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  1. The transit connect is only 72 inches tall
  2. pilot42

    For the woods?

    I had the same year. This bike handles very well. I bought mine used it was setup for the woods. It had a big IMS tank and a flywheel weight. I would have revalved the forks if I would have kept it longer but I sold it and bought KTM. The forks were sort of rough over small bumps but would blow through the stroke on bigger hits. This could easily be fixed with some good tuning. This is a good bike though for trails. It has great power, nimble and light. The other thing that would be helpful would be to change to an 18 inch rear tire, but that is kind of pricey to do. Good luck though if you get a good price it is a great bike.
  3. pilot42

    Honda CRV question.

    A couple of things could be going on....he could have knocked it out of alignment or he could have damaged the wheel bearing.
  4. pilot42

    Buying tires online?

    Shop online and then take the price to the dealers....a lot of them will match...some actually just order through tirerack.
  5. pilot42

    how should i haul my bike?

    3 rail trailer off of craigslist.
  6. You have to define what 'woods' are. If you are talking really tight trailers, the lighter weight of a two stroke is great. But, if the trailers are a bit more open the little added weight isn't that big of a deal and the power delivery is a big advantage to the two strokes. My past two bikes have been a cr and yz two stroke the only thing I did not like about them is the snap in tight situations (even with a flywheel weight) and the suspension on both was pretty stiff. I now have a KTM 450 and can honestly say after a day of fast trail riding a feel a lot better. If you are going to be in the woods and want a two stroke look at the XC line from KTM they have the most four stroke type power. They are a bit more but they hold their value.
  7. This is easy, by the cheapest GPS you can get your hand on. They all have speedometers.
  8. pilot42

    450SX needle in a 450XCW

    I did the JD jet kit and it will solve your problems.
  9. pilot42

    Oil leak 2004 525 MXC I'm frustrated

    Are you sure it is not leaking from one of those bolts that often sheer off?
  10. I had an escape if I recall the rating was only 200 lbs of tongue wait if you are exceeding that you run the risk of having issues, especially if the wait is further away than the typical draw bar, receiver relationship.
  11. pilot42

    Hauling with a civic

    You can easily pull a trailer. I would recommend an oil cooler if you are running an automatic transmission. I used to pull a three railer trailer with three bikes with my contour through the hills of pa with no problem. It was a stick shift though. I had one of those hard freight trailer they are fine, but I would look for a three rail trailer, they are usually a bit lighter and are better for securing bikes. If you have never put together one of those harbor freight trailers together, I'll warn you they are a pain in the behind.
  12. pilot42

    My 450 Leaking oil?

    The 450's often leak from the seal on the exhaust side. The exhaust temp often causes failure. I placed heat tape on the motor. Fork seals are also common, have a qualified KTM shop fix them and then run neoprene boots on them. They are sensitive do dirt. I have run the boots on my exc since new and have never had an issue. As far as the battery, 2004 was a bad year. Look into getting a 2005 or higher battery, they are slightly bigger and require the '05 and higher battery box, but it is worth the extra $'s.
  13. Make sure you check the condition of the fork sliders and fork seals. Common issues. These bikes have notoriously week batteries. You can install the '05 battery box and battery for better cranking power. I installed a JD jet kit and it makes the bike run a lot better, start easier and run cooler. I also put on handguards. Set the sag, if you are over 180 lbs, you'll definitely need it. It helps the bike steer much better. SICASS racing and Enduro Engineering are great places to browse for ideas - as well as of course ThumperTalk
  14. pilot42

    Just picked up my first katoom..

    Congrats on the new bike. I have an '04 450 EXC as well. KTM have notoriously leaky fork seals. I would do what you are suggesting and then get some neoprene fork boots. I have some from White Brothers that actually velcro on. I zip ty them at the top and take them off after a weekend of riding and throw them in the washer with my gear. I have done this since the bike was new (which by the way I paid $5800 new from the dealer so you got a great deal) and I have never had a fork seal ooze so far. I think these seals are just very susceptible to dirt. BTW have someone who does a lot of KTM forks or a dealer do your forks. We had some Random guy doing my friend's forks. He worked on Japanese forks a lot more than KTM apparently because he made some mistakes on my friends forks. My friend took them to a local KTM dealer and has been issue free ever since - apparently there are some tricks to rebuild them. Again congrats I really like my bike you will find that you can ride it longer and faster with much less fatigue.
  15. pilot42

    04 450 Exc Jetting

    I used the JD Jetting kit on my '04 450 exc and sealed the head and silencer pipe. Makes a big difference in how it runs. It does bog very very very slightly when free revving but you never notice it while riding whatsoever. Bike runs very clean. I do not see any need for the diaphragm adjustment or a boyseen quick shot.