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  1. Leaning towards the 500 exc, does it all and does it well. I know and like four strokes, and I like the road legality to get to trails or cross roads on trails. I ride all sorts of different trails in the canadian rockies , alot of rides have been so long and far we have had to carry extra fuel, so the fuel economy and large tank will help. I don't think the extra 15lb of the 500 exc will be too bad.
  2. Ok that's some good info, it's hard knowing what to buy new when you can't demo bikes! And thanks for the alphabet wash, they don't make it easy.
  3. 2 stroke or 4 stroke? I live in canada and want to ride a much trails as I can, i love exploring new spots and playing around on my bike. I'm a pretty skilled rider and want to upgrade my 2013 rmz 250. I tried a friend's ktm xcf 250 the other day and it was alot of fun. Instant power to lift up the front wheel on the two stroke,felt pretty light and nimble too. But I'm torn because the ktm 500 exc I would have no restrictions as to where I could ride since it is street legal. What's the most reliable ? I don't mind doing alot of maintaince, I had to rebuild my suzuki already. WHAT SHOULD I BUY!?? buying new BTW.
  4. Well she fit. But I won't be loading them like this for long trips
  5. I was thinking put the quad straight in the centre then the dirtbikes on the side with the back wheels up on the edge of the bed. I don't want to get a carrier because my plan is to get a boler trailer to pull behind as well.
  6. Ok guys, I'm probably downsizing from an 8 ft bed to a 6.5 ft and want to know if it's possible to fit 2 dirtbikes and a honda foreman 450 quad? I'm willing to get creative , even build something if I have to for cheap. If not then I will just resort to buying a sled deck.
  7. Just drained the oil onto the table and found LOTS of metal pieces, looks like I'll be doing a full bottom end if I want this motor to last any
  8. Ok thanks I called a couple shops some said you could take your chances with just cleaning it out but your better to split the cases and rebuild the whole motor.
  9. I found the broken tooth and removed it from the inner clutch, but there was lots of little metal filings , will those harm my bottom end if there were any in it? Or should I just pick up a magnetic oil drain bolt and change out the filter the first ride? The fluid when I drained it looked like oil
  10. Yes the the tooth was from the gear attached to the backside of the clutch basket. I'm replacing that for sure. But it looks like there's a 1 inch tunnel for the oil to flow from the crankcase, would that mean the metal bits could get in the crankcase or is that unlikey?
  11. Okay so I have a 2013 rmz 250f. A piece of the gear behind my clutch basket broke off and basically destroyed my clutch plates. I'm going to replace the clutch plates and inner clutch cover,since it blew a hole in it. I was planning on splitting the crankcase too check for bits of metal. My question is should I rebuild the whole bottom end while I'm in there? New crank and all or just seals and bearings if there even is a kit for that?