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  1. Hi! I already have it but still air under my feet.
  2. Survivor

    2016 X Trainer Titanium header and muffler?

    Scalvini could do it but at a high cost: Hi Jessie, you can make the pipe, but right now we have too many work commitments and we can not manage to make it. The cost is high, over € 1,600 Distinti Saluti/Best Regards/Cordialement Marco MARCO CERESA SCALVINI RACING SRL RESP. COMMERCIALE - SALES MANAGER t: (+39) 030-2711446 e: info@scalviniracing.it w: www.scalviniracing.it
  3. 1) Is there anyone selling a Full Titanium Header and Muffler for the 2016 X Trainer? Can't find anywhere? 2) Would you shave 2 to 3 pounds?
  4. Survivor

    X Trainer hard to start?

    The battery is at 13.76 with no load (or bike off power) then goes down to 13.36 while starting and goes up again after it is started. I think the battery is fine. It starts fine in the heated garage except that zzzzzzzzzzz....(nothing engaging) sound when pushing on the starter button once in a while.
  5. Survivor

    X Trainer hard to start?

    weanright: oil injection is disconnected. Motor has 102 hours. Did not check compression. It started fine this morning in the heated garage except that on the first try on the starter button it did that noise zzzzzz....with engine not turning (bendix?). Second try, it started right away. Choke was full open to start. I have a Hearth battery. I am a very poor mechanic...
  6. Survivor

    X Trainer hard to start?

    Once the bike has been warmed up although it is hard to start, it runs fine with no problems for the rest of the day as the petcock remains in "On" position all day. Funny that it started right away in the heated garage, I will try again tonight. How do you check if fuel is getting to the carb when you open the petcock (my poor mechanic skills...) ? This has started a few weeks ago. Lately, the bike gets out +/- once a week but has been sitting down in May and July. How do you check for a spark (remove the cap...?). If it starts again tonight and tomorrow in the heated garage, will it scratch off sparks and petcock? Fuel is fresh.
  7. Survivor

    X Trainer hard to start?

    I just check the battery. It is 13.76 so very good and while starting the bike in the heated garage (it started right away in the heated garage) with the choke full on. While starting the bike, the battery remained at 13.36 at the start then gain, so very good again in my HO as I am a very poor mechanic. Maybe my jetting is not so good for cooler weather like +8* Celsius / 46.4* Fahrenheit or it is the petcock being jammed on occasion...
  8. Survivor

    X Trainer hard to start?

    In the last 2 to 3 weeks, my X Trainer has been very hard to start where before it would start right away. Before starting, I put the fuel petcock to "On" position, open the choke full open then push on the start button and it sounds like no fuel gets there, it turns but no response? Also, once in a while the start button just make a noise like zzzzzzzzzzzzz...? Fuel petcock being default and not turning fuel on, or being jammed? Spark plug? The air Filter is clean. Thanks for your help.
  9. Lowering suspension (front and rear, internal) by 1" takes 1" from skid plate to ground but how much clearance below skid plate do you loose once sitting on the bike compare to before lowering 1" inch. Example, my X Trainer has 11 and 7/8 inches clearances under the skid plate with no weight on the bike and it is reduce to 10" inches when I sit on the bike (ready to ride). So I figure that after lowering the suspension (front and rear, internal) 1" inch it will be 10 and 7/8 inches under the skid plate with no weight on the bike which is the 1" inch lowering and it will be approximately 9 and 3/8" inches (+/- 5/8")lower with weight on (ready to ride) or will it be proportional to the 1" lowering thus 9" under the skid plate with a rider ready to ride?? I do not know if the lowering will be proportional with weight on the bike to the 1" in both instances.
  10. 1) A well recommended suspension specialists told me it is not necessary to change your shock and fork springs for lowering the Beta X Trainer by 1" if your springs were matching your weight prior to lowering? Do you agree? If lowering 1.5" then no choice, springs have to be changed. 2) Also, is there a big difference in handling by lowering 1" compare to 1.5". I was sold at lowering 1" but every 1/2" counts for my short legs. I guess if you lower the suspension by 1", you might loose like +/- 1.125" under the skid plate if lowering 1.5"? Do you agree on that clearance number +/- 1.125" after lowering the suspension 1.5"? Many riders who have short legs like me seems not to worry about the skid plate clearance or suspension change as the confidence gain is such a big factor by having the feet on the ground.
  11. Survivor

    Lowering Suspension 2" on the X Trainer

    Thanks a lot to all of you for your replies and to you Kawagumby! It is very helpful for my decision at doing the best upgrade to give me confidence and to trust the bike. I will follow Kawagumby's advice which reflects a well balance combination and I will be a happy "Very Old Man" on his X Trainer.
  12. Survivor

    X Trainer 300 Oil change

    What is the recommended oil change for a 2016 X Trainer 300? Is every 15 hours OK or even 20 hours if strictly riding trails at moderate speed? Thanks
  13. Survivor

    Boano front forks for X Trainer

    This is a breath taking ride but it could easily become a deadly one if you loose your balance or fall on the wrong side. You sure need "Confidence and Rider's Ability " to ride this trail!
  14. Survivor

    Boano front forks for X Trainer

    Thank you very much for your replies. Really appreciate it and I will definitely get the forks this winter. I already have the Fox rear schock so it should make it as perfect as possible for my 2016 X Trainer. I am in Canada (beside Ottawa city) and I am debating who would be best to install and revalve the schock and forks. Langs Off Road in Toronto suburbs has a very good reputation and so is Steve Beane (Two Wheel Performance) and Stillwell Performance. Who do you recommend and it might be someone else. Not being good in mechanic makes it so important to have your opinion. Thanks again
  15. Is the Boano complete front fork still available for the 2016 X Trainer. Would it take away the plushness or not at all. Is it worth buying it as for improvement overall. I do not care about the cost if it makes my X Trainer a better bike to ride. Are the triple included and do you need a shop to install it. I find the bike being deflected in loose rocky sections but it could be my fault not riding it properly. I am around 153 pnds reel weight and 180 pnds ready to ride weight. Riding technical trails 90% of the time with roots, rocks etc... Thanks a lot for your help.