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    DRZ400E through Africa

    Just don't take anything with you and ride. I cross Africa from cape Town to Switzerland on my Drz 400, I didn't have any spare parts with me. I just changed oil every 5000km, the only oil I found was oil for diesel car. After 50000km once in Switzerland, I rebuilt my engine, and everything was actually fine. If you need something, you will find it or a solution to fix it. This is Africa.
  2. jmi

    Britanica Composites fairing

    Hello I've looked for other solution then. I finally went for the Yenkro Fairing (by Jebtech). Very nice but very expensive ! The kit is about 3.5kg but it's bolt on the frame. Another cheaper solution is HDB kit (Highway Dirt Bike). You can order a frame mount (taylor made, you need to give measurements) but this solution need the frame to be drill (2 wholes in the steering column)
  3. jmi

    Britanica Composites fairing

    I used to have one and didn't like it. Too much weight on the steering and it's worst when your riding with lots of wind : lots of wind pressure on the fairing and on steering. I'll go for a proper rally kit, frame mount based.
  4. Hello, I cross Africa from Cape Town to Switzerland on my Drz 400S. Bike engine was stock, just protection for me and the bike : skidplate, case cover, handlebars and high screen. Only change to engine is the kickstart. Think about a bigger tank fuel, I had a safari, which come with a fuel petcok. This point is very important as finding fuel in Mongolia can be tricky. And that's it ! Just make sure to know how to dismantle your bike, in case you need to ship it in a small box. Do it once or twice at home and you'll know what tool you need. About wheels, I used HD tubes (4mm) and heidenau k60 tyres for 40000km. Never had a puncture or a flat. But for my next big trip on Drz, I'll go tubeless with an STS tubeless kit. Tubeless is easier and faster to fix on the ground. You don't need to remove the wheel, take off the tyre...just have you repair kit and a way to lift you bike (like a portable side stand, which will be like a center stand when using with your regular side stand). You should use the opportunity to ride in -stans countries (central Asia). It's just amazing landscape, people, food...far better than Mongolia.
  5. jmi

    safari with guards

    Hi, Unabiker rad guards fit with 17L Safari tank. That's what I did on my SM