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  1. kawasaki kdx200

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    On the other hand newer 4 STROKES(racers) sound like 2 strokes with them dinky little pistons( high RPM)! 2 stroke reliability?
  2. kawasaki kdx200

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    Trade in value for 2014 Yamaha YZ450F is about 3,815 Good Cond. EXcellent about 5,500! So your price is reasonable! On the other hand a 1990 Honda XR250R in good condition $755, Excellent $1340 dealership(good decals ect.)! MOST used 4 strokes are beaten junk used by "PUNKS" not better than "GOOD"! P.S I 'm NOT paying more than TRADE IN VALUE for old used bikes period! Unless they include EXTRAS! 2 strokes cost more to run(oil) but funner to ride in my opinion!
  3. kawasaki kdx200

    1982 Honda XR200R

  4. kawasaki kdx200

    1982 Honda XR200R

    Can a 1982 Honda XR200R be bored to 280 or 250? Kits?
  5. kawasaki kdx200

    KDX 220 vs. 200.

    I am looking a good used LIQUID COOLED KDX 220 OR 200! My style is 1-25MPH tight path woods riding! I've heard 220 has more low end which I like, BUT has troublesome pistons(piston problems)! I've ridden an 86" 200 in past(my brothers now) and have had good reliability(still stock)! So which bike would be better and what years are the ones to stay away from?
  6. kawasaki kdx200

    Honda xr200r Air Jet Sequence

    Thank You, I forgot to mention, O ring(First) Washer(Second) Spring(Last)!
  7. kawasaki kdx200

    Honda xr200r Air Jet Sequence

    I have a 1982 Honda XR200R with Keihin carb I had a leak in Air Jet so I took apart and found just spring, so I bought correct O ring and Washer! I was wondering if the picture is the CORRECT sequence!
  8. kawasaki kdx200

    87" Kawasaki Kdx200 PIC?

    the coil # are cm61-29 which show on YZ 250's which I do not own! The wiring diagram which I CAN read about 85% shows a GREEN wire coming from coil! I'll probably have to buy new along with CDI! Thank You!
  9. kawasaki kdx200

    87" Kawasaki Kdx200 PIC?

    Anybody have a pic or no of WHERE I can find a PIC of the CDI/COIL area of a KDX200 for reference to SEE where the rest of these wires go? I've had these OFF the machine for years before cameras as I would have just snapped a PIC BEFORE disassembly!
  10. kawasaki kdx200

    Top 5 Michigan Trails?

    Kalkaska has nice trails! Seems FOUR WHEELERS have DESTROYED a lot of the trail systems here in Mi. THEY (QUADS) should have to PUT 2 ORV STICKERS ON THEM instead of us MOTORCYCLE riders! Use to be called the PERE MARQUETTE CYCLE TRAIL! Now the nice SINGLE path MOTORCYCLE trails have expanded because of them %ussies whining and crying the trails weren't WIDE enough! The conservation trail should have been MOTORCYLE ONLY over the years so them #ussies couldn't DESTROY them!
  11. kawasaki kdx200

    honda xr200r voltage problem

    Thanks Chuck,Al! I had this problem with snowmachine blowing bulbs and replaced faulty regulator! Good idea on AC reg. add on and 12V bulbs! I"ll try adding on/off switch too!
  12. kawasaki kdx200

    honda xr200r voltage problem

    I have a good running 82" XR200R, I have proper lights installed 6v-25w front, 6v2cp rear, When I give gas(take off) the lights blow out( high voltage) every time! The wiring is fine(no open wires touching metal ect.) Anybody had this problem? Wondering what's causing it!
  13. kawasaki kdx200

    New rear tire for Honda XR200R

  14. kawasaki kdx200

    CDI for 1986 KDX 200

    I need a new CDI for my 1986 KDX200! Just wondering what would be a good one as a dealership in Bay City(Stevens) has a $20 one(NEW) that will work on this bike but seems cheap! I was looking at one Michael Forrest(Dragonfly75) builds for about $130! I was looking to spend something in the $50 range! Although is that $130 one that much better and worthwhile?
  15. kawasaki kdx200

    New rear tire for Honda XR200R

    I am in the market for a new REAR tire for a 1982 Honda XR200R! Preferably under $60! I am riding the conservation trail here in Mi.(dirt, sand, some hills), and I am easy on the throttle! (EX) Is a Cheng Shin 755, 4.10-18 any good?