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  1. Looking to pick one of these up because I get a discount now through an SRT guy. Any updates on these also is it near stock shape and would the stock pipe guard fit? I can probably get the answers on fitment from the rep but performance?
  2. What year is the bike? Look up the thread on replacing the shift stopper. Very common problem I think all the way up to mid 2000s.
  3. 1990+ cr250 wouldn't mind anything from a project to a runner at $2000 my maximum. would love a winter project but I have even posted in search of adds all around with no response. https://boston.craigslist.org/sob/snw/d/03-cr250-trade-for-quad/6409879328.html saw this the other day.
  4. It's all good. That's the prob that it's almost winter. The spare set of rims are attractive to put grip studs onto and cruise around on the lakes. What 2 stroke are you looking for and budget?
  5. Ok, it looks like it has some braces on it which I noticed today. Wasn't sure if that's something Honda has on there stock. If you're interested in the bike and everything I'll drive it up there for you for $3600 cash!
  6. oh to funny I was in South Portland on Sunday picking up a bundle of spare parts for my bike! and definitely post up some pictures I tried searching for it on Craiglist but no luck Yea this bike isn't on craigslist. This was a private first opportunity deal. Would you be interested in any of the rims sets or anything else if I picked this up? I was researching too apparently they made a spacer for the newer crf models due to the rear hub changing.
  7. where about in Maine are you from? I also live in Maine about 15 minutes south of Bangor. 07 CRF450R is my dirt ride! I'm down in Saco, I have lived in Maine my entire life including Hampden. I was just in Bangor for Thanksgiving. Posting a pic in a second.
  8. I have an opportunity to buy a 2010 crf450r with 3.2 actual hours on it. Long story short it was purchased shortly before someone went to jail, it sat until recently 2017 and now they're dead. For $3000 I can buy the mint condition bike (hasn't seen track or woods just ripped around a few times). It's mostly stock besides ASV red non break levers, complete red Warp 9 rims with brand new tires, acerbis front brake cover, and a aluminum skid plate. Thats the bike as it sits in mint condition. Starts up mint and runs fine. I just looked at it an hour ago. On the side. It comes with the brand new stock rims with stock tires, rotors, sprockets, another complete black warp 9 full rim setup with rotors, sprockets, tires, a complete black plastic kit, brand new black seat, black front brake cover, new MSR chain, fmf exhaust and header pipe, side stand, square stand, stock levers and like new alpine tech 8 boots which are my size! Is this a no brainer or am I wasting my time with the bike? I'm gonna be honest I am not very acquainted with Hondas but I have been riding 450s a lot and would consider this bike for track. On the plus side I like how this only has one exhaust on the downside it's almost winter here in Maine and it will sit for awhile. I do have grip studs I could throw on the other tires for the lakes which would be fun but that's about it. Opinions?! Thanks a ton!
  9. Just came across this thread because I'm really considering a bike with 190-200lb factory connection. I weigh 170lb dry and I have sg10s, chest guard, helmet, then a back pack with tools, water, extra gas, food, phone, wallet, keys, cellphone mount, spare filter...Looking at this now it seems ideal for woods. What are your opinions?
  10. Just had an opportunity to buy a 16 that blew in a race for 3k in great shape besides the motor but it needed a complete rebuild and who knows about getting available parts.
  11. Time Left: 13 days and 19 hours

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    Got these on eBay and ended up with 2 sets somehow. They're the ones from china but I have put over a 100 hours on another pair trail and track and have had no quality issues. $50 shipped fast. Pm or text 207-542-8397. Thanks. Fitment Kawasiki KX250 2005-2008 Kawasiki KX250F 2005-2015 Kawasiki KX450F 2007-2015 Kawasiki KLX450 2008-2015


  12. Time Left: 13 days and 12 hours

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    Parts are from a 2017 YZ 450f. Make me a reasonable offer. Paypal only. Thanks. Private message or text 207-542-8397. -2017 YZ450f Manual -Rear Hub with good bearings and seals -Front hub only -Twinair Air Filter very good shape -Airbox wash cover -Stock foot pegs good condition no dents -Seat with gas tank cover (Needs new seat cover) -Front brake rotor perfect condition -Rear brake rotor perfect condition -Brand new levers -Clutch foot lever, toe part is loose -Yamaha handle bar pad cover -Left radiator solid shape -New Moose Racing 50 Tooth sprocket -48 Tooth Sunstar Z Works Sprocket -3 Sets of brand new grips


  13. Know The Mechanic or you’ll be Kickin Til Monday.
  14. I love the super clean work space. There is nothing like having space and everything clean! I want this bike so bad.
  15. Hey what’s the deal I’ve heard with having to keep the bike on a tender and it not being able to start under 32 degree Fahrenheit? Also can someone post a picture of where the battery is? Does anyone think with the battery it will be easier to make this bike a super moto?