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  1. Does anyone know if the yamaha;s can be hooked paralel (sp?) similar to the honda design? ie using two 2000 watt units to get 4000 watts
  2. madmud

    5k tips

    I've been training for my 1st 5k for a week now, I'm using the Couch to 5k app on my Ipod. It seems to be going well although I'm not sure how fast I should be going. Currently I walk @ 3mph and jog/run @4.5 (I have a treadmill in the garage)this seems to be a good pace and I'm not too exhausted after a session. Should I stick with this for a couple weeks and then start bringing up the running speed? What would be a good "race pace" to aim for? Does anyone have experience with the Nike+ system for the Ipod? is it worth the money and time spent learning how another gadget works? Thanks Mark
  3. I feel your pain... there's a good 2' of snow here and it hasn't been above 20 for at least 3 weeks, it's almost too cold for coyote hunting- almost!!
  4. I mounted 3 bike shoes to a pair of 8' 2x12's for my 6x12 enclosed trailer. They are at a 45* angle and roughly 24' apart and tucked up against the left wall. I like the shoes much better than having to mess with straps. This setup leaves the center of the trailer open for changing and easy access to tools/gear, also i use 4 3" screws to hold the unit down so it's easily removable when I need the trailer for other uses. You didn't mention a length of your trailer, but you should have at least 6-8' of wall space
  5. I've been using bike shoes for 3 years now without a problem. It does squeeze the tire a bunch, but they are far far easier to use than tie downs.
  6. madmud

    hand/wrist question

    It's time to switch hands:doh:
  7. madmud

    toy hauler conversion

    Thats looking real nice!! I've been kicking around the idea of turning a school bus into a toy hauler, I might 'borrow' some ideas of yours. On second thought, I might have you build it for me. LOL
  8. madmud

    best kettle bell dvd/workouts

    I recommend a trainer that is familiar w/ kettlebells. You may be able to find someone that will work with you at your house. Try calling local gyms or check out craigslist.
  9. madmud

    Another Toyota Question

    First I'd check with your parts supplier, you may be able to get shafts complete ie; rebuilt with the boots and joints, cheaper than you can replace the cracked rubber boots. As far as the arms goes make sure you support the truck by the frame, not the suspension components, and I would think the shafts should have enough play to be removed without to much hassle
  10. madmud

    Trouble titling a dirt bike in MN

    That's fine with me, All you need to do is have a sheriff or deputy sign a safety certificate, (the same document you need to title a vehicle confiscated by the highway patrol) take the certificate to the DMV and your set. Buying the plate for less than 5 bucks is a small fee, paid once, compared to $16.50 for tabs and $80 for insurance yearly. IMHO & YMMV
  11. madmud

    Trouble titling a dirt bike in MN

    I've had a plate for my 2000 WR 400 for 3 years now. IMHO I really don't need a title, the plate stays with me if I ever sell the bike
  12. Thanks for the info guys. With any luck it's available in 5 gallon pails, i'd be out there all day with cans!!!
  13. Appleton would be an excellent choice. There's a variety of trails, 2 mx tracks and a large sand area with some trails running thru-out. I haven't gone up yet this summer and with the recent rain, the bottom will be quite deep, but that leaves a lot of other room to roam. If you google up Appleton theres a link to the park w/ a map on the official city website
  14. Not really a toy hauler question, more of a toy box question. I have a 40x88 quonset building that is in rough shape, the tin is really ugly and getting surface rust on all of the arched surfaces. (oddly the ends look great) Anyone know of a quality paint that can be put on this ? I've seen grain bins that have been repainted so theres got to be something available Thanks for looking
  15. ^^^ What he said I used to pull the wifes 25' bumper hitch camper w/ a 96 tundra, we got where we were going BUT we didn't set any speed records and it can get mighty spooky on a windy day. with the 4.7 I'd get anywhere from 8-10 mpg... funny now that i think about it, i got that mpg pulling my 6x12 trailer also ??