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  1. Nice tip I tweaked mine but I like your deal much better
  2. Indiana

    Zero. ?. If we would have had anymore fun it would have been illegal
  3. Indiana

    Sounds super be glad to meet u. At least u didn't miss the awesome Indiana weather this weekend [emoji16] Never rained a drop in West Virginia
  4. Indiana

    Me Cullen and Clint heading back now from HM buffalo mtn. U gotta go we had one amazing time rode our asses off it was one of worth the drive for sure. We can't wait to go back
  5. Indiana

  6. Indiana

    Ha Ha yes we need to get together sometime anyway you can go
  7. Indiana

    Anybody up for a trip down south to HM or redbird crest? I have a wide open weekend and want to ride. I live in south west Indiana and it's gonna rain so I'm leaving for a road trip but would be great to have a group.
  8. Klx140 L
  9. Rubicon 79 ur advice was spot on can't thank u enough it saved me from buying the wrong bike [emoji106] got her a klx140L Went trail riding today and we had a blast it's plenty of bike for her now : electric start low seat height light weight easy clutch pull beta ThumperTalk wins again Maybe next bike xtrainer she needs a beta sometime we have to match Wish I could get a pic posted [emoji36]
  10. The long search is over found a used '17 klx 140l 20 miles away seat height perfect we rode today and had a blast great bike for now. 230 it just to tall and heavy for now. Electric start low seat height light weight and some torque = perfect bike
  11. What's about a klx 140L vs crf vs ttr
  12. That sounds bad I've heard different results from the 189 but it's hard to get a true judgement. Thanks for a honest opinion The 125 2 stroke and 250f are just to tall for her and for most of the tight trails would be a lot of hp to handle
  13. My daughter is 21 hasn't rode for years what do you ladies think about the ssr 189. She is 5-5 very strong (active crossfit) but hasn't rode since she was little on a Suzuki ds80
  14. Considering this also how is the bike stock power and suspension? How does she like the ride?
  15. That's great news I may have to check one out. I found a older post 2012 that says 8-10hp. May not be correct that's a concern. How does the power feel compared to the beta? Doesn't really matter if your wife likes it that's all that matters [emoji106]