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  1. wildtrax1

    Doggin my Lil Red

    I have an 03 XR250 now and am looking to upgrade to either a CRF250X or CRF450X. I ride a lot of tight single track and love my XR but I want to go with something with e-start. Based on your experiences, would you recommend the 250 or 450?
  2. wildtrax1

    Best Tires For Xr400???

    I ride in North GA with similar terrain as you. I've had good luck with the Maxxis IT. I liked the Pirelli MT 32 but it didnt take long to wear it out.
  3. Here is my brothers bike. A 1989 YZ250 with new IMS tank and new radiator shrouds
  4. We use wd-40 on the bead...works well
  5. wildtrax1

    Good online source for Kawasaki Parts

  6. wildtrax1

    Tires and bars???

    I have the Renthal Jimmy Button bars and running the Maxxis IT rear tire and Maxxis SI front tire on my XR 250 and my buddy has the same setup on his XR400.
  7. wildtrax1

    large gear bag

    Order one of these from Bobs only $40 bucks and it is huge http://store.bobscycle.com/browse.cfm/4,24762.htm
  8. wildtrax1

    A3 on TV?

    It was on at 3pm ET
  9. wildtrax1

    Yamaha 1985 YFM 80 hard to start cold

    My brother just bought my nephew a 1985 YFM 80 Moto4 and we are having problems getting it started when it is cold. Once you get it cranked and warmed up it will fire right up with no problem. Its got fresh gas, new spark plug, clean air filter. He bought a carb rebuild kit and rebuilt the carburator but it is still hard to crank when it is cold. We're beginning to think it might be the valves or timing. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to try next to solve this issue.
  10. wildtrax1

    Problems with Service Honda??

    I ordered from them last week. Ordered on Thursday morning and it showed up at my house in GA on Wednesday.
  11. wildtrax1

    Post Pics of your XR250/400

    Here is my 2003 XR250
  12. wildtrax1

    Pirelli MT32

    Great tire but didnt last very long.
  13. wildtrax1

    XR250 won't start (big surprise!)

    I agree. My buddy bought a 2000 XR 400 a few months back and it cranked fine when we went and looked at it. After he brought it home and it sat in the truck overnight, when we tried to crank it the next day we kicked and kicked and kicked. Tried bumping it off but it would not fire up. The plug looked ok but we went to the Honda shop and got a new plug and put it in and it fired up on the second kick.
  14. wildtrax1

    White Brothers E2 woes

    MY WB E2 fits perfect on my 03 XR250. My bike is at my brothers house right now so I cant go look and see if I see any part numbers on it but I will check on Wednesday when we're going riding.