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  1. 600rr

    1999 Suspension Rebuild

    Ok. thanks for the non-reply fellow members. Because I got no answer here I decided to take my rear shock off and apart today. Boy was I amazed. There is like 0 signs of wear, and the shock was still full of oil, and gas bladder full of air. I cleaned everything up, and all looks new as can be. Now its time for re-assembly. In regards to the nitrogen, is this something most shops can do? and if so do they charge for the gas.. and how much? Now for my last question. Without buying a oil level tool is there a way to aprximate the oil level and be just about right?
  2. I have a 1999 kx125: yes I know it aint no thumper but im workin on the thumper issue. So in the mean time Im trying to get my 125 is good working order. I plan on rebuilding the suspension, which from the looks of is has never even seen a fork fluid change. The bike was hardly ridden from day one, and since Ive had it, only jumped a few times. Im 200lbs and am upgrading the springs. So what Im asking is what I can expect to have to replace on this thing. Im tryin to get away cheap, as this bike is only to hold me over till I get my thumper! I mostly do casual riding in the hills of so-cal, and deserts, as the suspension was not equiped to handel my weight, but im looking to get more agressive, with some possible track time ! And Yes I have a manuel
  3. 600rr

    powervalve problems

    I had the same problem, on my 99 kx125. Im no expert so what I did was serisouly cleain it all out and attempt to run a more lean mixture. But most likely I will have to dis-assemble it all again and clean it so it dont stick.
  4. 600rr

    Future road kill (vid)

    On street bikes the mph is taken from a counter shaft in the transmission! So if you gear the bike the mph is way off.