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  1. Usually late March but sounds like it could be mid to late April before riding to high elevation stuff . Great place to rip. Going down this weekend to check it out .. Crazy snow up high and cool pics!
  2. Got any pics? Hopefully with this warm weather coming it will melt off. Where you located?
  3. New rule !!! Ride every other weekend! Unless it's cold, hot, rainy, snowing or any other weather that is a little uncomfortable... just fair weather lol
  4. Hahahaha!!!... all the powerbands are snappy lol
  5. That torq drive is legit if you don't need auto. I use one in my x ! Hook up seems to be improved and better engagement . I also run the 3.0 setup or at least i did for a while bit there's always a place in my heart for the old school manual , it just seems to fit my riding style. I do notice alot of perks with the auto if you can afford it lol. Btw i have a hinson basket just sitting in the shop brand new , wish i would of saw your post earlier, would of hooked a super deal for a fellow tter
  6. Bet it will be primo traction after all the rain we are getting ... i cant , working Saturday but have fun and stay safe .. will be probably out next weekend though
  7. It might postpone lone wolf with another hot streak coming in starting friday and going through out the week and into next weekend ... there saying it could be in the 90s and 100s and be a longer heat wave than the last one... let's hope not
  8. Thanks for the update.. it was bound to happen with how dry it is , surprised they have been open this long .
  9. http://tillamookstateforest.blogspot.com/2017/08/tsf-ohv-trails-re-open-on-08082017.html?m=1
  10. the trails are all reopening August 8th according to the Tillamook blog spot.
  11. Brown's is all 2 track lol. I go there to open her up and to make my older friend happy( he hates single track) lol. Usually start at Rodgers and rip down into Jordan creek and back. But things are changing , might do a prison camp/ Lyda camp run down into Jordan and cross the Hwy to diamond mill / k creek and since jangzing is wanting to rip it Will be Sunday
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