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  1. I have an 05 KTM 450 EXC. I just purchased the JD jetting kit due to the great success I had with this kit on my old bike. I had one question, however, concerning the pilot jet... I am currently running a #48 pilot jet. Will I need to change this to best utilize the JD setup, or will I be ok? Thanks in advance for the help. I'm still trying my best to learn about this whole jetting thing.
  2. SD_CRFX

    wr 250 vs crf 250x

    If you were in California (the original poster is not) the X would be the clear choice, since it is the only one of the two that would get the green sticker. I have owned an X, and they are wonderful bikes if used how they were designed to be used. The WR bikes are good and just about as reliable as a hammer. Either way, you will be satisfied with your choice. ~Jeff
  3. Sorry to create another "GPS Thread" to add to the multitude of them out there, but I have a rather specific question that isnt covered with terrible detail in the other threads. I have been searching all day, and have narrowed my choices down to the Quest and "V" models, both made by Garmin. Here is what is important to me: *Usability- Price isnt the biggest concern, because I would like to buy a unit that I will only have to buy once. It should be functional in my car around town, as well as on my bike out in the bush. I like both these models, because they do include MapSource which is a step up from basic? I have heard that the Quest models have a problem with storing tracks...would any users like to elaborate on this for me? *Durability- Obviously, a unit that wont fall apart off-road is a plus. I don't do anything crazy, but it's still off-road. I wish to use this when I convert to dual-sport as well. *I will be hardwiring this into the bikes (KTM EXC) power output. Does anyone forsee any problems with this, especially with the quest, since I think it uses a different power system than the V (ie. lithium-ion 5v?) *Functionality(is this a word?)- Obviously, the little features are cool, but what do I really need. I understand that the color screens are easier to read on the fly? This would be a big advantage. Which screen is easier to read? Navigate? I hope to hear from real-life users. I could go out and buy a unit based off internet research, but obviously to hear from people who have practical application of these devices would be much more valuable. I'd like to save the money if I can, but in the long run, I want a machine that I can keep. Thanks and Keep on Ridin' ~Jeff
  4. I had a bike stolen out of my garage in February. I had left the house for 15 minutes, and while I was gone my garage door was smashed in and the bike was taken (see: smash & grab). I live in a relatively good area of town. The biggest lesson here was that comprehensive insurance is the best way to protect your belongings, because if someone wants something bad enough, they will find a way to take it. I also have a couple other security measures in place to deter people from taking my bike, and if none else fails give me a fair opportunity to catch them doing it. Security Measures: (1) BigDawg Chain. $100 chain, but well worth the money...this thing is a beast. I also took a giant eye-ring that is used in earthquake retrofit projects for securing high tension support cables and epoxy-secured it to the garage floor. Chain goes through the frame, wheel and cable, and the key stays on my keychain that I keep on my person. The lock has a $3000 warranty incase the lock is defeated. (2) I've installed a security system that has sensors on all doors and windows entering the garage (they are unused doors, so only crooks would use them). The control unit is kept in a different part of the house in a locked closet. All wiring is subterranean. (3) Also connected to the control unit, is a grounded wire that grounds the bike to the bike stand. If the bike leaves the bike stand, the circuit will be opened and the alarm will trip. (4) When the alarm is tripped, it will turn on a giant HID (High-Intensity Displacement) light used to illuminate large buildings at night. The light itself is protected by a cage in the upper corner of the garage so that it cant be smashed out with a bat/etc. Also when the alarm is tripped, it activates a 100w police siren. There are two speakers, one is hidden inside the garage (although when it goes off, it's not really that hard to find) and the other is on top of an old TV antenna which is located on the roof. This sucker is LOUD. It will get the attention of anyone nearby very quickly. Is this all hugely overboard? Yep. Do I believe that it will stop the determined criminal from taking my stuff? No, that is what my insurance is for. My hope is that when they come back for seconds, this will attract the attention of somebody. What good has come from this experience? I had fun building this system...its like playing secret agent man--fun stuff. Also, I like my KTM better.
  5. SD_CRFX

    night riding Corral Canyon!

    I went to Corral Canyon for the first time this weekend...what a BLAST! The trails are great, a bit washed out in some places though, but it sure is fun. What a challenge though. I've seen some gnarly, rough trails before, but nothing like up there. After some getting used to, it was really fun. You guys who want to ride at night...craziness I had hard enough time during the day. I'd like to get back out there with someone a little more familiar with the area, because being alone (not smart I know) and unfamiliar was sure an experience. ~Jeff
  6. SD_CRFX

    Off roaders in San Diego

    There are TONS of San Diegans who love to ride. Pay attention to Interstate 8 on any friday afternoon and you'll know what I'm talking about. If you're interested in meeting up with a group of people from San Diego who ride frequently in the desert check out: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SDDEZANDOFFROADCREW/ It's a newly formed group started by a friend and myself with a couple members who are interested in getting together for trips to go RIDE. Check it out, and if you like it you are more than welcome to join/meet up with us to hang out. Our next trip is going to be this weekend out in Ocotillo Wells. We'd love to see anyone interested come out and ride with us. PM me if you'd like some more information. ~Jeff
  7. SD_CRFX

    April 9th in San Diego County?

