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  1. Same here, 2017 300rr.
  2. Yes I did. Put some vaseline around the top gasket of the carb that you have to take off to get the slide out. Just in case it was leaking air from there. Then re-set the air screw on the carb, about 3/4 turn out from grounded. No more bogging. When you remove the OI it leaves a lot of the air box open that was previously boxed in with the OI holding tank. It's all good now, hope it stays that way. I cant believe no one else has had this problem.
  3. I found the e-line one on getdirty, your right the Scalvini ones ain't cheap.
  4. Do you know what carbon pipe guard's fit the Scalvini for 300rr? Why don't you run one? Weight?
  5. I put a new spark plug in and lock-on grip that comes with it's own throttle side grip. Does anyone have the OEM carb settings for 2017 300rr?
  6. With the kit they sell.
  7. I removed my oil Injection and now when I hit the throttle it bogs and dies even after it is warmed up. Anyone have this problem?
  8. When you put the S3 head on did you leave the small PV spring out? Or did you put it back in and adjust the PV accordingly?
  9. Let us know if this works. That would be awesome. Didn't ProX make the oem Honda 2-stroke pistons? They were pretty dam good and lasted forever. Not sure if the coating the Vertex has on it makes a difference or not.
  10. The clutch cover is polisport. The frame guard's are acerbis and not only do they feel lighter than stock, they protect better as well. Only thing is the red isn't the exact beta red.
  11. Thank you, should be able to order from motoman online soon. I noticed the Scalvini only have 1 bolt instead of the 2 both FMF's have. How do they hold up to abuse?
  12. Anyone know where to get the Scalvini silencer's? I found them at get dirty, but I'm on the east coast and they charge $15 for shipping.
  13. Here's what they look like installed. Had to grind some of the washer's and one of the springs so they would function properly. Haven't rode on them yet, I'm nursing a fractured rib from my last race. Will give a ride report when I do.
  14. I hate the front on the my Beta as well, did you try a re-valve on to oc's? I'm thinking about skipping that and going straight to the closed cartridge. I just hate to spend that much if the forks can be fixed to work half way decent.
  15. Change coolant for sure, the factory stuff sucks. I changed to the blue Honda coolant and it totally solved the problem. Raced it in 9 Enduro's and Harescramble's with no issues. I don't think a fan is necessary.