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  1. Indiana

    I have a ‘16 and ‘18 beta 300. I think my friend is buying the 16 but ur welcome to give them a ride. I’m 47 same scenario as you the 300’s r totally different than the old 2 strokes Bicknell IN
  2. I have a 300 rr and love it for your size that would make you a awesome bike for years. I would consider buying the G2 throttle tamer and set up suspension sag and enjoy. The 300 won’t wear you out if setup correctly it’s a very versatile machine
  3. I’m gonna be in the 300 fan club as I ride a beta 300 and love it. If your stuck on a 4 stroke take a look at a beta 390.
  4. Even a klx 140 it’s reliable and fairly light weight
  5. Have u looked at the AJP if it’s available in Europe it’s a perfect fit
  6. I am so jealous if we just had more snow in the Midwest [emoji25]. I’d love to try one
  7. Great just what I was thinking I need a table and a scissors jack [emoji848] More stuff my wife will love it
  8. I agree with all statements above but if u insist on a Chinese look into a ssr189. Better off with a Honda crf150-230
  9. I was in the same dilemma with my daughter 21 yrs old 5’4 and low on skills. I run a beta 300 and looked hard at the beta xt 250 I ended up with a slightly used klx140g. This bike is lightest in class and has been perfect for her to build confidence as it will climb and handle the single track easy just at a slower pace. The xt will be next as the klx will be easy to sell
  10. This is the best I have found but WOW the price is stupid. I have a normal foot style stand that would work with the Harbor Freight motorcycle table you guys are using looks like a good option
  11. I’ve been debating which one would work the best this type or the scissors type but since you have both it may make the decision easier. Thanks! I was wondering if it was too wide making it difficult to reach the bike or not ?
  12. I looked at the HF wasn’t really what I was looking for
  13. Cool thanks for the info! I like to work on my bike just sick of it being so low
  14. Which ones do you guys have and like I need to be able to get bike up in air for easy if repairs
  15. If beta was not good there would be no jealousy so welcome all it just shows the strong respect of beta motorcycles!