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  1. denro

    A few pics of our ride yesterday.

    Awesome pictures man, you guy's are lucky, I Just came in frome shoveling my driveway from last night snow fall. We have aproximately 4 foot of snow here. Man can't wait til next June to go ride again.
  2. denro

    //////////// -= Forum Split =- \\\\\\\\\\\

    I have a R and this is a great place for information, but I also enjoy reading about all the models. To me the L and R are both real good red pigs (or white), each of them better in defferent ways. For me when I cross a L rider out there I find it nice to know a little about his bike, because of this forum. Just keep it the way it is.
  3. Hey guy's! I have my 2001 650R for one year now, love the bike. Back into dirt after over 10 years. Use to be a 2 stroker. Here's my question, when I make wheely's with my 650R, I shift with no clutch like in my old day's on my RM. I'm just wondering if I could dammage my PIG. It's natural to me to shift on a wheely, I guess it stayed in my blood So am I going to damage something. Would apreciate your comments. Thanks Denro
  4. denro

    Any one try the Michelin Baja??

    I run the baja and i'm very satisfy with it, for off road anyway. It's a knoby tire so on pave it's little noisy but pretty tuff. I'm kinda curious about the teraflex, i am going to try it. But the baja is a good tire, where I ride I get all kind of terain, hard, rock, sand and*all kind of wet stuff. It's doing the job for me.
  5. denro

    My Last Post

    Well, I see that you're pretty good at posting bullshit. I think this is the best site #1. I couldn't care about L or R teasing, I have a R and personaly like it better than the L. But they are two great bikes, and both have something better than the other. For the bantering it's been there before computers and forums, take Ford and Chev for example. It's just part of life and fun, Anyway again this is a GREAT SITE. Ride on boys and girls ))))))))))
  6. denro

    Can I add an ignition key to a XR650R?

    I wouldn't mind a key too, I have a street legal kit. Whenever I leave the bike in a parking for 5 minutes. The feeling of knowing anybody can jump on it and go is not too good.
  7. denro

    Show your PIG

    KeithBoyd I know the bars is top on my wish list just above a larger thank and chest protector ) As per what I see on other treads CR High bend is the choice. By the way there are some nice looking machines in here. Denro
  8. denro

    Show your PIG

    Hey guy's Let see your PIG's, I dont have much mods other than uncorked and street kit. But I have a long wish list. This pic is last weekend out on a ride near Midle River in New Brunswick. Denro
  9. I can just imagine meeting a moose at night on a trail bike, I see some every week with my truck specialy since the last two weeks. Hope I never see one in a tight trail with my bike, night or day . A guy I know killed him self two months ago, a moose jumped in front of him in a skidoo trail he went under and the moose dropped crushing him and the skidoo. 1200 pounds of moose.
  10. Nice pics, loks like moose country Keep on sending your ride pics Denro
  11. denro

    renthal cr high bends

    I have the stock bar on my 650R, if I install the CR Hi bend, do I need to change anything else, like my grips ? Thanks
  12. denro


    Hey guy's I have a question, this time not about my XR, but maybe some of you can guide or comment. My father is about to purchase a 4 wheeler: 300 Artic cat, year 2000, 4x4. Aprox 400 miles. Any reason he should not buy it, I dont know much about Artic Cat Quad. Thanks Denro
  13. denro

    post a pic of your bike

    Here's my grin maker, Uncorked and street kid, not much mods yet but I have a wish list. http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y188/Denro/denSept27.jpg Denro
  14. denro

    Tank info

    Hey guys, I found this picture somewhere and I like the tank. As per the sticker it looks like IMS, does anybody have any info, size, model ? Thanks Not shure if the picture will come out first time submitting pic
  15. denro

    My commute is 7 minutes now

    Nice Machine, looks good. Lots of goodies I wouldn't mind to have. I have a long wish list, only mode I have now is street legal and power up kit. I'm not shure what mod will be next, larger tank or handle bars. I also need a fender bag with tools, what make is yours. Denro