. I will be bringing my truck with the bike in it, this is more of a dirt bike build than an adventure bike build. I've put a lot of time and money into this bike and I thought I should make a build thread. I want to hear from other people about what works and what doesn't, and maybe get some good feedback so I can have that much better of a bike while I am down there. 🤙 I'll start with why I chose the XR... even though everyone reading this probably already knows why it's a great option. I have a 2010 KTM 300 that I use for hare scrambles and enduro riding - I live in Kansas and mostly ride and race in Oklahoma, Colorado & Missouri. I also have a 2006 Husky TE510. It is a monster and I love it, I like the big bore power & great handling in the mountains and I have also used it for some rally navigation riding. I initially thought it would be a good candidate for Baja, but it is just so hard to get parts for being an older Italian husky. This is my first XR but I rebuilt a 650L for a friend a while back and that opened my eyes to how capable these big RFVC motors are. The durability, simplicity, and large oil capacity were the main reasons for picking the big XR. I bought the bike, a 1996 dual sported 600R in Nebraska last summer planning to use it for my Baja trip. After headache and disappointment at the tag office I decided to switch the whole bike into a 650L frame. It's a super easy swap, however I did have to cut off the tank mounts and fabricate new stuff to use the XRR tank on the frame. I then rode it to Colorado for a week long trip, and it burned oil like CRAZY. I was putting a whole quart of oil in every other day or so, and it smoked a lot. It blew up an hour from home on the return trip 😑. After tearing it down I found that what I thought was a stock motor had a 100mm 10.5:1 JE piston... and I was running 87 octane gas. Dumb... Oh well. I rebuilt the motor with all new lower end bearings, rebuilt crank from Ken O'Connor racing, and a Wossner 100mm 9:1 piston. I had some weird issues with the auto decompression so I ended up putting a hot cam in it as well. I chose the lower compression ratio due to the high likelihood I'm gonna have to run shitty gas in Baja. I've done a lot more to the bike but I'll leave you with a couple pictures for now. It's not done yet and I still have some more plans for it...