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  1. DesertWR

    Have to Sell

    Hey Guys, Long time since I posted but after the injuries to my wrists in May of '05 I haven't been able to ride. Found out yesterday that I will need 3 more surgeries on wrists so I am selling my '05 WR450. Know of anybody interested send me a message. The bike only has 500 miles on it. I have put alot of aftermarket trick stuff on it: Applied Clamp, GPR damper, Devol Skid plate, Devol radiator guards, Race tech valving, White Bros E2 pipe, JD jetting, Smog removal kit, D.I.D. Chain(brand new w/ sprockets), IMS Desert tank. Bike rips hard! Hopefully I can ride again someday maybe w/ an '08 450. Thanks!
  2. DesertWR

    suspension ?'s

    Put a 5.6 rear spring and revalve your front forks with racetech gold valves
  3. DesertWR

    WR450 - Good trail bike or too much?

    The 450 is a great trail bike, just avoid washouts as they will flat mess your s*** up! up!
  4. DesertWR

    Thanks TT'ers

    Just wanted to thank all the members for their words of encouragement after my wreck. It was a douzy-spent 11 days in the hospital and have had 2 surgeries on my wrists- They got grenaded. Probably looking at 3-4 months of recovery then see how the hands and wrists do- I hope I can recover well enough where they don't ache all the time. Storing my bike at my friends house so the wife don't sell it! Will ride again!! The amazing thing to me is that the only thing wrong with my bike is the platic tab for the headlight frame where it bolts to the 3 clamp broke as well as the the tab for 1 of the fork guards. The bike is certainly tougher than me. And yes, I did type this myself but still need help wiping Make sure u have insurance, the heli ride alone was $10,400 and the trauma room & hospital stay (1st one) was $34,000.00. Haven't got the bill for the 2nd surgery & hospital?? BE SAFE and thanks again! Kurt
  5. DesertWR

    This really sucks!

    Kids are handy for some things in life
  6. DesertWR

    This really sucks!

    Hey guys, Had just finished rebuiding cali450's 05 WR (remember he had ran into a truck in Randsburg). We decided to take a ride back to the crash site just to reminisce. After lunch we were cruising to Jaw Bone canyon. Cali450 was just cruising while I was gettin with it, next thing I know a washout was staring me in the face and there was nothing I could do but crash. I ended up shattering both wrists, (compund fractures in both) broke my right ankle, bruised sternum and tailbone, and ripped a peck muscle in my right side. I guess my riding is done for quite awhile, hopefully not permanently as the doctor is talking about fusing both wrists will know friday after surgery. For you guys that ride in the desert, be careful with those damn things they sneek up on you without notice. Will respond with status when I can. P.S. the only thing wrong with my bike is a cracked plastic frame around my headlight BE CAREFUL!
  7. DesertWR

    426s are still fast!

    What kind of Racing? Desert/Track - I smoke 426's in the desert with my 450
  8. DesertWR

    Catching neutral on the way down???

    You guys use your clutch?
  9. Sounds like your bike is ready - ALl you need to do before the race is "Man-up". I just raced in the desert for the first time in 20 yrs and it whooped my arse!! Good Luck!
  10. You will have to change the needle if you want to adjust-The '05 is not adjustable. I would highlt recommend the $65 for the JD Jetting kit and it will give you numerous options for altitude and temp settings
  11. DesertWR

    wr450 levers the same as YZ450 levers?

    Not sure about the brake but I know the clutch lever on the '05 is different. Tried 3 aftermarket levers and none of them would work. Had to go OEM.
  12. DesertWR

    yz plastic on a wr

    Cover it up with your new number plate. U need all the wiring except the lead for the light
  13. The air/fuel screw is on the bottom of your carb underneath a little metal disc. You have to pop out the disc to get to the screw. It is better to put in an adjustable screw. U can buy the Zip ty fuel screw right her on Thumpertalk. U can also jet the carb without pulling it off. Takes a little time to position the carb and I find it easier to loosen the subframe and pull the intake boot off to help the carb twist. Your main, pilot and leak jet are all in the bottom of your carb-change the needle from the top. Happy Jetting!!
  14. DesertWR

    So far.....05 WR450F or 05 CR450X ??

    Rejet your Carb!
  15. DesertWR

    Pilot and leak jet replacement

    Here's my 2 cents: Loosen your subframe, take the top bolt out and then loosen your carb boots. Slide the intake boot off and twist the carb towards you. Remove the float bowl and change the jets. The only o-ring is the seal for the float bowl. The jets simply unscrew(very easy to change). While your there, put in a zip ty fuel screw-there is an o-ring on this when you pull out the oem. Mkae sure the little washer and o-ring go back on b4 U put the zip ty in your carb. Also change your needle to an adjustable type JD or an '04 WR needle. Install a 170 main, cinch her back up and pop some wheelies! P.S. Yamaha calls the Pilot jet a "Slow" Jet