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  1. Just got a Progressive rate rear spring for my KTM PDS shock. The new spring has no markings on it. Which way is up? The tighter wound coils or the more open wound coils?? From my research on the web i'm coming back with most saying tighter coils to the top. Just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
  2. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Yeah i'm a little bit worried about that as well. Not getting re-valved just adding heavier springs for my 230lbs with gear weight. I guess I can put in and if I don't like switch it out. But the suspension shop said once re-sprung for my weight it will be plush on the first few inches compared to now that I'm blowing through the stroke just sitting on the bike. On another note. I turned the idle way down to almost nothing - you need to throttle it a little as you go slow. Wow! it really got rid of most of the ding, ding,ding after gassing it real good and going slow again. Also feels smoother on the bottom end got rid of that little hit when the idle was up higher. Really like it set like that. Thanks for that tip.
  3. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Interesting. Will give it a try. So sounds like I will leave it alone until you have done some more testing. I will try the cr spring. I hate whiskey throttle! How about the front forks. I got heavier Springs for my riding weight. Did you do a re valve on yours or just play with clickers? Thanks again!
  4. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    I will have to try and that with the idle. My older KX 125 that I use to run I had it set up to not idle at all. Rode around some yesterday and agree its annoying that if you wind it up some it has a hard time revving down unless you pop the clutch out some. Did the CR 85 spring help some? Another owner suggested raising the needle clip position one and that really helped out. Others say a JD jet kit cured the problem as well. Will try the no idle and see what I think. It is a really fun bike to blast around on. Thanks so much!
  5. DevonHonda

    2018 KTM 150sx Not sure Carb problems?

    Wow thanks so much for all the information!!!
  6. DevonHonda

    do you need an atm to own a ktm

    I think the ATM part comes when its time to add the accessories. And this is for any bike you are going to run in the woods. Suspension setup, Guards -skid plate, Radiator braces, front &rear disc guards, pipe guard, Handle bars for your style, steering damper etc... it all adds up. KTMs are one of the best!
  7. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Wow you really did dig into the Freeride. It kind of reminds of a old MX bike with a bad carb or air leak. Idle is always hunting a little bit. Think I will just keep idle low and control revs with the throttle. Do you remember what slide spring you went with? How about the brake and clutch master cylinder fluid? Was thinking a high performance Dot 5.1. Guy in Oregon who has time on Freeride feels the stock fluid is junk and gets way too hot and fades away quick. Thanks!!!
  8. You have to join to view the threads. KTMTalk, Freeride specific sub forum

    1. DevonHonda


      Hey Thank you! Will try and get on there. Have read a few articles about the Smart Carb for the Freeride. Not sure I want to spend $500 just to fix a little low end stumble. Sounds like a little bit of clutch and throttle control needed. 

      I agree that people buy this bike thinking they are going to make it a full blown enduro bike. I bought just for play. And Im going to do my best and stick with that. Thanks again. Hope you don't mind if I pick your brain on some questions. 

  9. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Man so sorry about your back! Hope you are healing up. Would love s link to the other site with your posts about foot pegs and carb tuning. Merry Christmas!!!
  10. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Man loving your information! Have a guy out in Oregon making me Springs who is knowledgeable on Freeride. Who did you use for the lower foot pegs? Sounds like maybe I will think about lowering. Went with Bullet Proof Radiator guards as suggested by ktm shop owner who has a Freeride with BP guards installed. How did you break your back? Ouch hope you are feeling better!
  11. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Wow thanks for all the information. Getting heavier Springs for my weight not getting tuned for faster riding. I just hope it keeps the fun manners of the bike with the correct Springs for my weight. I really just want bigger foot pegs. Not sure lower. I did notice the idle as you mentioned so keeping it low. Going to run 60:1 with stock jetting. Seems to run pretty darn good. Adding bullet proof radiator guards. Need some hand guards. May add Flexx bars but not sure I need them with the slow trail riding. Main plan is to ride with my buddies who have trials bikes and ride small tracks with my 10 year old daughter. She has a TTr 110. If I feel I need more bike one day I will buy another KTM and keep this bike as a spare. It’s fun just playing in my backyard!
  12. DevonHonda

    Who's got a KTM Freeride 250R?

    Thanks for all the information. Well I went to the dealership Thursday un sure what I would decide to get. The 150sx is gourgeous, and light. Just like all the other KTMs I’ve had. And there sat the Freeride 250r. The owner got it gassed up and fired up. I rode the Freeride around for 10 minutes and had a blast. It’s a very unique and fun little bike. So I decided to try something different and get the Freeride. Just ordered Springs for my weight and some bullet proof radiator guards. Maybe next some bigger Fastway foot pegs. Going to flush the brake fluid for some better 5.1 fluid. Just a neat little bike. I can see my daughter growing into this bike as she gets bigger. Thanks everyone!
  13. DevonHonda

    2017 150 XC-W Review

    Great review! How’s the vibration levels?
  14. DevonHonda

    Making a great trail bike - 2018 150 XC-W ??

    Interesting your take on the 150sx. Im looking at getting a 2018 150sx. Some people say it has no low end grunt and that its like a light switch either on or off. Did you play with the power valve at all? Sounds like your loving it!