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  1. JonXX

    2016 TE250 With SX Head Jetting

    Squish should be in the 1.13-1.35 range depending on what you're after. Stock squish is absurdly huge (2.43 on my 15 TC250) until you remember that they're set up to run on the crappiest "world fuel" imaginable. Since you'll have to cut the TC head to get the proper squish anyway, you can achieve similar results (and save some money) by cutting your stock TE head. Pleasant side benefit, achieving the proper squish should also eliminate the "pipe bang" (it did on mine and a couple others that I've set up).
  2. JonXX

    Fuse location - 19 Te300i

    Consult page 112 of your owner's manual. It should show them to be below and behind the ECU.
  3. JonXX

    2018 vs 2019 TX 300 - Differences?

    Yep, it looks like they used the same company or crappy material as the 2016 model identifier decals. They come out of the crates curled up
  4. JonXX

    Couple ?s Rad Braces / Reeds

    I waffled the radiators on another bike and replaced them with Mylers Supercooler radiators. They're tougher and have a little more volume than stock but fit perfectly without trimming any plastics.
  5. JonXX

    Couple ?s Rad Braces / Reeds

    On paper it's sure a lot. But in reality, would you notice the difference? I didn't, but I'm not very sensitive either. I can only feel the weight difference going back and forth between my stock tank and 3.1. 🤷‍♂️
  6. JonXX

    2 stroke oil/gas separation

    Amsoil dominator at 50:1 in Chevron Supreme pump gas takes over 5 months to achieve any discernable phase separation (meaning you can see a color change from bottom to top) in a sealed container. "Ethanol-free" 92 takes about 9 months for phase separation. Sunoco 110 Standard hasn't separated yet in 18 months. Cut these separation times roughly in half for non-mixed gas, except the Sunoco, which hasn't shown any signs of phase separation. - based on my highly non-scientific mason-jar-on-the-shop-shelf test. Point being, your problem isn't a phase separation/oil separation issue.
  7. JonXX

    Couple ?s Rad Braces / Reeds

    Bulletproof Designs guards (front only) are 2 pounds, SRT (Chinese BPD copy) are 2.5 pounds, 7602 full wrap-around braces and plates are 3 pounds, we don't have a set of Flos to weigh but I know they're shockingly heavy in the hand.
  8. JonXX

    Couple ?s Rad Braces / Reeds

    Those things are freakin' HEAVY. I prefer 7602 Racing's radiator guards. I've got Clay's armor on all of my bikes. 7602racing.com
  9. JonXX

    TE 300 or TX 300

    The TX is what I call the "do-all offroad bike." I bought my TC250 with the intention of building my own TX300 (of sorts) then those sleazy Austrians went and released the bike I was building, and with AER forks and magic button! Bastards! LOL
  10. JonXX

    Husqvarna TX300 TPI in 2020?

    Yes, because TX/TC are closed-course competition models and not subject to (the same) European emissions laws as roadgoing machines. And also, that's what a Husqvarna tech development dude told us.
  11. JonXX

    2018 vs 2019 TX 300 - Differences?

    We'll see the TE150 get injection before the TX. TX/TC will be the last to get injection, if they do at all.
  12. JonXX

    2018 vs 2019 TX 300 - Differences?

    Different frame, different plastics, different (slimmer) exhaust (requires a different silencer connector bend), refined suspension tuning (most notably some updates to the AER fork), and better jetting are the main differences between 18 and 19 TX's. Feedback from our customers has been that the 19 is "much better/easier to go faster" than the 18.
  13. JonXX

    Husqvarna TX300 TPI in 2020?

    TPI is inescapable in the future, but Husky says the TX and TC's will be the last bikes to get it. TE150i will happen before TX/TCi.
  14. JonXX

    Husqvarna No0b in the house!

    Yeah, the most critical thing you should do is ride your bike for a while and stay off of the internet. Figure out how YOU want YOUR bike to behave differently, not what a bunch of snake oil salesmen on the internet think YOUR bike should work like. Congrats on the new baby!
  15. Got pulled over twice, went before the same judge twice. He said "You're not allowed to ride this bike in Oregon any more until you get an Oregon plate on it."