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  1. motofix

    05 CRF 450 front axle nut

    How about using an allen key to hold the axle while tightening the nut? I would say that is the proper way to do it, but your way works too.
  2. motofix

    Valve I just bought check it out, is this right?

    Negative. The coating is flaking off. The valve will still work just not for as long. You can return it and get a new one from Honda. Seen it, wouldn't trust it.
  3. motofix

    Kick starter stuck

    Most likely came in thru the exhaust valves. Be sure to plug or cover tail pipe when washing.
  4. motofix

    XR650R Idle questions

    The answer is yes, it makes a big difference. Are you trying to make it stock?
  5. motofix

    2006 yzf-250 main jet issue

    I would check the spark plug, see if it is fouled looking. Also make sure it is tight and the plug cap and connector is on correctly
  6. motofix

    CRF 450 Brakes SUCK!!!! Whats the deal???

    I would say bleed both banjo bolts as Flyin Dub said, and also compress the rear caliper a couple of times. It moves a larger volume of fluid back to the master, much like reverse bleeding. If that still doesn't work take it to a shop that can power bleed it. good luck
  7. motofix

    Athena yz290 kit coolant leak

    Talked to Athena again yesterday, they said they should start seeing the head gaskets 2nd week of Sept. I'll post again when I receive some.
  8. motofix

    What O ring or X ring chain won't rub case?

    All you need to do is space it slightly with a thin washer fast makes one, or you can go to your local hardware store and find one that fits the output shaft well and isn't to large. I personally also use the same thickness washer on the end of the output shaft, before the sprocket bolt and washer assembly. The washer on the end of the shaft needs to be she same thickness as the one behind the cs sprocket, and must fit inside the cs sprocket. If you don't use the small washer, the bolt could loosen itself. This might be over kill for some but I feel better doing it.
  9. motofix

    damage questions

    Do a search on 5th gear tranny problems.
  10. motofix

    How do I check decompressor adjustment

    I am sure you checked this, but you might want to double check the timing. I have seen it be off a tooth and be harder to start. Just a thought since you are going in there anyways.
  11. motofix


    Yes, the line on the tube - lined up with top of clamp is stock position. It is 7mm from top of the tube.
  12. motofix

    Brake drag

    You can also check the pins the caliper "float" on, some times the grease will turn to mud if it gets too hot. Use anti seize on them (higher temp grease)
  13. motofix

    need a tire

    If you want ok tires for next to nothing. Ask your shops if they have any take offs. Most racers don't use the tire once it starts to round a little. If you want to try a couple of take offs I have; ms2,756f,k490,742f. Only have one each, not so good for track but great for trails.
  14. motofix

    05 CRF 450 front axle nut

    That is one of many ways actualy...
  15. motofix

    06 450 hard starting when hot help...

    technically it is a fuel screw, adj engine side of carb = fuel screw adj air box side of carb = air screw I know, splitting hairs...