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  1. This is it. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1193/11668/MSR-Rear-Disc-Guard?v=9859 $100 but will fix the issue and protect the rear!
  2. Dang it! Anyway I’ll check out msr. Thanks everyone.
  3. That’s ok. Yamaha doesn’t sell this part and other on eBay require buying the entire assembly.
  4. Do you have an extra brake hanger floating around to sell? The piece that slides into the swing arm had worn down substantially too. I jb welded it but it doesn’t have the top sharp edge to keep it from pulling out sideways. I was going to source a washer today but I guess the extra money is with the peace of mind. Thanks.
  5. Well I found out this is a 2009 swingarm. I’m not sure why I thought it was a 2004. Too many things going on. If you look at a caliper hanger on eBay for instance there is no impression. That one seems to have to have a little on the bottom right but not as deep as mine.
  6. So is the second diagram saying there will be fitment issues onto the motor? Thanks!
  7. At this point I feel like a new hanger is the best option to assure the correct balance but the washer seems like the easiest approach. What are your thoughts on the 2004 swing arm though? Everything seems identical and to fit fine besides the issue I have.
  8. I could give it a try I just feel like it doesn’t have that much flex or ever remember dealing with a gap that big when sliding the rear wheel on. Still has a slight gap Well found this impression on the caliper which isn’t factory which I think it creating the extra gap after tightening to spec. Seems like everything else lines up and I’m probably gonna throw a thin washer in there or fill the impression with good jb weld.
  9. I have a 2011 yz250. The swing arm was pretty bad on it so I bought a 2004 swing arm. Not thinking about the year difference...there is a space when I mount the rear tire. So I decided to use the old swing arm. Same thing....so I took measurements and they’re the same width. Could someone post the width of a 2006 and up swing arm as pictured and the width of their rear brake caliper as pictured? The bike was in rough shape when I got it and the axel was stuck in there. I feel some parts have been switch out. So I don’t know what is going on here. Thanks.
  10. Can anyone confirm that a 2005 yz250 2 stroke swingarm will fit on a 2011 yz250 2 stroke? Thanks.
  11. I’ve been rebuilding a 2011 yz250 and it needed a lot of new parts including the swingarm because the metal part where the rear brake slides in got damaged. Anyway I purchased a 2004 yz250 swingarm and oddly enough it dawned on my the other day if it would even be the same fitment. Everything seems to line up except for when I put the rear tire on with the rear brake. There is this gap. So would it be sketchy to put some type of spacer bearings to equal it out? I’m also wondering how it will line up with the motor ext. Everything else including the linkage and rear suspension seem to be fine. All connected with no fitment oddities at least to my knowledge. Thanks. Will a 2005 fit on the 2011? 2 digits are different in the item number. 2005- 1C3-22110-00-00 2011- 1C3-22110-90-00
  12. I’m not risking it. I’m not going on my trip but it’s for the best anyway. I’m gonna get it replated and buy a new crank too because sand is in the motor. Thanks for all the input guys. The machinist also found a step under the intake port which would probably explain the lean condition and the rings moving in and out. Oh well braaaap.
  13. Who knows....
  14. Oh I’m putting in a brand new piston and all new top end stuff
  15. These markings are smooth almost making me think it has already had other chipping and maybe honed out already. The bottom chip in my original posted pictures are the only ones that have a feel to them.