    Exit Tavern Rd. in Alpine. Turn right, then Carl's Jr is on your immediate left. I'd also LOVE to hookup for a ride with some fellow TT'ers. I've never been to Corral Canyon (pity), and I think I'm going to have to work on Saturday ~Jeff
  8. SD_CRFX

    450x - Wr450 - Exc450

    Congrats, That's one hell of a woods machine. Keep on ridin' ~Jeff
  9. SD_CRFX

    450x - Wr450 - Exc450

    My45Thumps, In response, The Honda is less expensive, yes...but being so close to the KTM in price, and considering all the higher quality parts it made my decision for me. Make sense? OK. Sorry if I wasnt clear enough for you on that, and I'm not going to get into a "OMG IM SOOO MUCH BETTER THAN U" debate. It's stupid and it has nothing to do with the topic at hand, which happens to be a discussion on which bike performs best in the said environment. Try and make a positive contribution to the thread. I offered my opinion and left it at that. ~Thanks.
  10. SD_CRFX

    Where is the KTM drain bolt? duh....

    The drain bolt on the '05 450EXC is underneath the crank in a little 'inlet'. The bolt faces the rear tire. To find it...stand the bike upright, get on your back, and look underneath the engine. You should see it. The bolt size is a 13mm, if my memory is correct. There is also a oil screen down there that needs to be removed with a hex-type tool. Hope this helps, let me know if I need to be more specific. ~Jeff
  11. SD_CRFX

    450x - Wr450 - Exc450

    I would say all three bikes have their pro's and their con's. The biggest pro for the Yamaha (I've ridden a WR 426) is that it's cheap (you save a lot of money compared to the other two) and it will run forever without needing to see a wrench as much as the others. The con- it will take some time, effort, and money to make it perform at the levels of the competition, because it does need a couple modifications to make it run correctly. It also felt a bit piggish to me, but that is changed a bit in '05. The Honda. I owned a 250X and the thing was friggin' awesome. I think that is the biggest pro...it's just cool. You will definitely feel more 'comfortable' on it. The con- there is some work involved in getting it race ready (not as much as the yami) and there are reliability issues. While I never experience any problems with my X, it is the thought that always is sticking in the back of your mind which can be disheartening, especially in a race environment. "Is this the race I'm going to blow up like they say I will?!?" Biggest con on the 450X is the price, IMHO. The KTM. I currently own the KTM...great bike. The pros- EXTREMELY versatile. For a race setting such as the one you described, this bike is ideal. The 6-speed gear box is great for tractor-power 1st and a 6th that will leave most in the dust. The bike never stops. Pretty much comes out of the box ready to race (I like). Throw on some protection, and you're ready to roost. The cons- Parts availability in some areas is vague. Find a good dealer, and you're good to go. The price- the highest of the three, but only $200 more than the CRFX, which pretty much made my decision for me considering what I got. When it comes down to it, all three bikes are close and it's just a matter of figuring out what's right for you. If you need to have an enono-ride the WR will work fine. The biggest shortcoming with the Honda has nothing to do with the bike itself persay. It's that the MSRP is too high, which means it really can't be competitive with the KTM and all it's high quality standard equipment. I vote KTM, and that is my honest (tried to be non-biased?) opinion. ~Jeff
  12. SD_CRFX

    ATV vs. Dirt Bike problem

    My KTM is no match for any of my friends quads. A 400EX piped, a Raptor 660R, and a Predator 500. Once I drop into my sixth gear, there is just no keeping up with the orange thunder. Works great for me since it's getting dusty and I'm not the one having to eat all of it
  13. Here is the deal gents... I'm not one of those guys that thinks that dirtbiking/desert trips are "GUY ONLY" things. I'll be the first to admit that there are some girls out there that could kick my butt any day of the week. The desert is something that I like to enjoy with friends, and that is the way it should be. I've always told the girlfriend that I think it would be awesome to be able to share one of the things I love most (riding dirtbikes ) with her. I mean how awesome would that be? Well, this last weekend she finally made some time in her work schedule to head out to the desert with me and my friends, so I'm super excited. Dream come true, right? Well, almost... Admittedly she caught on to riding very quickly (my buddies 350X ATC -- not a beginners machine ) and then moved on to my KTM 450. I was actually impressed on how well she did. My problem is this though...I found that it actually scared the hell out of me!!! Scared that she'd get hurt/etc and it was actually starting to stress me out. By the end of the trip I thought I was going to blow a gasket. Do you guys have this problem? Is it something that goes away, or do you just learn to live with it. I'm not sure I could survive many more desert trips with this stress/anxiety level. Am I out of my rabid mind? Her questions just killed me! "Can we go faster now?" "Want to go up that (STEEPEST) hill?" "Let me ride the KTM now" My response- "Are you CrAzY?!?!?!" ~Jeff
  14. SD_CRFX

    Wha's the best brand of DIRTBIKE???

    I have one in my garage!
  15. SD_CRFX

    Working on CRF250X

    The JD Jetting kit available through the Thumpertalk store. I'm not one to advertise for people but the kit worked great on my CRFX. The instructions are superb (with pictures!) and really straight-forward. ~Jeff