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  1. Indiana

    Yep you coming I’d like to meet u sometime
  2. Indiana

    I had a absolute blast met up with a big group of local guys they took me on some stellar single track. We did Grand Prix and some Long enduro loop tracked several miles today. Super nice dudes with some awesome bikes I’m coming back tomorrow with a buddy let me know if ur coming
  3. Indiana

    Great thanks I usually find some people to ride with should be awesome day to ride
  4. Indiana

    Anybody going to Interlake tomorrow I’ve never been and heard the single track can be hard to find. I’m riding a beta 300 nobody is coming with me
  5. One thing you will definitely need is a bigger fun meter I broke mine right after riding my new ‘16 300rr !!! Every time I get to ride my face muscles hurt from smiling so much CONGRATS
  6. Indiana

    Yep Redbird not the best terrain for beginners especially with mud.
  7. Indiana

    So we went there Sunday. Me and another experienced rider then 3 beginners we actually had a great time. I say a great place for beginners hills are mild and not very steep a few rocks but nothing that technical. No single track but atv and no utvs not very rutted up with some nice flowing woods that can be rather fun to hammer down on. The grounds are well kept with nice camping area and picnic tables. I will be returning with my daughter another day it is a great place to tune in skills build some confidence and find a little challenging stuff to build on also.
  8. Indiana

    Very familiar with redbird was wondering about Lawrence county recreational area ?
  9. Indiana

    Need some advice taking out a couple beginners tomorrow one female 22 on a klx140. Wondering if Lawrence county in Bedford would be good or? Inter lake I think received a bunch of rain? Some easy trails without a bunch of down trees.
  10. Thanks for info did that lever help a lot? Me and dealer tried lube and positioning of cable and clutch just didn’t help
  11. I went to buy the ssr189 but the clutch pull was just way to hard for a beginner or for me as a 47 year old adult my forearm would not take that after a few hours of trail riding. I love the rest of the bike and wouldn’t mind to have one just to play around on. I don’t see it as a beginner bike I ended up buying a used local ‘17 klx140 L. The dealer and me worked on the new bike to try and see if something was wrong with the assembly but found nothing. He’s a pit bike racer and agreed the clutch pull was excessive. I even looked into putting a hydraulic clutch in it
  12. That’s awesome but I’ve seen a lot of overheating and poor starting mx 4 strokes in the tight woods. At 55 I respect you big time but I’m lazy and really enjoy the magic button over my old yz250 and kx 125.
  13. Beta xtrainer 250 or 300 Ktm 200 Beta 390 probably too much $$$
  14. At 50 electric start is awesome those 4 stroke mx bikes with woods riding u will kick yourself to death suspension not good for woods either. Buy a bike for the purpose you want your not 20 anymore. Many good woods bike for your purpose not the above you have listed. Ride and enjoy I’m back riding again at 47 good luck [emoji106]
  15. I was going to buy that exact bike for my daughter but the clutch pull was really hard especially compared to a klx 140 What do other owners think