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  1. Some of the cheapest &%$#@! I've ever met were dirt bikers. I'm frugal too but they take it to the point of despicable, I wouldn't deal with them socially without helmets and engines running.
  2. Hey I can't seem to find an aftermarket crank for my 2016 300XC. For some reason wiseco and prox don't make them. Are there any options other than stock? Thanks
  3. I haven't taken it to anyone yet. I know it's a 3 phase stator and there are a ton of different threads on this exact problem with varying solutions. I've read a few people do what you did and replace the whole system only to have it remain broken. Keep in touch on this thread and hopefully someone will chime in with some helpful information. It's a pretty decent bike otherwise but that's a huge &%$#@! up on the part of Yamaha. I've had 2 fuel injected KTM four strokes from 2012 that were flawless
  4. I'll tell you when I figure it out. Not impressed with Yamaha to say the least. I'm guessing it's some sort of short to ground, might just sell as is and stick with my KTM.
  5. So what ended up being the problem? I'm having the same issue with my 2012 Jap Crap Yamaha
  6. Does anyone know if this is a three phase stator? Can confirm that it is not a floating ground?
  7. I put a 16 year old female on it the other day, she loved it too
  8. Rich man. I rode a 2014
  9. Bull shit. A properly done up 500exc has more power than any 450 I've ridden, all off idle to boot
  10. What is ping? Yes, I bought the 5 valve because a friend has gotten 50,000km out of two engines
  11. My charging system on my 2012 wr450f is not working. As I ride the battery dies until it's too weak to run the efi system. This happened today when I was a half hour from home. I had to keep it at half throttle just to get home but it obviously was running extremely lean. The pop on decel was horrible and I could feel the heat from the pipe/engine on my leg much worse than normal. It was obviously starved for fuel because the battery was too weak to pump it properly. About 25 minutes of riding like that. How much damage did it cause? I've had a main bearing go on a bike before, I'd rather sell this one now if its just going to cause problems later. Anyone with mechanical knowledge know if damage could occur in this case or would the rads boil over/engine shut off from overheating before any damage could occur? Thanks
  12. Yes thank you. Saved me thousands
  13. Great comment, that's why I made this thread. Thank you. I will check that out this weekend
  14. I hate it when there's girls there riding but they don't have sex with me. Seems to happen a lot
  15. The 2 pin connector that plugs into the harness does not have continuity to ground. The 3 pin that plugs into the rectifier regulator does have continuity to ground My understanding is my stator is a 3 phase stator, which is why there are 3 wires