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  1. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Yz250 rear brake will not build pressure after rebuild & new line.

    Got my 64 year old marine veteran friend over who use to ride like a savage back in the day and he helped me. Showed me a few tricks and it is tight!
  2. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Yz250 rear brake will not build pressure after rebuild & new line.

    The plumbers tape occurred to me last night on the nipple. It’s the only place I feel there could be an issue. Thanks.
  3. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Yz250 rear brake will not build pressure after rebuild & new line.

    Oh I have done this many times and did not work. The gravity way sounds like the approach i need to take. Just can’t believe it can be this tricky. Thanks for the advice everyone going to reattempt tomorrow and hopefully have it ready for Saturday.
  4. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Yz250 rear brake will not build pressure after rebuild & new line.

    Could you clarify this? I don’t quite understand. Thanks.
  5. I rebuilt my 2011 Yz250 rear brake after it had been losing pressure and acting spongy. Anyway I rebuilt the whole caliper and master cylinder including a new line because I was suspect that it may have a leak. Now after rebuilding it and reverse bleeding and regular bleeding the piston will just not move. Is there a trick to this? I put both master cylinder gaskets on correctly both facing up with the wide part facing up. Thoughts? Thanks. Is this the correct orientation of the gaskets? Both pointing up and the one with the notches on top? I just switched them out the same way with the old stock ones.
  6. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    2018 300 xcw jetting specs...

    Awesome thanks a ton! What is your ratio and oil?
  7. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    YZ 2-Stroke Set Up Database

    Do you think this jetting setup would work for a completely stock 2011? I’m looking to fine tune mine and I ride the same conditions, elevations and temp as you up in New England. I’ve seen multiple references to the #8 slide. My yz definitely runs rich.
  8. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    2018 300 xcw jetting specs...

    Do you think this would be a good setup with vforce tassinari reeds? How has this jetting setup been treating you? I am looking for a jetting setup for my friend who has been complaining about his jetting. (2018 300xc, all stock besides the reeds). Anyone else have any other suggestions for sea level, New England temps 60-85 degree Fahrenheit? Thanks!
  9. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Brand new 2018 YZ250x clutch overheating.

    I tried to recommend this to my buddy but his guy at the shop said it will add tension on the clutch pull and lose the x’s light clutch pull quality...I honestly like the idea. Didn’t realize until now that is what makes the clutch pull different on my 250 vs the 250x. It’s weird when pulling the clutch with my bike in the shop it feels tough to do it with one finger but on the trails it’s nothing!
  10. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Brand new 2018 YZ250x clutch overheating.

    My buddy said the guy at the shop said that would put too much pressure on the clutch. I’m pissy my friend always listens to the guy at the shop and not me because I have learned pretty much 95% of what I know from the people on here and he is the one with the bike failing and mine isn’t.
  11. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Brand new 2018 YZ250x clutch overheating.

    So you’re saying to buy 3 yz250 springs and switch them out with 3 of the yz250x springs? Not sure I think he is using the dribble hole. I just measure 750 in a ratio right and run it.
  12. Buddy of mine and I were riding some awesome trails here in Maine yesterday in about 80 degree weather. Anyway we had been riding a solid 2 hours and we went into this sand pit where him and I equally rode for about 15 mins in. He definitely is a heavy clutch rider but was just doing the regular stuff few donuts, fast sprints across the sand and a few burms. After we were leaving the pit my friends and I thought he accidentally shifted to neutral because all of a sudden the wheels stopped turning. Once we pushed it to the side he had some boiling over and the clutch cover was piping hot and in every gear the bike rolled freely. Now I hammer on my 2011 yz250 that I rebuilt that now has 13 hours on it and his has about the same and I didnt skip a beat. He was told by a guy at a shop to run Honda trans 80wt which I use to run in my 05 yz125 but I run Yamalube 10w-40 only now in my 250. Back to the bike I had to end up driving back to my truck and picking him up. While I was headed back about 30 mins his bike cooled enough and it began to work again. We checked his clutch adjustment and it felt fine and he has stock levers on. Now today he said the oil looked fine after only about 4 hours on it, no metal on the bolt and the plates looked fine. He now is gonna run Yamalube. I just wanted to get your thoughts on this guys and was it the oil or a result of too much clutching and a combination of riding in sand, tons of spins etc? The trails we ride are as super technical as they get rocks, roots, hills etc. I was just surprised with a new bike like that how did that happen when I have had so many Yamaha’s with many more hours on the clutches and I use to clutch like a ton and never had this issue. Thanks.
  13. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    2017 brakes suck, what to upgrade

    Just literally thought of this today! I am taking the lever off so there are no questions! Thanks!
  14. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Fresh Rebuild...Nothing But Problems...

    Yes what I was referring too not many people know about it.
  15. Ride_Flip_Repeat

    Fresh Rebuild...Nothing But Problems...

    It has to be air because there is not too much else you could do wrong with installing the major components of a two-stroke (please take this with a grain of salt) where unless you pound or force something that shouldn't be it's just the nature of the beast when bikes are used and not factory sealed.