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  1. emperialwizzard

    Please school me on Chinese bikes

    I may be stupid, but I will still be burning laps on my jap bike while you figure out how to decode your Chinese manual. 🤣 sure, a lot is made in China, but not JAPANESE OR EURO motorcycles which is what this post is about... The whole world could have figured that one out...
  2. emperialwizzard

    Please school me on Chinese bikes

    Personally think you are looking the wrong way if you want reliability. I have yet to hear of anyone give good reviews on Chinese quality. It is usually the opposite. Where your euro bike has ECU issues, Chinese bikes would have already needed a new engine case and tranny internals. By this I mean the quality is pure crap. It can be built by Mitch Payton himself, but if the parts are made of tin foil, it won’t last regardless. Chinese bikes are made of inferior products all the way around. The QC is not there either. If you really want reliability, I would look at a 2 stroke. More specifically a Yamaha as they have a better reliability reputation than KTM and Husky and are the only jap manufacturer that has tried to keep 2 strokes in the yearly lineup. The beauty is you can rebuild the whole bike for less than 1k. Very little electrical components to worry about as well. These modern 4 strokes are all maintenance hog’s. I literally go over my race bike every 5 hours. If you aren’t prepared to do that then I would stay away from them. As for the brands you mentioned (SSR, etc). They are DECENT pit bike brands, but I haven’t heard a ton of good things about their big bikes. Most compare them to the “Hawk” Honda knock offs. Best of luck. Interested to see what avenue you take.
  3. emperialwizzard

    Chain snapped, broken case

    I have never had much luck welding Aluminum at home. If you don’t weld for a living, I wouldn’t even try honestly. I also don’t think anyone would advise you to use JB weld anywhere on a bike. I have tried, never had good results with that either. That being said, you should look for a new left side case. Might find one reasonably on eBay. Where are you located? I might know someone here in GA that has one for sale..
  4. emperialwizzard

    Got a freshie

    I suggest looking at a lowering link if it feels tall. Mine stock 17 felt super tall. Lowering link and dropped the forks a little and it’s butter! I run oil for 5 hours and filters for 10. Fresh filter every ride. Haven’t had any issues. Valves are still in spec
  5. emperialwizzard

    Rebuilding a 2003 Yamaha YZ125

    I have a lot of YZ125 parts off a 1999. Shoot me a message if interested. Already sold the rear tire tho. Have a lot of others tho
  6. emperialwizzard

    Scored piston minutes after new rebuild (Pics)

    Might be a stupid question, but you are lubing it up with 2T oil during assembly right? I always lube the shit out of mine...
  7. emperialwizzard

    How to Secure My Bike in My Pickup Bed

    Same reason people have a fox sticker the size of a ship on the back window haha
  8. emperialwizzard

    How to Secure My Bike in My Pickup Bed

    This is why I bought a piece of shit old van as a moto rig. No one is going to break into a big ugly piece of trash right? Haha. It’s really not that bad, but I make sure to not put and stickers on the outside, NOTHING that says moto, not even goggles on the rear view. Put that bathroom window fog glass paint on the back windows and I worry very little.
  9. emperialwizzard

    looking for GPS or smartphone app for trails

    Agreed! The TT search engine is garbage. Better off to use google to search and follow the links to here. I always laugh when people just say use the search. Obviously they haven’t used it themselves or they have some sort of computer magic I’m not equipped with...
  10. emperialwizzard

    looking for GPS or smartphone app for trails

    Well my advice will prob be useless since you have android. But I have recently started using my Apple Watch for trail recording and gps navigation. There are a few apps that have trail data, I am not sure about loading your own, although it is probably very possible. I rode more mx so I use it more for HR, lap times, speed and such but the new Apple Watch has a stand alone GPS so you don’t need the phone. My 2 cents. Best of luck!
  11. emperialwizzard

    What Dual Sport to buy?

    Thanks for the advice. I have rode a CRF250L so that is a good comparison. I will probably lower mine as well. I guess the added weight will only make me appreciate my mx bike even more. Haha
  12. emperialwizzard

    2009 starts with throttle will not idle

    Yes check the fuel pump and filter. Is it hard to start once you get it hot? Or can you even get it to operating temp?
  13. emperialwizzard

    What Dual Sport to buy?

    Thanks for the input guys. I will look more into the bikes you guys have suggested. I have a rig that I take to the races, so I could always haul the bike wherever I need. Really wanted something that I could hop on and go though. Loading/unloading gets old. Haha. Think this will really be a weekday, after work toy. Nothing too serious. But it seems that the 4t bikes would still be more ideal. Looks like I am in the market for a used DRZ. [emoji847]
  14. emperialwizzard

    2009 starts with throttle will not idle

    What is the make of the bike? Think the only Fi bikes in 09 was Honda. I THINK
  15. emperialwizzard

    What Dual Sport to buy?

    What about the KTM 250 EXC? I don’t think it comes with blinkers, but looks like it has a tag hanger and has a headlight/taillight. I have built bobbers before with nothing but that. Just use hand signals. Lol Guess that would be a enduro really tho huh?