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  1. Orange Crush 500

    Stuck snap ring need HELP!!!!!

    also patience, and a nice small, strong, pick
  2. Orange Crush 500

    Swingarm linkage bearing removal. I'm stuck

    Put a long punch thru the hole in the shock linkage on the inside edge of the needle bearing and punch it out from the opposite side.
  3. Orange Crush 500


    I would check the float bowl level and look at the owners manual for the stock jetting and start there, and fine tune, by the performance of the bike, the temperature, and elevation your riding at. . If you have never checked the jets that you have in there your wasting your time changing anything unkess you know jetting and how the bike is running at different throttle openings.. before you got the bike, the previouse owner could have changed things and its way off..
  4. Orange Crush 500


    Call a Honda dealer and ask them.. ­čĹŹ
  5. Orange Crush 500


    Thanks Hawaii.. thats a bad ass starter, i didnt see a price? or if its a bolt on mod or do you have to change parts to insatall the starter?
  6. Orange Crush 500


    Sounds good, but you need to fabricate a steel or aluminum bracket that wont break, that will solidly mount to the frame tubes.. i would not trust wire for very long. Anyone got a link to the electric start video?
  7. Orange Crush 500

    2019 TE 300 TPI Gnarly pipe?

    I think someone on TT did a FMF pipe review for there Husky TX300. If i remember correctly.. but the Husky TX300 has no TPI. But this review i dug up below, should give you some good feedback anyway.. i dont think the pipe has any effect on the performance of the TPI, but im not an expert on this subject. If i were you i would call FMF and Pro Circuit with this technical question. Here is the review https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1275857-fmf-fatty-pipe-review/?tab=comments#comment-14532857
  8. Orange Crush 500

    Wait what? CR300X

    Lets see some pics and video wen.u get this hybrid beast.
  9. Orange Crush 500

    Wheel Interchange: What fits what?

    Those charts are nice. Thanks
  10. Orange Crush 500

    2018 KTM 300XC or Husqvarna TX300

  11. Orange Crush 500

    Finally! New TX300!

  12. Orange Crush 500

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    If i owned one, which i dont, just 1 incident of this system failing would be enough for me to remove it.. its too easy to mix some oil and gas.. if it was a low cost repair if the system failed it would be no big deal. But your talking about what could be catastrophic.
  13. Orange Crush 500

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    I think there another tbread on this subject or its on the Beta 300rr thread.. I have heard of this problem in 1 of tbese other threads . I think most guys were disconnecting the OI systems or removing them for a little weight loss.
  14. Orange Crush 500

    2018 KTM 300XC or Husqvarna TX300

    Congrats, great looking bike.. Im looking at the same bikes for 2020. Im also leaning to the husky, seems like everyone has a KTM. I want something different