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  1. davecampbell

    Possible to put on a 21" wheel on a CRF150R fork?

    How much does the crf250 motor outweigh the crf150 motor? Could I put a crf150 motor into a crf259 chassis?
  2. That particular bike (I race one) has a weakness in the aluminum frame right behind the a-arms attach points. check to see if it is bent there. Mine has broken and been repaired and then beefed up. Several guys have bent or broken the spindle casting. Since you mention that one wheel sits crooked I would check that too. and Most of us grind the steering stops down to get a better turning radius anyways, so if your frame and spindle knuckles are ok just grind the steering stops until it turns good both ways.
  3. davecampbell

    LTZ 400 reverse without knob

    I believe that pin is supposed to extend through the hole in the stamped piece about a 1/4 inch so it can ride in a slot in the shift drum.
  4. davecampbell

    LTZ 400 reverse without knob

    Bummer. let us know what it ended up being when you get in there!
  5. davecampbell

    LTZ 400 reverse without knob

    If it is just a missing spring you might be able to put an eternal spring on it to push it back in. Sure would be nice to avoid splitting the cases again!
  6. davecampbell

    LTZ 400 reverse without knob

    Try taking the cable loose from the actuator shaft and push it in to the seated position and then see if it will still shift into reverse.
  7. davecampbell

    New LTZ 400!!!!!!!

    I used to race quads when I was young but switched to bikes because it was easier on my body. Now I am teaching a class at our church on Sunday so I am trying to go back to a quad because they race on Saturday here. I bought a 40 with a bad crank and an 06 with a bad case and I am using the case of of the 04 to fix the 06. Motor is almost back together but I also have some suspension mods I want to try, so I will probably work on those while it is just a frame. Back when banshees were the hot thing I put 12" front wheels on it and really liked the feel. I think I want to try to put 12" wheels front and rear on the ltz400. It will let me run 25" tall tires whick will give me some serious ground clearance. I'm thinking I will lower the suspension so that I have approximately the same ride height. Has anyone heard of this being tried?
  8. davecampbell

    08 250xcf-w cracked clutch case

    I have a good used clutch cover if you decide you want to replace it. It is off of an 07 but I think they are the same.
  9. The vin always indicates model year not manufacture date.
  10. davecampbell

    Can I use 2007 forks on our 2010 model

    Our forks are worn out and looking to get a used set.
  11. davecampbell

    Help needed! 350 SXF will not start!

    Check the starter motor. something seems stuck there.
  12. davecampbell

    KTM XCF 250 Overheating Problem HELP!

    Check for a cracked cylinder, it will do that too.
  13. davecampbell

    Fuel pump or fuel filter?

    I really think it is crazy to make the filter non-serviceable. I am wanting to find a way to attach an affordable aftermarket filter so they can be changed at service intervals to avoid problems. Just looking for a bad pump so I can experiment without taking our bike out of commission. Looking for something in the $20 range so I'm not out a bunch of money if it doesn't work.
  14. davecampbell

    Fuel pump or fuel filter?

    We had what we thought was a fuel pump go out. We had the tank out on the bench and ran 12v to the pump and we could hear it turn but not one drop of fuel came out. I decided I didn't hve anything to lose since we already needed a fuel pump. I finally figured out it was the attached sock filter. I slit it open with a razor blade and dried it out then sewed it shut with my wifes sewing kit. Bike runs again:). I have got to figure out an aftermarket filter setup. Does anyone have a bad fuel pump I could buy cheap just to test with?
  15. davecampbell

    Crf150r to bigwheel

    Sorry, I did not get back on here in time. I had everything from a 150rb that threw a rod. About all I have left is the head! Sorry guys.