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  1. Orange Crush 500

    2018 KTM 300XC or Husqvarna TX300

  2. Orange Crush 500

    Finally! New TX300!

  3. Orange Crush 500

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    If i owned one, which i dont, just 1 incident of this system failing would be enough for me to remove it.. its too easy to mix some oil and gas.. if it was a low cost repair if the system failed it would be no big deal. But your talking about what could be catastrophic.
  4. Orange Crush 500

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    I think there another tbread on this subject or its on the Beta 300rr thread.. I have heard of this problem in 1 of tbese other threads . I think most guys were disconnecting the OI systems or removing them for a little weight loss.
  5. Orange Crush 500

    2018 KTM 300XC or Husqvarna TX300

    Congrats, great looking bike.. Im looking at the same bikes for 2020. Im also leaning to the husky, seems like everyone has a KTM. I want something different
  6. Orange Crush 500

    Husqvarna TX300 TPI in 2020?

    I hope not. I love my carbs on my bikes and in my belly
  7. Orange Crush 500

    TX 300 for Moto

    Thanks shrub i had the TC and the TE mixed up. Will edit.
  8. Orange Crush 500

    TX 300 for Moto

    Its my understanding that the TX 300 is more MX track oriented, hence the X in its name, and the TE more trail oriented? But im sure you can make them both, do both well. But the TX is the one u would want to have as your foundation, since as u said your 70% track and 30% trails. The TX has the AER 48 Air forks which are much better than the TE and there closed cartridge Explore forks. The TX has heavier springs and more aggresive valving in the forks and shock for MX. Thers a little wider ratio trans in the TE. The TX is carbureted and the TE has the new TPI. TX have to premix gas, TE no mixing, its injected. the TE also has head light/ tail light and a speedometer/mileage/hour meter/and whatever else info gauge, But im sure lights and info gauge can be added to the TX if you want that stuff. I am looking at a 2020 TX300 For the same reasons as you. But im turning to more trails lately as i get older, so im more 50/50 track /trails now. I personally dont want TPI and if the 2020 has TPI then i will be looking for a 2019. I like simple carburetors with less parts to go wrong or break. I would add a TE headlight/taillight which i hear can be plug and play to the TX,.and the stator is the same on both bikes for power output to the lights. I would also like a TE info gauge which im sure can be added to the TX with little modification, or possibly an aftermarket one with more features. TT family, If i have stated anything wrong above please correct me. My memory fails me sometimes, LOL. Thanks
  9. Orange Crush 500

    Anyone using Fasst Flexxbars on their Beta?

    Mis post, sorry
  10. Orange Crush 500

    lithium ion battery winter storage

    Call the battery maker yourself and ask them.. or u might find the rite info on there website.
  11. Orange Crush 500

    Look At These Pictures TE 300 Cylinder - Diagnose Please

    Hone that cylinder. I would run more oil in my premix, that cylinder looks bad...
  12. Orange Crush 500

    The TPS adjustment thread

    Looks sweet thump Whats the prices look like for these meters?
  13. Orange Crush 500

    Cr 125 -02 Plastics?

    Im only finding UFO plastics for older huskies. Parts Unlimited (PU) also sells this plastic but you must go thru a distributor to deal with PU
  14. Orange Crush 500

    Cr 125 -02 Plastics?

  15. Orange Crush 500

    Cr 125 -02 Plastics?