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  1. stronius445

    Thoughts on 2017 FC250?

    Hey everyone. I'm thinking about buying a left over 2017 FC250 for motocross next season. Currently have a '16 KXF250, but been on those for four years and after I bought a '17 TE300 for my offroad racing I much like the Husqvarnas much better. Just wondering how many hours people are getting out of top ends in racing ( depending on your skill level ) and top end replacement costs. Also what about the general reliability and so on. Thanks for your input!
  2. Just putting in new fork seals on my TE300. The rught fork ( rebound ) had just one spring spacer below the spring. The left one however ( compression ) had 2. I also noticed with the left one that I could never turn the spring preload adjuster to the stiffer settings. It always falt like it was binding on something. Is it normal for the left fork to have 2 spacers?
  3. stronius445

    Xplor Fork Seals leaking after 1st ride.

    Yes its in very good condition. The bike only has 40 hours on it.
  4. Just put new fork seals in my right for on my 17 Te300. Followed the manual every step along the way, went out riding it wet conditions and one hour into the ride I look down to check it and fluid is pouring down the fork. Took it apart today, sand and grit was behind both seals. Been doing fork seals for years and have never had this issue. Would it be possible it was a faulty dust seal? I don't want to have the same thing happen again as its another $50 for both seals and oil.
  5. stronius445

    efi bike bogging

    100 hours is quite a few for a 250f. I rebuild mine every 50 hours ( new piston all 4 valves ect). At 48 hours if I shim my valves then at 50 they will be out again. Your valves physically stretch when they get out of clearance as the backside of the valve is being smashed into the valve seat on the head. I would check you valve length with your service manual.
  6. stronius445

    2011 kx250f won't start unless i pop start it

    16 hours from a rebuild you will definitely want to check the valve clearances again. It can take a few hours from a rebuild then they can sort of set into the head tighten up a bit more.
  7. Try Motocal.com if you want to get new graphics. Much cheaper then other companies but still great quality.
  8. stronius445

    TC 125

    I ended up buying a '17 TE300. Still going to keep my 250f for moto.
  9. stronius445

    Fuel injector cleaner - yes or no?

    I have been racing my 250F's on 91 oct pump gas for 4 years. Never once have I have any trouble with injectors clogging or needing cleaning.
  10. I find people all the time with bikes from 05 and back saying they dont think there would be an improvement in a new bike. Bikes are the same as race cars. A 2018 F1 car is a hell of alot faster and better than on from 1998. Same goes with bikes.
  11. stronius445

    Show off your homemade bike stands!

    I made this out of 2x4. I wanted another stand but didnt want to spend $150 on one.
  12. stronius445

    Tubliss system with used tires

    Just use lots of slime and you will have no problem as Wild Alaskan said. I have mounted 2 used tires and never had an issue.
  13. stronius445

    Few Questions/New Kawi owner

    Awesome!!! My number is #445 for harescrambles and #111 for moto. If you see me at the track ever feel free to ask any questions!
  14. stronius445

    Few Questions/New Kawi owner

    It depends on what level of riding your son is at. I am at an intermediate level so I have to check my valve clearance every 10 hours. Valve clearance is VERY important. Every 50 hours I put in a new piston , rings , valves , and get the seats cut. Gearing is fine ( I like a 13/49 or 13/48 for really fast , highspeed tracks ). Also I do my oil every 5 hours , I would rather catch anything going wrong sooner than later. Honestly getting good suspension is a big part of feeling comfortable. I weigh only 130 pounds so the stock suspension is garbage for my weight. I see you live in NS , I also do! Funny enough I know the rider that owned your KX previously. You race the CMRC series?