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  1. SRTracing

    Let's see your Gas Gas Motorcycle!

    2018 250 XC... What's up motohead?
  2. Has anyone had experience with both setups? I know the XC gear mako is Superior to flexx bars but I'm hoping to hear from anyone whose had experience with both to find out how much better they are. I have owned three sets of flexx bars and I am a fan of anything that helps me ride to my capabilities for longer periods of time.
  3. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    Thank you and yes I'm proud of it. I have to go ahead to build trails on about us 6 Mile span other side of that mountain in the background and I've gotten a pretty good start that's good single track. has the potential to be some of the best riding around done right and that's where I need help from experienced guys who have made the best singletrack around town Sorry about the pics don't really know how to fix that but you get the idea from the first one
  4. SRTracing

    What did you do to your Gas Gas today?

    I did the exact same tires and tubliss. I out on Midwest easy pull clutch lever, tm designs full skid plate, new graphics, flexx bars, fasst anti vibration inserts, steg pegz, g2 throttle. Need to be working on thetrails on the side of that mountain behind that one picture
  5. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    Put some new graphics on and I love the new look
  6. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    I meant to ask which klotz is an option. Thanks guys
  7. SRTracing

    Let's see your Gas Gas Motorcycle!

    The mountain in the background of the last pictures is where I'm laying down what could be some of the best riding around
  8. SRTracing

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    With me add a little bit of info and say that I do not feel the 2018 KTM and husky 250s aren't good bikes that don't compare to my gasgas. I definitely don't feel that way and the two guys who lendup switching to gasgas don't think they were on terrible bikes. However they we're very impressed with the gasgas and I'm pretty certain they have felt like KTM and husky were the only choice for nearly a decade and are ready to switch it up. Their list of what they liked better about the gasgas was very comparable and some of the stuff they didn't like about their bikes has been pretty common with everything I've read about others who have wanted to switch or already have.
  9. SRTracing

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    Yes they are that good and the word is out. the trend of people agreeing with this has gained is getting very popular and more and more people are discovering or learning about them. Local dealer gets 7 or 8 in at a time and within a week they are gone and seven or eight white, orange, or blue bikes are sitting only used showing floor. I know of and have heard about several guys who have money and literally buy three or four new bikes in a year hoping to find one they fall in love with. I know of two guys like this and via Facebook heard of three others and they have all settled on the GG all saying it's the first time they know they are going to hold onto a bike. Now all that buying sounds pretty silly to me unless you are a top 10 racer in the country. I really do today with six others everyone was on 17 and up bikes that were white or orange and I was the lone gasgas. Two guys that rode mine are now considering selling the bikes they were trying to talk me into buying . They had never ridden a better bike and love their 18 250 te and 18 orange 250 xc and consider them the "best bike" for the type of riding we do in TN/north GA. One of them does pretty well and I bet that he has a 250 gasgas in the next two weeks. Today we rode 32 miles of tight but fast and flowing ST and this is where the bike really shines. This is only my third or fourth ride but towards the end decided to make several laps on a circle grass track with 250 yard long straightaways that I was pinned in 4th or 5th (I never know what gear I'm in I just know it's the right one) with big braking bumps before the turns. I could hardly feel the breaking bumps and I saw these guys almost go down at least five or six times and they were getting bucked around with the rear tire coming up on them and I was literally not having to think about them because the bike soaked up everything and I was faster than two guys who switch off winning a class. Always considered e wide open fast sections of hare scrambles one of my weak spots but apparently not anymore
  10. SRTracing

    Gas Gas, good bikes?

    I rode one of those today and did not like it 1 bit so I rode the other guys 18 husky and it felt different but I did not like it in comparison 2 mi 18250 XC. Apparently those two owners weren't big fans either because after riding mine they are now looking to get leftover gasgas but since they are loaded I guarantee they end up with 19 GP if they can find them.
  11. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    If I made it sound like I was only going to switch for one tank that was not intentional. I I was considering switching to it for good. I as well know of many engine builders and championship-winning racers who have been doing it for 25 years that all they run is castor 927
  12. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    The first time I put some that stuff in my waveblaster jet ski it hasn't ran the same ever since. It's actually a coincidence and didn't have anything to do with that stuff but still don't think I could run it and the smell good deal is not that important.
  13. SRTracing

    Oil switch. I want that smell good buhht??

    That's what I thought. I found out the other day the new parts guy I have listened to on a few things is not the know-it-all kind of guy you want to listen to that I was told recently started working there. There happens to be another new parts guy who has said everything mentioned here and luckily I did not pull the trigger on any of the things that guy said. So if I were to go with a comparable or better oil would this be okay or should I not worry about it and just order dominator until I do a top end? What oil are you guys running?
  14. The previous owner of the 18 XC 250 I have ran amsoil dominator. The rule of thumb is don't switch correct?? The way the parts guy said I'm good as long as I burn up all the fuel I have and drain what's left then I can add the pre-mixed castor 927 and it's fine when using betterr quality oil like the Maxima. Well I didn't listen to him
  15. SRTracing

    Silencers that come on the EC. Trade/sell?

    That's what I thought but at a dealership in Alabama all the ec came with spark arrestors and they looked at me like I was crazy with me I said that. I actually saw them and they said that's how they have all come to them. Weird.....