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  1. To follow up here. I was mistaken on where the oil was originating. Further detailed inspection showed oil coming out weep hole. I was baffled by this initially. After pulling the valve cover i found a split in this gasket on the inner ring that goes around the spark plug hole. Problem solved! Lesson learned Determine exactly where leak is originating, a miss diagnosis here caused a wild goose chase and much grief!
  2. Thanks grayracer. I will order and install, with great attention to detail, a new oem gasket kit and report back my experience.
  3. Gasket kit used was stock yamaha oem. Therefore i assume torque spes would not differ from yamaha service manual. Also as for the additional compression, it should be confined to the cylinder and not affect the aforementioned gasket. Possibly the gasket between barrel and head however the leak is between barrel and case. This is my understanding anyway....
  4. Quick run down. Severe hydro lock resulting in bent rod. Tear down and rebuild with hot rods crankshaft assembly and vertex hi comp piston kit. (14:1) Two rides later coolant is burning off rapidly. Half or so in 20 min of hard riding. Could see white film on exhast. No oil loss. Tear down replace head gasket with new oem again. Torque to manual specs very very carefully again. Second ride and oil is leaking through head gasket on right side between case and barrel. Need some help.... thinking warpage from losing coolant and overheating during the first go round or case needs milled along with barrel??? Any ideas???
  5. kk21

    Yamaha YZ450F (2016)

    Nice bike!
  6. kk21

    Twin Air Air Filter

  7. kk21

    Cycra Racing Powerflow Intake Radiator Shroud

    Not impressed with fit.
  8. kk21

    JT Sprockets Steel Rear Sprocket

    I prefer 49 tooth as opposed to the 2016 stock 48 tooth rear.
  9. kk21

    Trail Tech Endurance II Computer Kit

    Very nice to have in the mountains.
  10. kk21

    GYTR Radiator Braces Power Tuner

    Must have!!
  11. kk21

    Works Connection Radiator Braces

    I have always run these on my bikes and I can't count how many times they have payed for themselves.
  12. kk21

    Works Connection Engine Guard

    Much cheaper than a cracked case.
  13. kk21

    Race Tech Shock Springs

    Priceless for bigger riders.
  14. kk21

    Race Tech Fork Springs

    Priceless for bigger riders.
    Sounds great. Broadens power curve.