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  1. zao

    Irish Vally

    The track is almost all down hill and i know they were open last weekend still hard to say I dont know what you consider a good track haha
  2. zao

    Rocket Labor Day weekend.

    The place is open saturday sunday unless other wise noted and so is there hare scarmble loop but you have to watch out for race dates which are on there website
  3. zao

    Rocket Labor Day weekend.

    haha sounds like a good time where have you been man hiding out?
  4. zao

    Rocket Labor Day weekend.

    usually doesn't get crowded parking wise at all and the track is pretty long so it doesn't really get crowded either. Love that the layout was changed again its so sweet.
  5. zao

    Pagoda 8/20-8/21

    I might or I might go to rocket to ride there new lay out not sure yet.
  6. zao

    Sleepy Hollow 7/30-7/31 (Track Reversed)

    I did think the practice was poorly run but i love the lay out.
  7. zao

    Sleepy Hollow 7/30-7/31 (Track Reversed)

    I love the new/old lay out a few tweaks and its gonna be even better.
  8. zao

    Sleepy Hollow 7/30-7/31 (Track Reversed)

    I am ready to jump down it!!!
  9. zao

    Pagoda 5/21 - 5/22

    Pagoda was pretty sweet saturday loved how rough and rutted it got.
  10. zao

    Pagoda 5/21 - 5/22

    It will probably be super muddy anywhere you go tomorrow.
  11. zao

    Pagoda 5/21 - 5/22

    I might make my yearly appearance.
  12. zao

    Sleepy Hollow: How's in for one or two days?

    Hey honda where are you gonna park?
  13. zao

    Sleepy Hollow Easter Eve Race

    yea i loaded up went out canceled. I did get a good ride in on my bicycle because the weather was so nice go figure.
  14. zao

    Josh Hansen in Transworld

    In supercross you have to go for the front wheel. I like this new rougher style of racing for sure beats the old follow the leader and hope you can pressure him into a mistake like rc and stewart used to do.