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  1. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Whats the best way to store a 2 stroke engine that's not in the bike?

    It will probably be longer than a year, how do I apply the flogging oil to the transmission? If I was to over fill it with transmission oil would that work?
  2. I'm going to be going away for a while and I've got 2 engines out of the bike that I need to store for about 2 years. one of them is a ktm 144/150 engine and the other is a Rotax 257, Should I store them with fresh transmission/gear box oil or no oil? Do I need to put something down the cylinder to stop the piston seizing? I f anyone has any other advice n storing engines it would be much appreciated.
  3. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Will my fly wheel from 08 sx144 work in 2013 exc200 crank cases?

    Thanks for the reply, I have just watched a quick video on this, so can the timing only be done once the top end is on?
  4. Hi, I purchased a pair of used crank cases from Ebay as mine were damaged, they were listed for a 2013 EXC 200 but the seller assured me they would be compatible with all my 2008 SX144/150 engine parts apart from the flywheel cover. When I collected the engine from the mechanic who had just fully rebuilt the bottom end he said to me he wasn't 100% sure the timing would be right because of the different cases and still using the same flywheel I had on my SX144. If I start it up and the timing is wrong is it going to do damage? Does anyone know if the flywheel which is marked FP8172 will work in these 2013 exc 200 cases?
  5. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Best way to clean Leatt chest armour?

    Hi, I've got the Leatt 5.5 Hd pro chest armour and I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips on cleaning it?
  6. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    What Van/ Pick Up Should I Get?

    Thanks for the Reply, I'm not that mechanically inclined so I'm probably best spending more to start with to hopefully save on costly repairs that could need doing soon if I go cheap. Should $15-20 get me something decent? My tightness has bitten me on the arse before so its probably best I do this properly as Ill be relying on what ever I buy for two years.
  7. I'm from the UK and have just been granted a Visa which allows me to live and work in Canada for 2 years. I need some advice on what vehicle to buy, I was thinking about getting a van rather than a pick up truck as a motorbike should be safer in the back. Or is this a bad Idea as a van may struggle to reach some trail car parks etc? I don't really want to spend more than $10,000 and would like the best mpg I can get with that budget. any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  8. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Whats New and Exciting to YOU?

    Have a look at this, I pray they do bring them back the more 2 stroke options the better. https://newatlas.com/honda-two-stroke-with-fuel-injection-patent-filing/38529/
  9. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Yz 125 or 250 2 stroke?

    I think I'll have to get the 125 then, I really didn't get on with my cr 250.
  10. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Yz 125 or 250 2 stroke?

    Woods occasionally but mainly Mx tracks but not racing. I've seen people talking about putting heavier flywheels on 250s to calm them down a bit. How do you think one of those would compare to the 125? I think the 125 is the bike for me though. I need to accepted the fact I'm going to be rebuilding more often. Thanks for all the input.
  11. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Yz 125 or 250 2 stroke?

    I'm looking at either getting a yz 125 or 250 2006 onwards model. I like the idea of the 250 as the motors don't need building as often. However I did own a 2003 CR 250 and that felt horrible to ride in comparison to my sx 144. Does the yz 250 basically feel/handle like the cr 250?
  12. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Why does my bottom end look like this? KTM SX 144

    If I can't find any decent ones on ebay, I think I'll just sell the bike in parts. I dont think its worth spending the money on new cases. Thanks for the advice though.
  13. ridden_up_the_dirt_track

    Why does my bottom end look like this? KTM SX 144

    I decided to do a full rebuild on my KTM SX 144, I have never done bottom end before but my mechanic mate offered to help so we went for it. I got as far as taking the top end off part of the clutch off and the ignition, then let him strip the rest. The clutch centre hub boss and quite a few teeth missing which would explain the state of the oil when I first drained it. Then when he came to split the cases they were easily pulled apart by hand, this was worrying as i'd read specialist tools were required or a mallet and alot of patience. I did try to purchase the Crank puller and case splitter but noticed there was a note saying it was not suitable for the SX144. So any way once this was all appart we noticed there was welding all around the gear shaft I think and on the outside behind the sprocket which I hadnt really noticed before. There is also rubbing marks which I will show in the pictures. Basically does anyone have any advice is it worth putting all the new parts in? What do you think the previous owner has done? Is it likley to still be rubbing or are those marks from before he has fixed it or attempted to fix it?