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  1. Yes the air screw let’s in air if you close it air= rich
  2. turning the screw out makes it more lean.
  3. Ok maybe I just got unlucky and had two tires in a row that are hard to mount. I hope that’s the case [emoji106][emoji110]️
  4. I know right. When I got the bike I dismounted the stockers for tubliss install and the front was a bear. I just figured it was the Michelin’s. Just got a shinko fatty and same misery. Seems like the wheel is a bit larger than normal
  5. Ya the bead is so tight to the wheel it will not push down into the drop center even with a clamp
  6. My front tire seems really tight to the rim on the stock tire and my new one. It is super hard to break the bead.It is the hardest to mont out of all the bikes I’ve ever had. Anyone else struggle with this
  7. Ktm finally has a decent starter because they took on betas design.the starters are solid on betas
  8. Just dealt with the hardship of being a beta owner[emoji6]
  9. These are the two most important parts. You can find the fan a bit cheaper if you search around on eBay.The fittings are 2.3/4” barbed tube fittings to 1/2” pipe thread into a 1/2” pipe coupling. I drilled the coupling and tapped it for the temp switch. I cut off a portion of the barbed part and the pipe threads on the fittings to save weight you just need to leave enough engage the hose and coupling. I soldered all the connections and heat shrinked them. the plug is a standard plug I cut off a kill switch I had laying around. You could use different fittings but I would stay away from plastic as they could melt if you overheated.
  10. Ya I wish there was a bung. My switch turns fan on at 180 and off at 165 it took about a half hour running in the shop to turn on.
  11. Sourced a fan and put together a thermo switch setup. Total cost was fan $50 switch $20 fittings $15 .Found the perfect fan made by Italian company spal super nice fan and the bolt patern was perfect for my ptech rad. Guards. Even the bolts that came with the guards were the perfect length! It went so slick I just had to share.
  12. I got the ptech one it is really nice
  13. Use a razor around the red caps.slide the throttle tube out a ways and open the hole in it up till it can slide over the bar enough to clear the bar end.make sure it still turns free though.