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  1. PolyesterPig

    2002 Cannondale E440 purchase?

    I have a few of them. When sorted correctly, they are dependable bikes. They need a considerable amount of updates to be sorted. The crank needs to be split and balanced. A new Suzuki z400 big bearing needs to be installed. One of the valve bucket bores needs to be reamed to prevent the sticky valve bucket issue. Cannondale stamped a number on the head after machining the bucket bore. After a while, the bore tightens with age due to the stamping. Later heads were engraved instead of stamping which helped reduce and/or eliminate the issue. The fuel tank quick disconnects were an issue. Most people just gutted them to eliminate the issues. The magnesium valve cover probably needs to be replaced with an aluminum one due to corrosion. I would offer $1000-$1500. Put $1000 in updates and have a great bike.
  2. PolyesterPig

    2002 Cannondale e440 Supermoto for $1000?

    Parts are easy to get and cheaper than most. Go to cannondaleriders.com for help. Black widow ATV has all the parts you would need. If you are mechanically inclined I would say it is a fair price. I have paid between $500-$1000 for mine. I have owned a few. I prefer to buy bikes that don't run, so I can do the required updates on them. You are looking at adding $500-$1000 in updating the motor to make it reliable. Updates required. Pull the motor and have the crank balanced & and a Suzuki z400 bearing installed. That is the major one.
  3. PolyesterPig

    Cannondale E440 parts

    Cannondaler.com doesn't work anymore. The forum section has been disabled. Unfortunately, their was a lot of good info on there. I think Atk owns it. They should reinstate the forms so people would continue to buy spare parts from them, and look at their new products. The other website to go to is cannondaleriders.com. The person to talk to is canniboomer he has the parts you need. His phone number is 360-574-2613. His name is Dave Muller. He has updated kickstands.
  4. PolyesterPig

    2003 Cannondale X440...Oil Pump?

    Go to cannondaleriders.com for info and help.
  5. PolyesterPig

    Cannondale 440

    Go to cannondaleriders.com
  6. PolyesterPig

    2001 Cannondale MX400 question

    No they won't. 2 basic frame designs, one with the air cleaner behind the front number plate and th later design without it. Completely different frames.
  7. PolyesterPig

    Any Admin from Cannondaleriders.com on here?

    Un easyrider Hope the info helped. You seem to have a good attitude, much appreciated. You will find the cannondale community is small, but helpful. You will also find that parts are plentiful and inexpensive. Best advice is to pull the crank, have it balanced ( by crankworks in Arizona) and have them put a Suzuki z400 rod bearing in it. Get in touch with cannoboomer in Washington. I know right now he is dealing with some family issues in another state, but he is very helpful.
  8. PolyesterPig

    CRF150/230 Pics and Mods

    This is a 2006 BBR built Honda CRF240 electric start. BBR said they made about 20 of these complete bikes.
  9. PolyesterPig

    WANTED: BBR CR125 XR200 Conversion

    I have a Factory built BBR240 electric start with the perimeter aluminim frame for sale.
  10. PolyesterPig

    2001 Cannondale MX400 question

    I sent you a pm with some info and a contact on cannondale vin numbers.
  11. PolyesterPig

    XR 650 L USD Fork Conversion

    Honda 2002 CRF450R triple clamps will fit the fork tubes perfect with no machining. Check the Emig racing website for conversion info.
  12. PolyesterPig

    Any Utah-Idaho-western U.S. Cannondale owners?

    California here. Try checking at cannondaler.com or cannondaleriders.com Lots of people there.
  13. PolyesterPig

    New C-Dale, what do you think?

    Crap, the Ohlins forks are worth that much. !
  14. PolyesterPig

    What's skinny on ATK/Cannondale cranks?

    If I were you, I would look for a non running cannondale and go thru the motor yourself. I just sold a beautiflul non running 2003 x440 Cannondale for $1000.00. Yes it needed a crank, but in the end, the buyer had a completely updated Cannondale for under $1900.00! If you live that close to ATK, I am sure Lee would help you out. Keep looking, and that wasn't the best in town, so don't worry about it.
  15. PolyesterPig

    2002 Cannondale X440

    here is some more info that might be of help for mapping. http://www.cannondaleriders.com/forums/index.php?showforum=22