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  1. What is your voltage with the headlight hooked up?
  2. $8499 USD and Race Edition was $8949 USD.
  3. True, you have to buy the parts separately now, they have discontinued the kit (the kit was for 2013-2017 type cylinders) but all the parts do interchange from a 2018 250RR to 2018 300RR.
  4. Check it out, really good deal! Down the road when it is time to freshen the motor you could change out the cylinder for a 300 if you like. http://www.betausa.com/content/250-rr-2-stroke-2
  5. The improved action, lighter weight and lack of dragging with with the '18 clutch would be enough in my book to spend a few hundred dollars. Cylinder and piston are new too. $1000 difference would be another story though.
  6. Loosen the brake line clamp and push the line down towards the caliper with the fork guard bolts loose, you will see this pushes the guard away from the fork. This has to be done on almost all Beta's at the dealer when they are new.
  7. No E-start = lower MSRP. The capability is there, so add it if you need it, save the money and the weight if you don't.
  8. I don't think the 10 pound difference between at YZX and 2018 RR will matter much to a guy coming off a 270 pound trail bike!
  9. It should have no more that a 45/45W bulb.The factory shipped some bikes out with a 60/55w bulb and they will melt the lens. The RR off-road only bikes come with a 35/35. Pull your bulb and check. If this is the problem your dealer can warranty the lens for you. Also be sure the dimmer switch is fully on dim or high beam. If it is left in the middle both beams will come on causing overheating.
  10. They want a certain gearing and a certain wheelbase, there is only one chain length that would get them both and that is 112L. That is why they did it.
  11. An FI bike will not flood and die when it is on its side. It will run just fine even upside down if the tank is mostly full. Your engine may have no oil pressure in these positions. If you were hurt or not able to get to the bike you don't want it to stay running. I know it is a slim chance but that is one reason for the tip-over switch.
  12. The hour meter does not record unless the front wheel is turning. With a snowbike kit on, the bike racks up NO hours.
  13. They will have a kit to add oil injection to the Race Edition soon. The 2017 carb already has the TPS installed.
  14. As long as your not a speed freak it should work fine.