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    Motocross and trail riding, 01 kx125 and 03 Klx 110!

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  1. scrubbinmx

    White Mx Gear?

    2 Stroke.
  2. scrubbinmx

    White Mx Gear?

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about getting white mx gear and boots. What is your opinion on the white gear? Does mud and dirt come out easy, or will it stain? How easy does mud come off on boots? Any help is appreciated, thanks. https://prostylemx.com/shop/928/tld-gp-air-electro-gear-combo
  3. scrubbinmx

    2004 CRF 150

    Are you sure it's a crf 125? The first year of the crf125 was 2014
  4. Nice edit! I enjoyed it[emoji106]
  5. Today I just put a new graphic kit and a 2016 front fender on. Bolted right on. Thanks Greenwrench
  6. scrubbinmx

    When is it a good idea to buy new?

    For a first bike I would not buy new. Try and find a good deal on a 110 in good condition and see if he likes it. If he doesn't like it, you can often get your money back. On a new bike you can't get back what you pay for
  7. Hey how does the new style fender fit on there? Does it bolt right up? Thinking about getting a 2016 front fender on my 01 kx125
  8. scrubbinmx

    Kx125 missing spoke

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Headed to the bike shop today. Once I get it, can I just stick the one spoke in or how should I do it?
  9. scrubbinmx

    Kx125 missing spoke

    Hey guys, I just picked up a kx125 a few days ago and never realized it was missing a spoke on the front wheel. I didn't notice it until yesterday riding at the track... would it be okay to keep riding it ? Or Could I just get any spoke from a 125/250f front wheel that will fit? What about just a new wheel completely from another 125/250f?
  10. Hello everyone, I have a 2004 KTM 125 sx in need of a bottom end. 2 shops in my area said to fix would be 1-1.4k to fix. I had a guy offer me $600 on it I'm just wondering if it's a good deal and if I should take it or keep it? Both shops said they'd give me no more than $300 for it. What would you guys do? Thanks Here's a picture
  11. scrubbinmx

    private backyard track in VA

    I'm in Roanoke area. Southwest Va
  12. scrubbinmx

    Virginia riders connection?

    Burntfries36 , Yes snow creek is still open. Open 365 days a yesr
  13. scrubbinmx

    private backyard track in VA

    Your track looks pretty nice! I'm in Va too
  14. scrubbinmx

    2014 Kx250f exhuast

    +1 to the fmf. It has a lower price than most of the other brands too