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  1. nsman

    Yamaha XT500 Exhaust Back Pressure

    The science behind the Supertrap(I assume a Kedo Xtrapp is a Supertrap) is that the shape and angle and spacing of the disks cause the exhaust to accelerate as it passes through the disks causing a scavenging effect.If your disks are not assembled properly or have been overtightened they will not perform as req'd. Verify that the assembly is correct and if so then loosen off the screws from the full tight position until you get the flow you desire. Supertrap also produce another type of end cap that you may find better to your liking. I had a similar problem on my SR500 ,would not rev over 5000 rpm, loosened off the screws one turn and problem gone....albeit a louder sound.
  2. nsman

    1978 TY175 overhaul

    Steve, Before you get into splitting the motor, check the gear selector parts are not totally worn out. On the TY175 they are under the plate which the shift shaft goes through. Unlike the modern Yamaha 2 strokes the shift mechanism is external of the engine case and is prone to wear.
  3. You have a 2001 Yz125.The crank seal on the timing side is leaking.You cannot adjust the jetting for this condition.
  4. nsman

    1975 Suzuki RV 125

    If you have a drip coming from the exhaust/head that means that the motor is filled with fuel.Remove the spark plug and ((with ign off,so no spark) kick the starter a few times to clear the fuel out of the engine.Place a rag over the spark plug hole to stop fuel flying everywhere.Remove the fuel line from the carb and test that it shuts the fuel flow off / works as it should.If it does not repair or replace it.Remove the carb and clean and test the needle and seat assy..when you are comfortable that everything is in order,replace with a good spark plug and retry starting the motor.In severe flooding cases the exhaust is also filled with fuel and may have to be removed to be emptied out.
  5. nsman

    Identifying old Yamaha IT 175's/200's

    If the plastic is all white then it is a 1981(Canada) and the engine # will start with 3R6 If the plastic is blue the engine # will start with 5X8 (82 and 83 models).its a IT175 ifs it a it200 the engine # starts with 43G we got the it200s here until about 86 or 87 the last years had a disk brake on the front.
  6. nsman

    1989 Ktm 600 lc4 backfiring

    broken valve spring
  7. nsman

    XT500 spewing oil from crankcase breather

    XTs are known for whats called wet sumping.Its a situation where the oil in the tank(frame top tube) drains down into the bottom end of the motor over time.If you have been riding your bike regularly and you have been checking the oil level in the tank and it has not changed then it may not be wet sumping. As soon as the bike starts the excess oil is pumped back up into the tank and all is normal.Often the bike will smoke on startup but clear up as the oil is pumped up into the tank. In your case .you state that when the engine warmed up it began to spew oil from the crankcase vent.This sounds more like fuel has drained from the tank,passed the carb needle and seat and into the motor. When the engine warms up the oil/gas mixture starts to separate and as the gas is lighted than oil it is pushed out the CC vent. If your piston/rings are bad you would have noticed that is was smoking and you would have been adding oil often. How long had the bike sat since you last used it? Have you been adding oil to the tank? Have you noticed a loss of fuel from the tank and does the oil coming from the vent smell like fuel? There is a check valve assy just above the oil filter ,between the case and clutch cover, that can fail causing wet sumping...easy to replace and the parts are available and very cheap.
  8. nsman

    Ossa Pioneer

    If it has a title and passes the due diligence test for parts availability, then go for it ...nice bike in its day.
  9. nsman

    1985 Honda XL125R PARIS DAKAR

    Are you sure the chain is on the top(cam) sprocket? It look too loose to adjust..
  10. nsman


    1.No need to change electrical components...if they work they are still serviceable 2.Does the coil provide a spark at the plug? If yes it is still good.. Yes you can buy a new spark plug boot(cap). 3.Good idea to clean and check the oil injection tank and lines.The screw with the washer(in your picture)is the one to remove to bleed the air from the line. 4. On those older street and trails the flasher light usually only flash when the engine is running...must have a good battery.(new) 5.The lights (instrument) ...before anything check or replace those bulbs...they are 6 volt again a good/ new battery is required
  11. nsman

    Pw50 engine issues.

    No transmission to speak of on a PW50,one speed cent. clutch,The bottom end rod or ball bearing just gave in....Is there oil in the injection tank?
  12. nsman

    You asked...Alta delivers

    The real problem might be that consumers expect to be able to ride all day or as long as they want ,with only a quick fuel fill up. Electic bikes are expensive because the tech and batteries are expensive.They have focused too much on making better batteries instead of making rechargable quick change universal batteries. As long as there is cheap fuel it will be very difficult to replace IC engines.
  13. nsman

    A couple questions about tuning my 73 DT250

    If you can keep the oil pump and get it refurbished its a much better scenario than premix. 32:1 is approx. 3 % so increase jet sizes to compensate.When you add oil to the fuel there is less gas.OS piston and baffle removed makes no difference.There is a air screw and it should be turned out 1 1/2 turns from lightly seated position. How slow is the oil leak from the pump and from where is it leaking? You have a very nice looking bike there BTW.
  14. nsman

    1987 cbx250f

    The Honda CBX250R was only imported into Canada for 1 year (1987) and never into the USA.It is generally agreed that the motor of the Honda XL250R and the CBX250R are basically the same.Will the rings interchange ?...you will need to find the part #s and compare at your Honda dealer in Canada.
  15. nsman

    1987 cbx250f

    Weed has only been legal for a couple days Jeff.Is this the way its going to be? What are you asking??