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  1. To me low rpm torque, ergos and weight make a bike easy to ride in tight single track. The 200 rr should have all of those categories checked off. Plus should be able to stretch out and fly on the open sections
  2. Just look at the resale value even 10 years from now I bet that 200 rr will sell great. I sold my 300rr quick and didn’t even advertise
  3. Indiana

    We gotta ride Tbahr I’m from Knox county freelandville Some weekends I can slip away And good choice by all just leaving interlake it rained as soon as I got here but rode anyway
  4. Indiana

    If anybody can get away this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon I would be up for a interlake or redbird ride During the week this summer I’ll be looking for somebody to ride with
  5. I went from my 16 to 18 rr300 and just did my first ride on these Endurospec upgrades and had my shock revalved. All I can say is wow can hit stuff so much faster now it is amazing It soaks up rocks and roots without deflection super super happy it is a adjustment to my riding style since I can be much more aggressive on the trail I will say I haven’t had experience with professional setup suspension. I didn’t know what to expect but this is a great improvement. Thanks to Warren
  6. If u go xtrainer absolutely get a g2 throttle tamer and I would do the 2 “ lower kit with a seat concept 1” lower seat and consider a recluse clutch My daughter at 22 is same height as ur wife and has klx 140L she thought the G was too tall. It works great for her xtrainer will be next. Crf 230 is too heavy
  7. It’s definitely more comfortable with the risers I stand a lot and ride single track technical. I usually sit weighting the front in the sharper corners. My corner speed needs improvement I see how the risers would hurt that so I may jerk them off ☹️
  8. Dang i raised my bars 2” on my beta 300 it felt good but now I’m second guessing.
  9. I just sent my (2018 300rr) suspension in to Endurospec because of a very high review from Jeff Slavens gonna do the oc cartridge kit on the forks and a shock revalve. I would love to try the new works shock someday but it’s so $$$
  10. 2018 Beta 300 rr Second Beta 4th 2 stroke 48 yrs old and loving riding more than ever [emoji106]
  11. I would not buy a GG just because of resale value. I sold my 16 300 rr quick without advertising and bought a new one. Most people need springs and a revalve anyway. All three bikes are awesome it’s great to have these options
  12. Indiana

    I have a ‘16 and ‘18 beta 300. I think my friend is buying the 16 but ur welcome to give them a ride. I’m 47 same scenario as you the 300’s r totally different than the old 2 strokes Bicknell IN
  13. I have a 300 rr and love it for your size that would make you a awesome bike for years. I would consider buying the G2 throttle tamer and set up suspension sag and enjoy. The 300 won’t wear you out if setup correctly it’s a very versatile machine
  14. I’m gonna be in the 300 fan club as I ride a beta 300 and love it. If your stuck on a 4 stroke take a look at a beta 390.