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  1. Spencer I am thinking to replace the 13 for an 14... and leave the 51 Yes I will check the spark plug to know how the things are going... but I am also thinking going one or two clip position up
  2. Hi there! About the suspension, I Think they are pretty soft. Good for enduro. I haven't made any change in settings. I have to study how I am going to setup the fork and rear shock. I notice some rust in the fork lowers... I clean and found out the rust come from very small dots in the the polish silver of the fork :\ Is in the lower part... I dont think It reach inside the fork. I have a lot of fun riding the bike. I made the test of fuel mileage.... so I got 0.5L of gas and made 11 km.... this means the bike spend about 4,5L for 100km... what you think about this mileage.... I think is too much for this motor... I was expecting something between 3 or 4 L. What do you think? I think my gearing does help... is 13-51... Maybe I have to change that?
  3. I think you are right! I am going to try to give a little play in the throttle cable... and try to see If I get used to . I have to do the 1L test ! Put one litter and see how many kms I can do before she stop.
  4. Changed the position in needle jet... was 4 now is 3. Should I do any adjust in the fuel screw? The bike in the first 1/8 Throttle grows super strong... very hard to control.
  5. The carb of this bike is Italian! For now looks like the stuck middle throttle is gone! About the fuel... I really don't know what happen! I am going to do more rides to see what happen's. Because I don´t see any gas leakage. The tank capacity is 6,7L
  6. hi there! I suspected about a problem with the cable.... I open up the carb to acess where the cable enters ... and take out the jet needle. I talked with the mechanic and since I cant drive the bike in that condition I take out the cable and the throttle and jet needle and go to the mechanic. We inspected.. and before the cable entering the carb has a metal curve... looks like was in that zone where the cable sometimes rub and do a little noise... doesn't rebound naturally... The jet neddle was in the lowest position... the bike is running ritch so he go up one position in the needle. We replaced the cable for a new one... that looks a little thinner but with less friction. I go home and install everything. To start the bike was not easy... I had to start going down the road and put the second gear. After that looks like the cable does not get stuck... so is Ok. But now the first pull of the throttle the bike goes very hard!! the rpms in the beginning grow too fast. I think is because that adjustment in the the jet needle (has 4 positions was in the 4th position and we changed to the 3rd position) now I have to adjust the fuel screw to go lean or richer?
  7. Today I was at the mechanic... and have grinded that bolt that scratch the swingarm. The bike was running Ok. The set the carb... but he told me that the bike Run´s a little bit rich!! Well before leaving the mechanic garage I put in the thank some gas (I think I have about 5L )... were he go .... I made around 30 kms ... And I found out that the the throttle wasn't responding very well... looks like the throttle cable some time has resistance... can you leave the gas but the bike keep accelerated.... This is dangerous.... because you cut the gas but the bike sometimes get the throttle stuck... After that 30 km I had more 10 km to arrive home... and the bike simply shutdown ... and dont want to start again..... Looked at the gas tank... empty!!!!! I is this possible?? So I left the mechanic... thinking I could ride easy to get home and this happens.... Was end of the day... It was night and I had to push the bike for about 6 ou 7 km before my wife come to bring me some gas to put it running and return to home. I weird is that.... the worts is that I spend good money at the mechanic ... the bike is NOT OK .... I can't ride the bike in that conditions.... Now I simply can't bring it back to the mechanic... .because is not safe to ride like this... I try to found about some gas leakage.... but NOTHING was found. I try to see whats wrong about the throttle ... but can´t found what is wrong.... I lubed the plastic tube that rotates.... the cable near the plastic tube..... maybe is inside the carb? ... what can make this happen... and what is wrong... to spend so much gasoline in a short ride like this ???? Home you guys can say something about this. best regards
  8. Yes travelling trans atlantic is very very expensive.... You can try to finf low cost flight´s to Europe.... maybe is more cheaper to go to Spain.... And Spain is close to Portugal. Yes I know just a plain ticket to Canada cost more than my bike.... hehe
  9. Wow!!!! Great bike!! It´s older than me!!!! But it is in great shape!!!! Here we can find bikes like these... japonese... and also chinese ones. Were are that mountains? Looks like an amazing place!!!! I am going to put here two pics showing the rear shock: First picture show that the spring touch there.... Second picture show that bolt... touch the swingarm... I think the solution is cut the bolt to become a little shorter... But since I cant cut a bolt like that at home.. I made two ruber spacers I put the bolt again.... and now I think don't scratch the swingarm.
  10. Looks like you are right. Today the mechanic worked on the bike and found out that the problem was in the carb. Like you told. Was not well assembled from factory... the choke (honda style, trigger near the clutch) cable was too short.... and the choke inside the carb was always on! The mechanic says the bike is ok now Spencer you have to visit this amazing Country.... if you are into food.... you will love .. we have A LOT of GOOD food to taste
  11. hi there! Well I have made everything I can to make the bike run right. I put the fuel screw with 3 turns. But the bike does´t run normal.... it looks like cant extend the gear... isn´t burning well the fuel. I cant extend the gear... Cant simply explore the high rpms... :S It is at the mechanic now....
  12. Another information. When the bike is running... after some minutes running if I try to press the choke... just a small touch... the bike shutdown... looks like a kill switch!!!
  13. Ok, I will try that! How much time should the engine run before check the spark plug? Now I just have one spark plug... I simply clean the spark plug with an metal brush and disc cleaner. I haven't run the bike for long time... just a few minutes ... because I fell the bike isn´t running right! Thanks for your help!
  14. the idle screw .. I dont know How much turns is ... but what is wierd is when It starts the idle is high... after a while start to get normal... and yes I don´t touch in the choke or nothing... shouldn't be the inverse? When hot start to idle more?
  15. Sure I can tell. The carb is an italian Dellorto 34mm. The jets are the stock ones... And I think it doesn´t need re jetting... because who sell me the bike has one and says everything is stock (just has an metal air filter) Yes I can take them out and see. I live at sea level. The fuel screw.... is one and half turn from seated ... but i have tested in idle to change and the best idle I get is near one turn. So you think that black coating I get in the spark club and in the exhaust is from being to lean ? If is that I Can try to use tree turns or tree and half out in the fuel carb screw... But looks like arround tree turns the sound isn´t great...
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