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  1. What do you ride and what's your level? I got a Beta 300RR 2-stroke. I race harescrambles and enduro's in the "C" class but the stuff here in Tennessee/North Carolina is some of the toughest you'll find. I ride the trails in Baldwin once a year, its all good stuff just easy compared to what I'm use to.
  2. Gonna be riding all the single track around Baldwin area 7-8 thru 7-14. Going solo unless someone else wants to ride, hit me up.
  3. JWR14

    17' 300rr stock bar bend

    According to Sierra Motorcycle Supply the CR HI bend is the closest to oem.
  4. JWR14

    125 Sherco

    I want one. Seat height pisses me off, but it looks like one hell of well built machine. If electric start fails, u will find a way to bump start it. It might not be easy but everyone finds a way when they have to.
  5. JWR14

    Skid Plate Foam

    Who runs foam between engine and skid plate? If so, what kind of foam do you use?
  6. JWR14

    Anybody Running a Shorty Exhaust?

    I got one. I think it sounds the same as the stocker. I like that it's lighter. Little snappier, but not much.
  7. JWR14

    2018 P3 carbonfiber skid plate

    I got the Hyde skid plate now. Don't like it. Had to do some drilling to get it to line up and it melted where the header pipe gets close to the frame. Customer service was a joke. Thinking about the acerbis skid next.
  8. Has anyone tried the 2018 P3 skid plate on a earlier model RR? Its a lot better than unscrewing the header every time you remove the skid plate.
  9. JWR14

    Front fender alignment

    Same here, 2017 300rr.
  10. JWR14

    Removed OI and now bogs

    Yes I did. Put some vaseline around the top gasket of the carb that you have to take off to get the slide out. Just in case it was leaking air from there. Then re-set the air screw on the carb, about 3/4 turn out from grounded. No more bogging. When you remove the OI it leaves a lot of the air box open that was previously boxed in with the OI holding tank. It's all good now, hope it stays that way. I cant believe no one else has had this problem.
  11. JWR14

    Scalvini Exhaust!

    I found the e-line one on getdirty, your right the Scalvini ones ain't cheap.
  12. JWR14

    Scalvini Exhaust!

    Do you know what carbon pipe guard's fit the Scalvini for 300rr? Why don't you run one? Weight?
  13. JWR14

    Removed OI and now bogs

    I put a new spark plug in and lock-on grip that comes with it's own throttle side grip. Does anyone have the OEM carb settings for 2017 300rr?
  14. JWR14

    Removed OI and now bogs

    With the kit they sell.
  15. I removed my oil Injection and now when I hit the throttle it bogs and dies even after it is warmed up. Anyone have this problem?