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  1. Charlie Dont Surf

    Engine teardown

    I'm in the process of removing the engine. The decompression thing on the cam exploded and the cam chain broke. Once I start disassembling the engine and split the case I'll know the extent of the damage. My question is, since I will have it all apart should I replace the valves and piston if they're not damaged? I've read stock valves aren't of the best quality. The engine has less than 10,000 miles on it. Just trying to make the best decision about rebuilding it to avoid problems down the road.
  2. Charlie Dont Surf

    Drz400sm radiator problems please help

    How far is your commute? Definitely a crappy scenario. If you have no other options, and it's a short commute, and you were to baby it while riding, I think you would be ok. Scary thought though. Take my opinion with a grain of salt. Hopefully a guru will respond to you soon.
  3. Charlie Dont Surf

    Hotcam exploded

    So do you think I experienced this because of shoddy workmanship on Hotcams behalf?
  4. Charlie Dont Surf

    Hotcam exploded

    I took a little break from riding. Got the bike out. It sounded like it was making that cam clicking noise (I have hearing loss and the MRD doesn't help matters). I was working towards a side street to tinker with it and it just died. No hardcore, gruesome, clunking/clanging. I figured I jumped the timing. Nope. The exhaust Hotcam exploded and cam chain snapped (intake cam looks fine). So I'm pulling the motor to have the case split and really assess the damage. I'm assuming it was my fault with the MCCT coming loose. Anyone ever hear of hotcams disintegrating?
  5. Charlie Dont Surf

    How loud is the MRD Z-PRO?

    How loud? If a Banshee and a Mountain Lion had wild sex, the MRD would still be louder. It has a nice growl to it. I was slightly worried about cops. I rode through an affluent area (lawyers and doctors) and passed two cops. I was preparing to be hassled. They paid no attention to me; that being said, I made it a point to shift 1-2 gears higher than need be and didn't dare crack the throttle. Just buy it! Then thank us later
  6. Charlie Dont Surf


    No, but the silencer is only $10 more.
  7. Charlie Dont Surf

    The riding game.

    Yeah rains every damn day. Friday is supposed to be nice, then MORE rain.
  8. Charlie Dont Surf

    The riding game.

    What state are you in? The weather here in Ohio has been complete shit. Non-stop rain, just last week in snowed in a county over. I got ya'!
  9. Charlie Dont Surf

    The riding game.

    Alright you smartasses! I got this tmrw!
  10. Charlie Dont Surf


  11. Charlie Dont Surf


    I knew it was going to be loud, but I was pleasantly surprised! It has fierce, deep growl The past few days women have been throwing their panties at me and trying to rip me off the DRZ. I might just have to put the stock exhaust on at this rate.
  12. Charlie Dont Surf

    The riding game.

    I'm just clueless as to what sign I could park next to
  13. Charlie Dont Surf

    The riding game.

    Is there an alt challenge?
  14. Charlie Dont Surf

    Mrd still hasn't arrived

    It takes a while man. There's a big backorder, then it has to ship from CA. It's worth the wait
  15. Charlie Dont Surf

    who has a 2015 ?

    I dislike the front fender(looks like Acerbis). That's just me though. Other than that, she's beautiful