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  1. I've raced and ridden my entire life and taken a bike like an xr600 through the woods is challenging but riding a 125 through the woods is a blast as well. For the average rider a 250 four stroke would be the best bike in my opinion.
  2. That's just a badass bike you put together.
  3. Dirtclods

    Air filter cleaner questions

    (To each their own)~ I'm a senior rider I've replaced my own piston and rings also adjust my own valves as well. $ There's an old British saying penny wise pound foolish!
  4. Dirtclods

    Street Legal 450 is getting title REVOKED!

    I know it's an old post I just wanted to share. I have an 04 CRF 450 R and I live in California I tried every way to plate in CA and they wouldn't plate it do to the 8th digit in the Vin identifies it as a Red Sticker bike not smog compliant. So.....my buddy that lives in Arizona he said try to plate it there. Note: You'll need to buy AZ insurance. And filled out a form that is street legal they do Not inspect. And I did then I use his address and they asked it I wanted my registration forwarded to my CA address and I said a course. I've installed the trailtech to run a 35 watt headlight and an LED foot brake along with a $5.00 airhorn I use my phone for a speedometer. I haven't had any issues with law enforcement.
  5. Dirtclods

    Air filter cleaner questions

    It's actually more cost effective and I'm not wasting my time cleaning it and waiting for it to dry. also I'm saving money not buying the products to clean it and oil it as well. Lazy or smarter and wiser.
  6. Dirtclods

    Air filter cleaner questions

    I was a fan of good old gasoline now, it's Amazon Pre-oiled filters no mess no fuss
  7. Dirtclods

    Air filter cleaner questions

    I buy pre-oiled ones on Amazon and when I'm done I chuck it and buy another one.
  8. Georgetown I love that entire area our off road club spent three day's there it was awesome then we were off to Forest Hills for another adventure too!
  9. Dirtclods

    Federal shut down BLM?

    OK landmines!!
  10. Dirtclods

    Federal shut down BLM?

    Update they got their permit!
  11. Dirtclods

    Federal shut down BLM?

    From my understanding Desert MC's filled long ago because of the Hammers and they haven't received anything back yet? The club is still doing their work weekend this week. From what I heard from Rescue #3 that BLM office for the region is short staffed so stay tuned. Desert MC's will continue to do their due diligence like the race is going to happen.
  12. Dirtclods

    Federal shut down BLM?

    With the up coming Desert MC race well it still happen? http://desertmc.com/
  13. Dirtclods

    04 CRF 450 R Lights

    ~UFO fender has a wiring diagram when it arrives. Well did it come with a diagram mine did not!
  14. Dirtclods

    IMS 3 Gallon Tank for the 2019 Honda CRF450L!

    I wonder if they can make a decent seat for this bike!
  15. Dirtclods

    04 CRF 450 R Lights

    Hi I wired this bike long ago and had everything working I have a 35 watt head light it's still working I can't seem to remember how in the hell I ran the foot brake switch to the LED tail light. Where do I ground it to? Note The is the AC Trail Tech No battery. Any suggestions? https://www.trailtech.net/media/wysiwyg/pdf/010-ELV-116.pdf https://www.trailtech.net/media/wysiwyg/pdf/010-ELV-106.pdf