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  1. Agreed! The TT search engine is garbage. Better off to use google to search and follow the links to here. I always laugh when people just say use the search. Obviously they haven’t used it themselves or they have some sort of computer magic I’m not equipped with...
  2. Well my advice will prob be useless since you have android. But I have recently started using my Apple Watch for trail recording and gps navigation. There are a few apps that have trail data, I am not sure about loading your own, although it is probably very possible. I rode more mx so I use it more for HR, lap times, speed and such but the new Apple Watch has a stand alone GPS so you don’t need the phone. My 2 cents. Best of luck!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I have rode a CRF250L so that is a good comparison. I will probably lower mine as well. I guess the added weight will only make me appreciate my mx bike even more. Haha
  4. Yes check the fuel pump and filter. Is it hard to start once you get it hot? Or can you even get it to operating temp?
  5. Thanks for the input guys. I will look more into the bikes you guys have suggested. I have a rig that I take to the races, so I could always haul the bike wherever I need. Really wanted something that I could hop on and go though. Loading/unloading gets old. Haha. Think this will really be a weekday, after work toy. Nothing too serious. But it seems that the 4t bikes would still be more ideal. Looks like I am in the market for a used DRZ. [emoji847]
  6. What is the make of the bike? Think the only Fi bikes in 09 was Honda. I THINK
  7. What about the KTM 250 EXC? I don’t think it comes with blinkers, but looks like it has a tag hanger and has a headlight/taillight. I have built bobbers before with nothing but that. Just use hand signals. Lol Guess that would be a enduro really tho huh?
  8. Georgia. Not sure honestly. Will have to look into that. I’m thinking maybe 60-100 max.
  9. Hey guys, looking for a little guidance from some of you dual sport guys. I am a mx guy but I’m interested in buying a dual sport, really just to go from my house, bomb some power lines, and back home. Not looking to buy new, and I’m looking for something geared more towards off-road than on road. What would you buy? I have looked at KLR’s but they seem a little hefty for what I want. The crf250L’s feel like slugs to me. I have rode a WR and it was decent. Wanting to get on a KTM EXC smoker and see how that is. I would prefer to go smoker since I am buying used. What are your thoughts?
  10. The weight is you, but my experience with those bikes is that they are very tall when stock. If you buy a WR or a 250fx you can get a lowering link for the shock and it will lower it around 1.25 inches. Drop the front about 5mm and it will feel much more manageable at your height. I am 5’11 and it made a world of difference in my 250f.
  11. My Chevy G30 Moto van has over 430k. Haha drive it till it quits, and fix it. Thing is a tank! She has had a motor and rebuilt trans. New front end components and she is golden
  12. This is spot on. Proper fitment is key when initially learning. Too big and it will be intimidating. Too small and she won’t learn proper body position because you can’t get your body in the right position on a bike that is too small. All of these are not good for learning. I would by a used bike that fits her now and doesn’t break the bank, and go from there.
  13. Yes she will! 100%. OP, where you located? Check into the MSF dirt bike school. I coach for them here in GA. It’s a nice course for people that want to learn.
  14. I guess you could say yes, historically, if you are comparing to a Suzuki. Haha. But I think the 2014-present Yamaha’s are some of the tallest stock bikes ever. I am 6ft tall and have never had to lower a bike. From everyone I have talked too this is a very common problem. I think it stems from the air box design. Since the tank is under the seat, there is less of a dip or “saddle” in the seat which gives the feeling of sitting too high on the bike off the bat. I know some guys that have used a shaved seat and liked it. Others like myself have had to go the lowering route to feel comfortable. Might be more of an opinion/feel thing, but it has worked well for me.
  15. On a different note, do you have your suspension set up for you? I had to drop the front and rear of my 17’ 250f to get it to corner like I wanted it too....