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  1. Hey guys my father Inlaw just got an 04 ttr 225 it needs a chain and sprockets bad! The oem rear sprocket is “unavailable” on parts finders. I can’t find an aftermarket set. Can anyone give me a link to a chain and sprocket set?
  2. Got mine on monday. nice boots. a little spacious in the toe box but some inserts will make then nice snug and comfy. SUPER GOOD DEAL
  3. I refuse to pay 80$ for one useable needle
  4. Cool me too what’s your settings?
  5. What elevation are you riding at I’m always interested in good recipes [emoji106]
  6. I wear 8 workboot always buy 8 dirt bike boots so far they always fit
  7. Just ordered some hope they fit. Normally wear 8 ordered an 8???
  8. Yes the air screw let’s in air if you close it ...no air= rich
  9. turning the screw out makes it more lean.
  10. Ok maybe I just got unlucky and had two tires in a row that are hard to mount. I hope that’s the case [emoji106][emoji110]️
  11. I know right. When I got the bike I dismounted the stockers for tubliss install and the front was a bear. I just figured it was the Michelin’s. Just got a shinko fatty and same misery. Seems like the wheel is a bit larger than normal
  12. Ya the bead is so tight to the wheel it will not push down into the drop center even with a clamp
  13. My front tire seems really tight to the rim on the stock tire and my new one. It is super hard to break the bead.It is the hardest to mont out of all the bikes I’ve ever had. Anyone else struggle with this
  14. Ktm finally has a decent starter because they took on betas design.the starters are solid on betas