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  1. No, they are different.
  2. I actually prefer the SX ignition with Derek’s porting. Without porting, the XC box seemed to work a little better.
  3. CSAR FE

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    Received my proof from Split Design Co. After one tweak, this is the final product. Very excited to see how it looks on the bike.
  4. CSAR FE

    05-450x Nightmare to start cold (hot is perfect)

    Turn on the gas. Pull the choke. Open the throttle quickly all the way to the stop two or three times. Try starting it with the throttles closed. These bikes are cold blooded, and the winter weather exacerbates the problem. Right around 45 degrees F is where my bike gets finicky.
  5. CSAR FE

    450X LED Headlight Install

    Thank you for the honest info. I’ll take a look at Osprey.
  6. CSAR FE

    450X LED Headlight Install

    What’s wrong with Baja Designs?
  7. CSAR FE

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    Logged another 1.1 on the bike yesterday. It’s pretty awesome that a 13 year old design is still so good. Threw some Unabiker rad guards/braces on, and pulled the stator off for Baja Designs to rewind. I am now waiting on the following parts: - Pro Circuit JCR Spec Full Exhaust (STILL 😡) - Motoseat Seat Cover - Split Design Co Graphics - TM Designworks Rollers - Motion Pro +2 throttle cables - Baja Designs Squadron Pro headlight and custom JCR wiring harness, with USB power port for GPS - JCR Reg/Rec, harness and relocation bracket
  8. CSAR FE

    Title Transfer

    Good luck. You can literally get a plate for anything in AZ. A lot of states won’t recognize an as playe because of this.
  9. CSAR FE

    Odometer delete

    I have. It works. eBay is your friend for everything needed, except for the seal.
  10. CSAR FE

    VP Dealer in Tucson, AZ

    Picked up some T4 from ride now yesterday. Thanks for the lead. Went to the Pima track this morning and had a good time. Was anyone else there? Looking for some riding bros. I don’t like going to the track alone, in case I wreck and have to get hauled off. I was lucky enough to drag the old lady out with me today.
  11. CSAR FE

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    Had the chain guide boxed in and welded all the way around today. Waiting on a new BRP guide and TMD slider. Done other goodies on the way as well
  12. CSAR FE

    VP Dealer in Tucson, AZ

    I am so ashamed! I didn’t do it, for the record!
  13. CSAR FE

    VP Dealer in Tucson, AZ

    I was just over there about 30 minutes ago looking to trade in one of my Huskies on a RZR. They had C12 and VP 110 only.
  14. CSAR FE


    Thanks Rich. I got one yesterday from the BLM office, and got my X plated/OHV tag. Ready to rock and roll.
  15. CSAR FE

    09 CRF450X Desert Ripper Build (Pic Heavy)

    Care to post your jetting specs?