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  1. emperialwizzard

    06 yz250f top and bottom end rebuild cost

    If I were you I would prob buy it and tear into it and see what your working with. If I can be rebuilt your looking at probably $1500 in parts of you need the guts and outer shell (cylinder, head, etc). Worst case scenario is you say screw it and part it out. You can break even again. Parts are worth more than bikes a lot of times.
  2. emperialwizzard

    Trade offer Yamaha for KTM

    Also keep in mind that around 50 hours of riding on a moto track, most will tell you to do a top end. If it were me it would come down to bike history. Did you buy the YZ new? If so, I would keep it. Don’t have to wonder about maintenance intervals that have been missed, etc. If you didn’t then it would be a toss up in my opinion. The suspension on the YZ is better, with a lot more r&d behind it. I would prob get my top end done and get my suspension done with the $1500 and keep the YZ
  3. emperialwizzard

    Oil filter bolt snapped

    I use an inch-lb torque wrench for the little stuff. Everything has a torque setting in ft-lbs. multiply by 12 and never worry about it again
  4. emperialwizzard

    Numara piston kit

    Yes. Namura and cheap Chinese crap are synonymous
  5. emperialwizzard

    Numara piston kit

    Kx100 top end and a 250f top end are different jobs, not the same at all. A smoker is simple, a 4 banger takes a little bit of knowledge, a little more time, and carries much higher consequences. Really don’t know how you could mess up a 2 stroke unless you put the piston in backwards. A 4-stroke this isn’t the case as much.
  6. emperialwizzard

    Numara piston kit

    Some shops are shady tho man. I know a lot of shops won’t tell you the brand they are using unless you ask and then you still get some run around. Most of the time the customer doesn’t think about it or doesn’t know. When they tell you $800 for a rebuild you wanna get out before the price goes up, thus not thinking about the quality of parts they are using.
  7. emperialwizzard

    Kick start issue

    Yes or something similar. If K&N is too much then just get whatever you can afford. Should be a foam filter though with a screw clamp on the carb side
  8. emperialwizzard

    Kick start issue

    To check for fuel pull the hose from gas tank to the carb. Turn gas one. If it comes out your good from the tank. Hook it back up and turn it on then take out the screw on bottom of carb bowl. If you have fuel there you should be getting it to the plug. You remove the plug and pour gas into the cylinder and then put the plug in and try to fire that way. If it doesn’t fire like that then you have a spark or spark plug issue. Get a air filter first!
  9. emperialwizzard

    Kick start issue

    You NEED an air filter. It is sucking too much air and chocking out
  10. I got out and used my GI Bill for a degree in GIS (geographic information science). Basically making maps. I work for a local government. 40 hours a week is all they get. You got 40 and go home. Zero weekend work, holidays off, great insurance, and a work environment that is anything but stressful. Haha my opinion is if your going to go school, pick something that you can do as a 50 year old man as well as a 20 year old man. The Army hammered my body, and moto doesn’t help any so a manual labor job would not be as enjoyable for me. Best decision I ever made though was using that GI bill. USE IT!! It’s a great deal!
  11. emperialwizzard

    any of you guys solo riders?

    I agree. The turnout is better with the rentals and allowance of virtually and off road vehicle. Just get irritated at them sometimes.
  12. emperialwizzard

    any of you guys solo riders?

    SxS are the same as ATV’s. Anybody can ride them because they require no skill. Usually just a bunch of rednecks drinking beers and being stupid. I stay away from those things They suck pretty bad at Durhamtown too lol, but they do cater to them which keeps them there and not at real mx tracks. But, Do you really think they are helping that place out? I honestly don’t think they turn much of a profit there regardless. So much land and taxes are outrageous. I bet they are paying the bills but I don’t see anyone getting rich out of that place. Which means they could leave the jeeps, and other goofy vehicles at home at get the same outcome? Lol
  13. emperialwizzard

    06 CRF230F Engine pop

    Did you re-jet the bike after the install of the new parts? I assume it ran well before? It sounds like your fuel/air mixture is off to me.
  14. emperialwizzard

    YZ250 Build Plan

    I think you are on the right track. I do feel that some of the mods you are considering are a little costly for your budget, for not a ton of gain on the bike. I wouldn’t mess with the internal gearing. Change that some with sprockets but that is all. Possibly add a flywheel weight, but the opinion on those is mixed. A rekluse clutch might help you out a good bit. If your budget was a little larger I would say look at the YZ 250x but you would be hard pressed to find one for 3k.
  15. emperialwizzard

    Coming from a Harley.

    Something to keep in mind related to 4 strokes, especially USED 4 strokes...... Modern 4 strokes require a decent amount of regular maintenance, more than a 2 stroke for sure. There are a lot of people who do maintenance half ass or not at all. Buying a used 4 stroke leaves you very vulnerable in my opinion, as you have no idea who did what before you had the bike. Rebuild cost of a 4 stroke is about 4x the cost of a 2 banger. A lot of people would never consider a used bike that has been raced, but if you are going 4 stroke, I would absolutely look for a racer’s bike. They are usually maintained meticulously and have not had 100 previous owners. If it were me, I would honestly look for a 2 stroke. Much closer to your price range for a decent bike and will help you stay around that budget even if you have to rebuild something.