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  1. Also coming from a rad race back ground, I had to totally change the way I ride Super-Moto. I felt, for me, I was taking too much weight off the front end while riding "road race" style. I lost the front (very sudden) a few times before I totally switched to MotoX style. I really haven't lost the front since, and I'm up to a pretty quick pase. Hope this helps. --Slideways151
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    First time coming up on Saturday

    Just go and have fun like RAD said! You will have a faster learning curve, I belive, than someone with a road race background. It took me a few race weekends to get the speed up and to totally change my style of riding, since I have a road race background hardley any dirt. Slideways
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    pre entry list as of 5 - 05

    Hey! No Doug Chandler?? How about you Darrick? I wanna see you guys ROCK!!
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    Burkhart in orange!

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    Thank you West Coast Super-Moto School!

    I hear ya, but can't really speak for them. I know that it would be a monumental HUGE undertaking though, to tour a school, and I'm pretty sure that this is not the only thing that they are doing. It would be worth the trip out though if ya could. I put on over 900 miles on my truck that weekend since I'm from San Diego, then I went from the school on sat (up past san fran) to my race on sunday down in Apple Valley. (Southern Cali). I'll be going again for the next level school. Chris
  6. A huge thank you to Doug, Darrick and all the school helpers!! My name is Chris and have a road racing background (600 supersport, AMA pro in 1995 and 96), but very little motorcross expeirence. As soon as I found out I'd be doing Super-Moto (another first) this year as opposed to road racing, I immediately signed up for the school. Doug C. has been one of my all time favorite racers and have followed his career since his Rob Muzzy years. Wow, did I ever learn alot!! Darrick was fantastic at explaining things in a real world kinda way that ANYone can understand. I had to totally re-train my brain to the Super-Moto style and have never had more fun on a bike yet!! Anyone even thinking about the school should not think twice...JUST DO IT!!! Less than the cost of a new set of tires will give awesome info and also more track time than you can handle with two of the top Super-Moto guys out there. Thank you again, here's some photos of me since my school!! Chris Borgman # 151 --I guess I'm not allowed to post pics, sorry. They're good too.