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  1. I was going to buy that exact bike for my daughter but the clutch pull was really hard especially compared to a klx 140 What do other owners think
  2. I agree with Doc I ride a 300 Beta but you may not be interested in a two stroke. Rider preference is big. The straight up enduro bikes like KTM and Beta are hard to beat since they are specifically designed for your type of riding there are a lot of great new bikes to chose from good luck
  3. Look into a 2018 Beta 500
  4. A lot of new bikes are just awesome I don’t know if u can go wrong either way! Try to test ride these bikes if u can but if ur a yamy fan and have a good dealer that would be my choice. Hard to beat that suspension especially if u don’t like air forks
  5. Today I purchased direct from Atlas a neck brace and the defender with the guardian elbow and shoulder protection. He had done this several times and thought it would be best for what I want which is a lot of protection with as little heat as possible. This is not on website but can be added to defender for a extra $60. Thanks Cjjeepercreeper for all ur useful informations I’ve been wanting to pull the trigger just wasn’t sure which direction to go.
  6. If u look at it this way I made the choice and feel safer wearing the neck brace and that it will do more good than harm. After seeing the local boy break his neck and be in a brace for 6 months and maybe never race again. I’m gonna take the chance that he would’ve been better off with a neck brace than without. If I had small child u better believe they would have braces on
  7. Did u like the vest or will it be too hot may have to go straight leatt
  8. I want more protection than the defender but want some real world feedback on guardian. Also Considering leatt 3df airfit but I think would be too hot
  9. I haven’t bought one yet looking at a atlas guardian with neck brace or the leatt core 3.0 built together High reviews on the leatt anybody have the guardian setup?
  10. A local boy 20 yrs old that I know. He races A in enduro and mx about a month ago broke his neck at practice. He was life lined very very lucky not paralyzed. I saw the X-ray it was a bad break not a fracture. I will always wear one now to close to home for me.
  11. Thanks I have been eyeing that one I'm gonna pull the trigger
  12. How do you like the Leatte fusion protector with neck brace built in? I have a friend that just broke his neck he had to be air lifted. He is a outstanding rider. I'm getting a neck brace he is extremely lucky he is not paralyzed!!!
  13. Nice tip I tweaked mine but I like your deal much better
  14. Indiana

    Zero. ?. If we would have had anymore fun it would have been illegal
  15. Indiana

    Sounds super be glad to meet u. At least u didn't miss the awesome Indiana weather this weekend [emoji16] Never rained a drop in West Virginia