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  1. Change intervals and filtration for the most part. If your filtration is subpar or nonexistent, extending change intervals isn't really an option. And lots of people have a hard time pushing the change intervals to what a synthetic oil can do. So if you are going to continue with the same intervals you would use for a mineral oil, the added cost of the synthetic doesn't work out.
  2. There's benefits and detriments to each type. Mineral oil and synthetic oils with the same package of additives will provide pretty much the same protection. So it comes down to a cost difference mostly. The extended change interval offered by synthetics will generally balance out the cost but it also has its own issues if not handled correctly. Good filtration is crucial for extending those intervals.
  3. If you are asking about the brand, Honda specifies Honda oil (Surprising I know) If you are asking about type, Honda specified either a 40 or a 50 in there, so the 20W-50 with the JASO compliance fits the bill.
  4. I see recommendations of 10W-30 or 10W-40 in both areas. For the transmission that would mean an 80 to 85 if you use a gear/transmission oil. For the engine: API SG or higher. For the transmission: JASO MA, MA1, or MA2.
  5. The amount of penetrating oil that might make its way into the sump is negligible and would probably burn off in a short time anyway. Go ahead and use it if it'll make the job easier.
  6. Just spray a mulitpurpose aerosol lube on the inside if just just want the semblance of oil in the forks. You can't damage it if you can't ride it so I suspect there's no point in worrying over it. Then again if this is for some circus act of a pogo-cycle, yes just lightly grease it or use a dry lube on the inside to prevent any damping and allow full spring action.
  7. Not likely. It's a pretty small amount.
  8. It is from residual oil that doesn't drain I would think. If you opened up the engine and completely drained everything dry, you would need 1.4 liters to get the same oil level you get from adding: 1.2L liters from a simple drain and fill, or 1.3L from a drain and fill with filter replacement as well. So there is 100mL trapped in areas of the engine that won't drain from gravity while it is upright.
  9. Just FYI and anyone else looking at this: For this, comparing 40C viscosity is the better number to use to compare oils regarding injector compatibility.
  10. That is correct. The supply from the injection system would differ with the viscosity difference. It could provide insufficient volume of the 800 because of its higher viscosity.
  11. Yeah the mechanical shearing takes place in the transmission. Engines don't typically have any areas where there is enough force to break the bonds. Off-road riding is often harder on oil because of frequent acceleration and heat. Off-road is typically slower speeds, meaning less cooling/higher engine heat. Water cooling does certainly help, but off-road bikes usually stay hotter. On-road is usually pretty steady speeds outside of stop-and-go traffic, so you don't have constant deceleration and acceleration like you do riding off-road. Accelerating puts the most pressure on the gear teeth and therefore, shearing happens the most during that time.
  12. 2 hours of use shouldn't have contaminated it enough to be a problem for a few months of storage. Any engine oil should be able to neutralize anything harmful that might have formed in that short time.
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    Awesome bike. Bulletproof and perfect for my riding style (slow, boring, or over my head). It never quits and seems to relish in being abused. Low end is amazing and gets me out of trouble my skill can't otherwise accomplish.
    Awesome bike. Bulletproof and perfect for my riding style (slow, boring, or over my head). It never quits and seems to relish in being abused. Low end is amazing and gets me out of trouble my skill can't otherwise accomplish.
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    Good solid bike. It has rarely let me down and requires little maintenance to keep chugging along. A few minor repairs here and there have been all I've needed to do over the years.